6 Things Every Slots Player Need to Know If They Want to Win More

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A small percentage of casino gamblers win more than they lose, but almost none of them play slot machines. Yet slots games are played more than all of the other games in the casino combined.

This means the odds of you being a winning slots player are small. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things you can do to improve your chances.

Here are six ingredients you need to know about if you want to be a winning slots player. You still might not win, but at least you’re going to have a chance to win, unlike most slots gamblers.

1 – Detective Ability

It’s extremely difficult to be a winning slots player. Slot machines are designed to guarantee profits for casinos, so you have a steep hill to climb. But it also means that slot machines make money for casinos overall, and they don’t always take the same amount from each person who plays them.

If you want to have the best chance to win when you play slot machines, you have to do some detective work. And this detective work isn’t easy.

Slot machines work on two main metrics. The first is the house edge and the second is the return to player percentage. These two things are directly related because they always add up to 100%. A slot machine with an 8% house edge has a 92% return to player, and a machine with a 96% return to player has a 4% house edge.

Your detective work is to find out what the numbers are for as many slot machines as possible. This information is hard to come by, but there is some information out there if you dig deep enough. One thing you can be sure of is that the casinos aren’t going to give you the information.

Your goal is to find the slot machines that offer the highest returns and lowest house edges.

2 – Discipline to Use Limits

The next ingredient you need to become the best slots player that you can be is the discipline to use limits. If you don’t learn how to use limits when you play slots, you’re going to lose more money than you need to. And this is exactly what the casinos want you to do and what most slot machine gamblers do.

The first limit you need to use is a time limit. Slots games are designed to put you into something like a trance so that you forget about time. You’re not supposed to think about what time it is until you run out of money. Decide how long you’re going to play slots before you start playing and set a timer.

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Stop limits are useful for slots players as well. You need to use a stop loss limit and a stop win limit. A stop loss limit is easy to use. Decide the maximum amount you’re willing to lose and only put this amount in the slot machine. If you run out of money you stop playing.

A stop win limit is an amount you win and stop playing. Most slots players just keep playing when they get ahead and lose all of the money. If you stop playing when you reach your stop win limit, you leave the casino after some sessions with a win.

3 – All or Nothing Strategy

A strategy doesn’t exist for slots play like the strategies you use when you play blackjack or video poker. In games like blackjack, you actually change the return percentage by using the right strategies. But nothing you do is going to change the long-term return on a slot machine.

However, there is a simple slots strategy that you can use when you play slots games. While this strategy means that you’re going to lose all of the money you have set aside for the playing session most of the time, it also gives you the maximum chance of hitting a jackpot.

Here’s how the all or nothing strategy works. Find a slot machine that has a high return number that has a jackpot. Decide how much money you’re going to use for the playing session and put it all in the machine. Play until you run out of your money for the session or until you hit a jackpot. Hitting a big jackpot is the only way to beat the slot machines in the long run.

4 – Thou Shall Use Bonuses

Slots bonuses are available at most online and mobile casinos. Real money casino bonuses are the best way to gamble with a bigger bankroll. And slots bonuses also help you get more chances at a jackpot when you use the all or nothing strategy that I covered earlier.

When you’re goal is to get lucky and win a big jackpot, the more spins you can take, the better your odds of hitting a jackpot.

Every slots bonus has terms that dictate how much you have to gamble before the bonus is cleared. These terms are important. But when you use the all or nothing system, they aren’t as important as when you play some other games.

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The main term you need to look for is anything that limits how much you can cash out. If the bonus doesn’t restrict how much you can cash out, you can use the bonus to chase a jackpot. Even if you have to play a high multiple of your bonus and deposit, you can afford to clear the bonus if you hit a jackpot.

I’ve stopped playing slots in land-based casinos because they don’t give bonuses. I never play slots without a bonus because a bonus gives me more spins to get lucky.

5 – You Must Be Patient

Slot machines are supposed to be entertaining. They aren’t the same as most other forms of entertainment because there’s a chance you can win some money. But at the end of the day, they’re a form of entertainment.

When you look at slot machines as a form of entertainment, one thing to consider is how long you can use the entertainment. One way to extend the length of time you can use slots for entertainment is by having a bigger bankroll. You learned how to use bonuses in the last section to get a bigger bankroll.

This isn’t the only way to extend your entertainment. The other big factor is how fast you play. Normally, slots players take 400 to 600 spins every hour. But you can control how many spins you take.

Simple math shows that if you take 200 spins every hour instead of 400 spins, you can play twice as long. If you take 200 spins instead of 600 you can play three times as long.

All you need to do to get more hours of entertainment playing slots is to play slower.

6 – The Difficult Truth and Free Slots Play

Here’s the difficult truth about playing slot machines. It’s almost impossible to play slots profitably. Almost 100% of slots gamblers lose more money than win at the machines over time. The only way to get ahead is to get lucky and hit a jackpot and stop playing before you give all of the money back to the casino.

I explained the best way to try to hit a jackpot in the section on the all or nothing strategy. But even with this strategy, you have to get extremely lucky at least once in your life. But there’s another option that works for some slots players.

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You can play slots games for free online and on most mobile devices. Everything about the games is the same except that you’re not risking any money. Of course, you’re not going to win any money either, but you can still enjoy the gameplay.

Try playing free slots to see if you can get the same entertainment value as you get when you play slots for real money. Some slots players can’t get the same feel, but if you can, you’re going to save a lot of money in the long run.

In Summary

Casinos don’t want you to think about the return percentage when you gamble. They want you to play the slots without thinking about anything. But you need to do a little thinking and detective work if you want the best returns when you play slots.

If you’re not using the all or nothing slots strategy, the casino is just going to grind your bankroll down to nothing and you’re never going to have a real chance to get ahead.

Smart slots players use limits and bonuses. Limits protect your bankroll and bonuses make it bigger. And managing your slots bankroll is important. Finally, you have to be patient if you’re a slots player.