6 Things That Most Craps Players Don’t Consider

People Playing at a Craps Table on Left Craps Dealers on Right

While I’m not usually a person that enjoys a great deal of social interaction, I have to admit that I have fun joining a busy craps table every once in a while. It’s hard to describe accurately, but there’s a special energy at the craps table when everyone is cheering and having fun.

However, there’s a downside to getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle when you play craps. This can make you ignore or not think about a few important factors in craps gambling.

In this article, you’re going to learn about six important things that most craps players never think about.

1 – Playing the Odds

Craps gamblers who know the basics of craps betting tend to use the odds wager after every come out roll. But many craps players either don’t know about the odds wager or don’t understand that it’s by far the best option in craps.

If you play craps, you should make an odds wager every single time you have the opportunity to make it. The easiest way to compare craps wagers is to look at how much each wager returns as a percentage of the total amount wagered on the bet.

Odds wagers return 100% of the money bet on them. Of course, this is an average. So, in the short term, anything can happen. But the important thing to understand is that over the course of your entire craps playing career, you’re going to get back every penny you bet on the odds.

This might not look like that great of a deal because you want to get back more than you risk. But this isn’t how craps or any other casino game works. In fact, the odds are the only bet at the craps table, and only bet in the casino, that pays back this much.

2 – Don’t Pass Is Actually a Better Bet

Take a stroll over to any busy craps table in the world and wait for a come out roll. Look at where most of the craps gamblers place their come out roll bet. The odds are high that most, if not all, of them bet on the pass line.

They might make other bets at the same time, but the most popular bet on come out rolls is the pass line. While a pass line wager is the third best bet in terms of return percentage at the craps table, there’s a bet that’s slightly better.

Don’t pass has a slightly higher return percentage overall than the pass line. But many craps gamblers believe that betting on don’t pass is bad luck or that it’s betting against all of the other gamblers at the table.

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If you look at a list of the return percentages for every available wager in craps, you can quickly see that every bet other than the odds and the two come out wagers has a lower return. This means that if you want to have the best chance to win and play with the best odds, these are the only three wagers you should ever place.

And the best two of these are don’t pass and the odds.

3 – Blackjack Offers Better Long-Term Returns

Craps players can get overall returns above 98.5%. To do this, you can only make the three wagers listed in the last section. This return percentage is higher than most casino games, but there are a few games that offer even better return percentages. I’m covering the two best options in this section and the next section.

Many real money blackjack games offer higher long-term returns than craps tables. Blackjack games that pay 3:2 for blackjack usually have a return of at least 99%. And some of these games have a return of at least 99.5%.

It’s not quite as easy to play blackjack games the way you need to in order to get these returns as it is to play craps, but it’s not so hard that you can’t do it.

You need to use good strategy to get these returns, but this can be done easily if you use a strategy chart. You also need to make sure the rules where you play blackjack are good. Almost every casino has a blackjack table or two that has a higher average return rate than the craps table.

4 – Video Poker Machines Have a Higher Rate of Return

The other game offered in some casinos that has a higher rate of return than craps is video poker. Video poker is somewhat tricky though because not every machine has a higher return percentage than the three main craps wagers.

If you use the right strategies on certain video poker machines with certain pay tables, you can get a return of 99.5% or more. This is much better than craps. But if you play on the wrong machines and/or play the games the wrong way, your return is going to be worse than playing craps.

Casino Deuces Wild Video Poker Machine, Yellow Caution Symbol

It’s much easier to play craps than to play video poker in a way that gets better returns. If you want to get a better return percentage playing video poker, you need to study what machines are best and what pay tables give the best returns.

You also need to study the best strategies for each video poker machine you want to play. If you don’t study and use the best strategies, you’re better off sticking with craps. But if you’re willing to study, you can get a higher return rate in the long run playing video poker.

5 – Online and Mobile Craps Games Are Risky

Online casinos, and some mobile casinos, offer real money craps games. But these games are risky, and it’s not for the reasons why most people are leery of online and mobile gambling.

Most people are hesitant to gamble online and in mobile casinos because they’re afraid of being cheated. But most online and mobile casinos are reputable and offer games that are 100% fair. In fact, I’ve played at over 100 online casinos over the years and I can only remember being cheated one time, and it wasn’t because the games weren’t fair.

The reason why mobile and online craps games are risky is because craps in a land-based casino is a slow game. Gamblers have to place their wagers then throw or roll the dice. Winning bets are paid and losing wagers collected. This all takes time.

In mobile and online casinos, all of this is done in a split second and it’s on to the next roll. What this means in real life is that you end up playing many more rolls every hour online than you do in land-based casino craps games.

This is important because when you play more rolls, you put more money at risk. This leads to higher losses.

6 – Can You Alter Dice Rolls?

Several years ago, I ran across some information from someone who claimed that he could alter the outcome of dice rolls by the way he rolled the dice. This was fascinating to me because I understand how the math of craps works. And if you can alter the dice rolls, even if it’s just occasional, you can eliminate the house edge.

I did more research into this, and there are some articles about this online and a few books about it if you want to learn more.

I’m not convinced that you can really alter the outcomes of dice rolls. I do know a few things for sure.

The first thing is that if you really can do it you can make a lot of money.  The second thing I know is that the casinos don’t seem to be worried about it. This is a good sign that there aren’t a bunch of craps players beating the game. Because if there were, the casinos would make changes.

Hand Holding Red Dice Over Craps Table

The third thing I know is that it would take thousands of hours of practice to even have a chance of controlling the dice.

You’re welcome to do your own research, but I don’t think it’s the best use of your time. Your time would be better spent learning how to count cards or mastering poker strategy.

In Summary

Craps is one of the best casino games available when you play it a particular way. The problem is that most craps gamblers can’t seem to stick with the right wagers, so they give the casino a bigger edge than they need to.

Almost every casino that provides a craps table also offers a game or two that has a higher return than craps. While part of the fun of craps is throwing dice and cheering for each other, winning more and/or losing less can be fun, too.

If you decide to play craps online, you need to be careful. Craps plays fast online, which can lead to more losses.