6 Top Attractions Near Lake of the Torches

Lake of The Torches Resort Casino Logo A Man Golfing On Right And A Museum Entrance On Left

Lake of the Torches is one of the premier casinos in Wisconsin. But you’re selling yourself short if you don’t take the time to explore the outstanding area surrounding the venue that is Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.

If you haven’t yet explored the area, today’s post will help you get started by covering a few top attractions near the casino. Now, Lac du Flambeau is a small town, but it boasts a huge heart. So, you’ll see more than a few hospitable destinations on today’s list.

Take a quick break from the casino thrills over at Lake of the Torches and prepare for an epic adventure into the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Let’s discover all of what the Lac du Flambeau area offers apart from its centerpiece casino.

1 – Georges W. Brown Jr. Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center

If you’re looking to dive into local culture, the George W. Brown Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center should grace the top of your list. It’s also an epic stop if you’re into learning about local history. Brace yourself for the ultimate educational and interactive experience when you visit.

Like many small-town museums, it’s not the biggest piece of real estate. However, if you’re looking to spend an hour away from the casino floor at Lake of the Torches, a trip to Georges W. Brown Ojibwe Museum and Cultural Center won’t keep you busy long.

However, you’ll find artifacts stacked from floor to ceiling. They include traditional dress of the Ojibwe People, stories on Ojibwe history, canoes, weapons, and decor. Plus, the museum’s architecture itself is a sight to see.

They also boast a gift shop of local crafts like beads, jewelry, and more—all of which come at some reasonable prices.

So, take the time off, discover a piece of local history, and be sure to visit the gift shop to get your hands on authentic, local decor.

2 – Trout Lake Golf Club

About 10 miles outside Lac du Flambeau, you’ll find the picturesque Trout Lake Golf Club. And if you have a passion for the game, it’s more than worth it to come out to one of the area’s most challenging courses for an afternoon round of golf.

Plus, you’re immersing yourself in the middle of the Northwoods, and it makes quite the scenic experience regardless of the time of year. Come out in the spring, when bloom is in full swing. But be sure to venture out when summer fades to fall for a mystical experience.

Golf Course in Atlantic City

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have praised the golf club for their well-kept fairways and greens. Plus, they also can’t get enough of the helpful staff. Best yet, many have also stated their peers were friendly enough to allow faster players to get their turns in if the crowds grew too large.

So, if you’re looking for a golf outing when you’re on vacation at Lake of the Torches, be sure to check out Trout Lake Golf Club for a different kind of game. It’s a great way to get outside and immerse yourself in the fresh air of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

And a round of golf or two also boasts for a great way to relax after a day’s worth of adrenaline-pumping real money casino gaming.

3 – Minocqua Winter Park and Nordic Center

Minocqua Winter Park and Nordica Center is brimming with epic, wintery scenery, and it’s the ideal place to frequent if you’re into winter sports. Whether you’re into XC skiing, tubing, snowboarding, or ice skating, this winter park has an ideal activity for you.

Plus, they have a phenomenal snack bar right at the venue, meaning you don’t have to worry about your grab and go option over at Lake of the Torches staying warm. Just head on over, hit the slopes, or gear up for cross-country skiing in the heart of the Northwoods.

It’s a great way to explore the many trails, bare trees, and frozen lakes and streams that comprise Wisconsin during the coldest months of the year. If you love the wintery atmosphere, Minocqua Winter Park and Nordic Center should top your vacation itinerary to the region.

When you’ve worn yourself out, head over to the snack bar and warm up by the stove and try some of their local chili and other fine eats. They also serve more than a fair number of local crafts, guaranteed to warm you up before you head back to Lake of the Torches for another round of casino gaming.

4 – Wildwood Wildlife Park and Nature Center

A winner of the Traveler’s Choice 2020 Award, Wildwood Wildlife Park and Nature Center has served the area for over 51 years. Here, you’ll find a plethora of exhibits featuring animals from around the world, plus a few well-known local species of wildlife.

Brace yourself for the unforgettable experience the wildlife park strives with every guest. And immerse yourself in exhibits that include an animal encounter area, animal nursery, and even a petting zoo. Feed “Bear Juice” to the bears, hand-feed “Critter Crackers” to the whitetail deer, camel, sheep, and goats.

Wildwood Wildlife park and nature center

It provides the excellent, family-friendly getaway from Lake of the Torches. And given the number of species and exhibits found at the zoo, you can place a winning bet that they offer a fine experience for guests of all ages and interest levels.

So, come on out, and enjoy the finest in that Wildwood Wildlife Park and Nature Center offers.

5 – Little Star Beach Park

As with so many attractions in small-town America, especially in the northern part of the country, you’ll find a common theme comprising outdoors and recreation dominating any list. The same comes with the Lac du Flambeau area with its trails, zoos, and now, parks.

You will actually find Little Star Beach Park in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, a short jaunt from Lac du Flambeau. And they offer a perfect hot spot to spend an entire day with the family or your group of friends.

The park features a beach, buoyed swim area, picnicking options, grills, water pumps, and so much more. So, come on out and enjoy a day on the beach or take a swim in the lake’s clear waters.

Enjoy the picturesque scenery during the warmest months of the season and relieve some of that stress that comes with rough, tough casino gaming. One thing is for certain: You’ll return to the casino floor at Lake of the Torches, rejuvenated and ready for another round of gaming if you so choose.

6 – Northwoods Wildlife Center

If you’re into wildlife, it’s clear that Lac du Flambeau and the area surrounding Lake of the Torches serves as a definite vacation hotspot. Come on out and catch the hawks, eagles, mammals, and reptiles at the center.

It’s the perfect place to catch views of local wildlife who are rehabbing from various illnesses and diseases. Many of whom often stay on or near the center.

But the Northwoods Wildlife Center also has a cool network of trails near it, along with wind-sheltered areas, making it one of the finest attractions in the area to embark on some cool, cross-country skiing if you’re into winter sports.

A Person Cross Country Skiing

They also have a cool gift shop on the site offering a variety of locally inspired crafts and decor.

While it’s not a huge attraction, the Northwoods Wildlife Center is a great place to frequent if you’re looking for a quick outing from the casino floor at Lake of the Torches. So, head on over, spend an hour, and return to the floor for an afternoon of gaming unless you’re interested in seeing what lays beyond their trail system, of course.

Final Thoughts on the Lac du Flambeau Area

Lake of the Torches Resort Casino is one of the State of Wisconsin’s finer casinos. It boasts more than a fair number of casino games and other striking amenities. But the area of Lac du Flambeau is more than worth touring if you’re into the outdoors, wildlife, and recreation.

Plus, as you can see, they also boast plenty of history in town and in the surrounding areas. Featuring a small-town flair, you can really create a unique vacation just by visiting a few attractions surrounding this legendary casino.

Have you been to Lake of the Torches? If so, tell us about your experience and whether you visited any of the above attractions. We are looking forward to reading your stories in the comments.