6 Things Most Roulette Players Never Consider

People Playing At Two Roulette Tables

Roulette is one of the easiest games to play in the casino. It might not look like it at first because there are so many bet options. But in the end, all of the bets have the same odds. This means it doesn’t matter what you bet on.

However, one set of rules that’s available on a small percentage of roulette tables is superior to all others. You just have to learn what this rule set is and only play when you can find it.

Here’s a list of six things that every roulette gambler needs to think about.

The 00 Space Kills You

Some roulette wheels have a 00 space, and some wheels don’t have this space. It’s obvious that most roulette players don’t understand just how bad the wheels are that have a 00 space, because I still see gamblers at these tables all of the time.

The fact is that the 00 space kills your return. You can dig into the mathematical reasons why this is true, but I can show you using a simple example how much these wheels cost you.

If you bet $100 on every spin playing roulette on a wheel with a 00 space, your average loss on every spin is going to be $5.26. If you did the exact same thing on a wheel that doesn’t have the 00 space, your average loss is only $2.70.

You might not ever play $100 per spin, but the math holds true. Even if you only bet $10 on every spin, your expected losses are the same over 10 spins. In other words, this is how much you can expect to lose for every $100 in bets that you make.

In the next section, you’re going to learn about a special set of roulette rules that can reduce this number to $1.35 for every $100 in wagers.

The French Connection

While most roulette players never play on a table with this special set of rules, there are tables available if you know where to look. The special set of rules is called French Roulette. When you play at a French roulette table that uses French rules, it basically cuts the house edge in half over tables that use regular rules and don’t have the 00 space.

The worst tables are the ones that use a 00 space and regular rules. These are also the most common tables.

You can find roulette tables that use French rules in a couple places. The easiest place to find these tables is in online casinos. Not every online casino has a French rules roulette game, but many do.

European Roulette Table

The other place you can sometimes find these tables is in high limit areas in land-based casinos. This is why most roulette players never find these tables. If you can’t afford to make high bets on every spin, you don’t usually visit the high roller areas.

Every roulette gambler should look for French rules tables, even if it means that you have to play online instead of in a land-based casino.

The Difference Between Live and Digital Roulette Games

In the last section, you learned that you need to find French rules tables, even if you have to play online. But when you start playing real money roulette online, or in mobile casinos, you need to think about how fast the games run.

When you play roulette in a regular casino, it takes time to place your bets and for the ball to spin around the wheel. It also takes time for the losing bets to be collected by the casino and the winning bets to be paid out.

All of these things make roulette a slow game to play. What happens when you play digital roulette? All of these things happen very fast, and this means that you play many more spins online and in real money mobile casinos than you can play live.

Many gamblers like the ability to play faster, but there’s a problem with this. If you bet $10 a spin and only play 50 spins every hour you risk a total of $500. But if you bet $10 a spin and play 400 spins every hour you risk $4,000.

You’re going to lose a lot more money risking $4,000 than you lose risking $500.

Even the Best Roulette Game Is Worse Than Some Other Casino Options

I use a simple system when I compare gambling options. While there are other considerations depending on your goals as a gambler, this system makes it easy to compare gambling options.

The system I use is based on the return percentage of each bet, or if you want to look at it a different way, the house edge.

The return percentage of French roulette is 98.65%, which means the house edge for the game is 1.35%.

When you look at these numbers alone, they don’t mean a lot. But when you compare them to other gambling options, they tell you a lot. A game that has a higher return percentage costs less money to play. It also gives you a better chance of getting lucky and winning in the short term.

People Gambling at Roulette Table

Baccarat games have a higher return percentage than French Roulette, but the difference isn’t big. Good blackjack games have a much better return percentage than French Roulette, and a few video poker games have returns similar to good blackjack games.

Like I mentioned earlier, return percentage isn’t the only consideration when you decide what the best gambling option is for you. But you should do some research about return percentage to help you make good gambling decisions.

The Odds and Payouts Stay the Same

There is some math in roulette that most gamblers don’t think about. But this is a little bit confusing if you don’t have strong math skills. But I can explain it in simple terms so you don’t have to try to use advanced math.

When you play roulette, the odds of winning any bet—in combination with the amount each bet pays when you win—create the exact same results over the long run. In other words, the return percentage for a bet on even is the exact same as the return percentage for a bet on 29, or a bet on the third column.

This might not seem to be possible. But if you run the math equations for each of these bets, and every other available bet, you’re going to find that it’s true.

This is why it doesn’t matter what bet you make when you play roulette. The only thing that matters is what rule set the table uses.

To be 100% accurate there are two situations you need to know about concerning this. On roulette tables that use the 00 space, there’s one bet that has worse returns called the “basket bet.” The other thing you need to know is that you need to understand how French rules tables work because there are a few rules variations. At some tables, you have to make even money bets to get the highest available return percentage.

Roulette Systems and Strategy

You can use strategies when you play some casino games to improve your return percentage. Roulette isn’t one of these games. You can’t find a strategy that gives you a better chance to win when you play roulette.

You also can’t find a system to use when you play roulette games that helps you win. Plenty of people make claims about winning roulette systems, but none of the claims are true.

Don’t get suckered in to buying a system for roulette play. No matter how much a system looks like it’s going to win, you can’t change the long-term returns.

If you do find a free roulette system that you want to try, you’re welcome to give it a spin at the free roulette games that you can find in online and mobile casinos. Just don’t make the mistake of using it when you play for real money. If you do, it’s going to cost you.

Our Final Thoughts on These Roulette Tips

The question isn’t what bet you need to make when you play roulette. Every bet is basically the same from a return standpoint, so your bet choice doesn’t really matter.

The question is if you should play roulette at all. And if you play roulette, what set of rules is the most beneficial?

If you play roulette you should only play where they offer French rules. But even when you find French rules, there are still some casino games that have higher return percentages. If you want to play a simple game, roulette is a good bet. If you can do a little more work, blackjack and video poker games are better options.