6 Strategies to Help You Play Winning Slots

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Can you play winning slots? You’re going to learn the answer to this question in this article. And you’re going to learn every trick I know to help you win.

Playing winning slots isn’t going to be easy. You know it’s not going to be easy because most slots players are losing money. But you still need to do everything you can to make sure that you don’t join the losing side of the slots battle with the casinos.

Here are six ways to play winning slots that you can use starting today.

Is Winning Slots Play Possible?

The first question you need to ask is if slot machines can be beaten? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. But I’m going to give you all of the information you need to decide what the answer is.

Slots games aren’t built to be beaten. The machines use computer technology or programming to set percentages that the slot machine uses to produce what you see on the screen.

These percentages dictate how much players win and how much the casino wins. The first important thing to understand is that these percentages are all based on the life of the machine. If a slot machine is programmed to make a 4% profit for the casino, it’s going to produce a 4% profit over the life of the machine. This might be years.

This also means that over a short period of time, the slot machine might produce higher profits for the casino or lower profits. In fact, over some short periods of time, the slot machine might return a profit to the player.

What this means in dollars and cents is that over the full extent of your slots play, you’re probably going to lose because these percentages can’t be changed.

But what if you win a big jackpot? This can erase years of losing and put you into profit. You’re going to learn more about this in a later section of this article.

Slot Machines with High Base Returns

Every slot machine is programmed with a base return percentage. The slot machine I mentioned in the last section programmed to provide a 4% profit for the casino has a return percentage of 96%.

These numbers are useful in a couple of different ways. The first way these numbers are useful is you can use them to predict how much you’re going to lose playing slots. The second way they’re useful is if you can find these percentages, they help you play slots games that offer the highest rate of return.

The way you can use these numbers to predict how much you’re going to lose is by determining how much you’re going to bet in total and multiplying this amount times the return. This shows you how much you can expect to win back from your total risk amount.

If you’re betting $1.50 on every spin and take 1,290 spins during a playing session, your total amount bet is $1,935. Multiply this number times the 96% return number, and you can expect to win back $1,857.60. This results in a loss of $77.40.

The moral of this story is that you need to find the return numbers for as many slots games as you can and play on the machines that offer the highest return. A higher return means that you lose less money.

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Lose the Battle and Win the War

The best strategy that you can use to have a chance to win playing slots in the long run is simple. You know, if you play slots, the return of less than 100% that machines are programmed with is going to cost you money.

This means that you have to try to do something that changes this or that can overcome it.

Some slot machines offer a chance to overcome the negative returns. The slot machines that offer a chance to overcome the negative returns are machines that offer a big jackpot.

The jackpot can be a stationary jackpot or a progressive jackpot. It doesn’t matter, as long as the jackpot is big.

If you can win a $1,000,000 jackpot, it makes up for many years of losing. This is the only way to beat the slots in the long run.

This means that you have to stop playing slots games that don’t offer a good jackpot. You also need to try to find the slots games that have a big jackpot that also offer a high rate of return. This helps you play longer before you run out of money or deplete your bankroll.

Thou Shalt Never Miss a Comp

When I talk to new gamblers who want to play slots games, I give them one rule that they should never break. The rule is if you’re going to play slots, you should never play without getting comps.

Casino Comps are usually only used in land based slots play, but online and mobile slots players can use a different method, which is covered in the next section.

Slots games are never the best option in a casino. But they’re still played by more gamblers than other games. You already learned why slot machines are a bad investment. But this probably isn’t going to make you stop playing them.

This means that you need to get everything you can back when you play slots. This includes any and all comps the casino is willing to give you for your slot machine play.

Fortunately, casinos make getting comps for slot machine play easy. Ask any casino employee how to get a membership in the slots club. When you become a club member, you receive a card that you insert into the slot machine when you play.

Your slots play is tracked, and you get comps based on how much you bet on the slots.

The Right Mobile and Online Slots Bonuses

Real money online slots players don’t usually receive comps, but you can get a bonus for just about all of your slots play.

The best casino bonuses fit well with the strategy you learned earlier. When you play slots with the goal of winning a jackpot, the most important thing other than playing on the right machine is being able to take as many spins as possible.

Las Vegas Slot Machines

Every spin you take on a jackpot machine gives you a chance to win a jackpot. And the more money you have to make bets with, the more spins you can take. When you get slots bonuses, they give you more money, which leads to more spins.

You’re still going to lose most of the time, but with a larger bankroll, you get to take more shots at a jackpot. And you can always get another slots bonus whether you get one where you’re currently playing or by playing at a new online or mobile casino.

Avoid Dangerous Slot Machine Systems

If you look for ways to beat slot machines, you’re going to come across at least one system that swears it can beat the machines. In truth, there are many different slots systems that make these claims.

Every slot machine system I’ve read makes wild claims about how much you can win. Some of these systems are based on timing your spins, and others are based on money or bankroll management. And most of them sound great when you’re reading the sales pitch.

The problem is that all of these slot machine systems don’t work. The only thing a slots system does is take your money when you pay for the system.

Some of the slots systems that are available cost you money when you use them because they make you do things that make you lose more than if you just played using the advice in this article.

You can’t time your spins to beat the computer programming that modern slot machines use. And you can’t use money management or bet doubling to beat slot machines.

Save yourself a lot of money and pain by avoiding every slot machine system you run across.


Winning slots play is possible, but not if you’re doing what every other slots player is doing. You have to find the best machines that offer a high return percentage, and you have to target machines that offer big jackpots. We broke down how the numbers work in slot machines so you can learn how to calculate expected returns and understand what you’re getting in to.

You’re still going to have to rely on a little luck to hit a jackpot, but you can do some things that improve your odds.

Learn how to maximize your slots comps and take advantage of mobile and online slots bonuses to limit your losses and have a chance to increase your returns.

Finally, avoid slots systems because they’re dangerous to your bankroll.