6 Ways Winning Gamblers Think About Slot Machines

Man on Left in Thought A Group of People Around a Slots Player On Right

If you want to be a profitable slots player, you have to fight some long odds. But there are a few winning slots players out there, so there must be a way to accomplish it.

The first thing to consider is trying to determine what winning slots gamblers do and how they think. If you can figure these things out, then you have a good chance of getting the same results that they do.

The good news is that I’ve put together six ways that winning slots gamblers think in this article in order to help you get started.

1 – Know That Few Slots Gamblers Actually Win in the Long Run

No matter what it looks like or sounds like when you’re in the casinos, with all of the flashing lights and sounds indicating wins, the fact is that most slot machine gamblers lose more money than they win.

While some might win more than they lose in some playing sessions, if you add up all of the wins and losses over time, almost all slots gamblers are playing at a deficit.

This is directly related to how slot machines work and how they’re designed. Slots aren’t designed to lose money in the long run. And this is why most profitable gamblers refuse to play on slot machines.

This also means that if you want to be a profitable slots player, you need to get lucky every once in a while. The good news is that you can do a few things to help you get lucky, like being in the right place at the right time. This is what you’re going to learn how to do in the next section.

In the other sections, you’re also going to learn how winners think about slot machine systems and how big slots bonus offers can be used to help you get lucky.

2 – The Key to Winning Is Putting Yourself in the Right Spot

Most slots players that read that you need to put yourself in the right spot think that this means you have to find a hot machine or a machine that’s ready to pay out. But this isn’t what I mean with the title of this section.

The problem with thinking that slot machines are hot or cold or that a machine is due to pay out is that mathematically, this isn’t even possible. Slot machines are simply computer programs that are programmed to do a certain thing. They can’t be hot or cold or due to pay out.

Harrah's Casino Slot Machines

What I mean by putting yourself in the right spot is that you have to play on a slot machine that pays out enough if you get lucky to cover all of your previous losses.

If you’ve been playing slot machines for 20 years and have lost a total of $123,000, you have no chance to get ahead if the machine you’re playing on has a top prize of $50,000 or $100,000.

You should be playing on a machine with a top prize of at least $150,000. And if you factor in the taxes for winning that amount, you should really be playing with a top prize of at least $200,000.

3 – Slot Machine Systems Are a Waste of Time

Many slot machine gamblers look for ways to get an edge and win, and many of them end up finding a slots gambling system. Sadly, many also end up spending money on a slots gambling system, which just makes them lose more money.

Here’s the only thing you need to know about slots gambling systems. They never work and they never help you get better results than you can get when you don’t use a system.

The only thing slots gambling systems do is cost you money. They cost you money when you buy them, and many of them end up costing you money when you play slots following the system. But even if a slots gambling system doesn’t cost you money, it still doesn’t help improve your chances of winning.

Many slot machine systems are based on changing the size of your bets at different times. This doesn’t do anything to help you win. Slot machines are programmed to keep a percentage of the total amount bet on them, so if you bet more, the machine keeps more.

The best way to win when you play slots is to follow the advice in this article. Put yourself in a position where you can get lucky and hope for the best.

4 – Slots Bonuses Can Help You Win

You learned that you need to put yourself in the right position to win. This means you have to pick the right slot machine to play on, but it also means that you have to play as many spins as possible. If you can take more spins, you have more chances to get lucky and win a top prize.

This usually means that you take as many spins as you can with the money that you have available for slots play. But there’s a simple and easy way to get more spins, which is using a slot machine bonus offer.

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If you have $1,200 to play slots with, you might be able to take 5,000 spins. But if you have $2,400 available, you could take 10,000 spins. Doesn’t it make sense that you have a better chance to hit a big win with 10,000 spins than with 5,000 spins?

You can find many online casinos that are willing to match your deposit 100% to play slots. And there are some casinos that do even better than this. If you’re playing slot machines, you need to find and use as many slots bonus offers as you can.

5 – The Payoff Must Be Big

In the second section, I explained how you have to be playing a machine that has a top prize that at least covers all of your previous losses. But the fact is that most slots players aren’t going to stop playing even if they get lucky and win big.

This is why I only play on slot machines with a truly big top prize possibility. I want to have a chance to win millions, not just $100,000 or so.

You have to understand that the odds of hitting the top jackpot amount on any slot machine are extremely low. This is true whether the prize is $100,000 or $1,000,000.

While the odds might be slightly better to hit $100,000, the truth is that the difference is enough to make playing on the machine with the lower top prize worth it.

What all of this means is that if you’re going to continue playing slot machines, you should only play on machines that have big top prizes. You’re still going to need to get lucky, but at least if you do get lucky, you’re going to win enough money to change some things in your life.

6 – Consider Switching to a Better Machine

I mentioned in an earlier section that most winning gamblers have given up on the slot machines. While you can get lucky and beat the slots, there are many other options that give you a better opportunity to make a profit.

Row of Slot Machines

The first thing that most slots players look at when they’re looking for a better opportunity is video poker machines. But the only thing that video poker machines have in common with slot machines is that they’re both played on a machine.

Slot machines are based on a random number generator that’s solely based on the percentage that the machine is supposed to pay out.

Video poker machines are based on the content of a deck of playing cards. This is important because you can use your knowledge of the cards in a deck to help you make more profitable decisions when you play video poker.

If you decide to give video poker machines a try, start by learning as much as you can about how pay tables work and influence the edge, and how to use strategy to change the edge.

If you’re willing to look at games that aren’t played on a machine, the best options are blackjack and poker games like Texas holdem.


Winning real money slots players are either extremely lucky or they think about the machines entirely differently than everyone else. You can’t control luck, but you can do everything possible to put yourself in position to get lucky.

But you can also start thinking about slots the same way that winning players do. The stars need to align to help you win at slots. And when you play the right machines, like progressive machines, and use casino bonuses to get more spins, you just might be able to help the stars a little bit.