6 Steps to Making a $100 Bankroll Last Forever

Hand Holding a $100 Bill Over a Laptop And Casino Games

The common cycle for gamblers is to play, lose money, get more money, and play some more. But what if there was a way you could use a starting bankroll of $100 and make it last forever? In other words, how would your gambling life change if you never had to add money to your casino bankroll again?

This is a tall order, but it’s possible. Still, it’s only possible if you know exactly what you need to do and stick with the plan. Here are six steps you can use to make a $100 bankroll last forever.

1 – Where You Can Gamble: Low Stakes Only

When you only have $100 to gamble with, you can’t afford to risk too much of it at any time. Even if you have an advantage in a gambling activity, short-term variance can eliminate $100 quickly if you’re risking too much on any single bet.

This leads to a problem that most gamblers who play with an edge don’t have. With a large bankroll, you can afford to play at higher stakes because you know that in the long run, the edge is going to produce a profit.

But you can’t afford to push your edge too much when you only have $100. Even if you have an edge of 2%, you can’t afford to risk $10 on every decision because the odds are high that you’re going to hit a downswing in variance that makes you go broke. You shouldn’t even risk $5 per bet at this bankroll level.

The best plan with a $100 bankroll is to find ways to bet $2 or less where you have an edge. This means that your bankroll is going to grow at a painfully slow rate, but it’s the only way to protect it.

2 – Your Limited Gambling Options: What You Need to Play

Not only do you have to protect your small bankroll, but you also have to find a way to gamble with an edge or advantage. This limits your options, but there are a few things you can do. The last three sections in this article cover individual gambling activities that you can get an edge with.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that getting an edge is easy. Most gamblers never figure out how to get an edge, and the ones that do often take years to figure it out.

Blackjack table

You can find plenty of gambling activities that have bets of $1 or $2. You can buy lottery tickets, play slot machines, play video poker machines, or play most casino games in online and/or mobile casinos for these stakes.

But you can’t get an edge doing these things. While you might be able to make a $100 bankroll last a long time doing some of these things, the fact is that eventually you’re going to run out of money.

While there are a few other possibilities, the gambling areas where most payers that have an edge play are blackjack, poker, and sports gambling. Two of these options are available at low enough stakes to get started, but the third option might need to wait until your bankroll grows.

3 – Strategy Is Always Required

No matter what gambling activity you settle on, you have to start by learning what the best strategies are. Strategy is the building block for every gambler who has an edge.

Strategy isn’t the only thing you need to get an edge in some gambling games, but it’s a key part of every winning gambler’s edge.

For example, you can get a return of close to 100% when you use profit producing blackjack strategy at tables that have a good set of rules. Every blackjack player should use these strategies, but the only way to make a $100 bankroll last forever is to get a return of at least 100%. A return close to 100% isn’t good enough.

If you play poker, the only way to win is by using the right strategies. While there are hundreds of little things you have to do well to win at the poker tables, they’re all called “strategy.”

Winning sports gamblers use “handicapping techniques,” which is just another term for betting strategies that give you the upper hand.

The thing that you have to understand is that every gambler who has an edge is using strategy. You’re going to need to invest enough time and work into learning these strategies to make your bankroll last forever.

4 – How to Use Blackjack Games

If you could start with a bigger bankroll, blackjack is the best option for making your bankroll last forever. Blackjack players can get an edge by using good strategy in combination with card counting.

The problem is that there are no blackjack games that you can count that are available for bets as low as $1 or $2. Most blackjack games that give you a chance to win by using strategy and counting require at least a $10 bet.

Live Dealer Blackjack on LaptopYou can play for $1 a hand on real money blackjack apps, or on online or mobile casinos, but you can’t get an edge in these games by counting. You have to play blackjack in land based casinos to count and get an advantage.

You might wonder why I even include blackjack in this article if you can’t play it. The reason why I included it is because once you build your bankroll to a larger amount, blackjack is a great option to continue growing it.

In fact, of the three options listed in this article, blackjack is the easiest activity to learn how to beat. It’s still hard to do, but it’s easier than poker and sports gambling. If you start with a bankroll of $1,000, it’s the game I recommend.

5 – How to Use Sports Gambling

Sports gambling is a good choice when you start with a small bankroll because you can place small bets and you can learn how to handicap games well enough to make a profit.

Unless you get extremely unlucky, you can make a $100 bankroll last forever betting on sports even if you’re not a great handicapper. The only thing you have to do is find enough people who are willing to make $1 point spread bets with you.

When you make point spread bets with other people, the odds are very high that you’re going to win 50% of them in the long run. If you and I bet $1 on each game using the point spreads and bet on 1,000 games, each of us is going to win close to 500 bets.

Once you learn how to win more bets than you lose using handicapping, you can make some bets with sportsbooks. But until you learn how to win, the vig you pay on lost bets with a sportsbook eat away at your profit.

6 – How to Use Poker

I mentioned earlier that you have to do hundreds of things right to win using poker strategy. But if you can develop good poker strategy, and learn how to do these things right most of the time, you can consistently make money playing poker. And there are some poker games that are available at the stakes you need to play at.

You’re most likely going to need to play at one of the online or mobile poker rooms that offer micro stakes games. You can buy in for $1 or $2 in some of these poker rooms.

Person on Laptop Playing Online Poker Game

Once you improve your skills, you can either move up in stakes or start playing low buy-in tournaments. Some poker rooms have single-table poker tournaments available at low stakes, and some also have larger tournaments with low entry fees.

The other option is to play small stakes poker with friends and family. But sometimes, it’s challenging to get a regular game going at these stakes.

Poker does have one special strategy that most other games don’t have. If you can find some terrible poker players, you don’t have to use perfect strategy to make a profit. As long as you use better strategy than the people you’re up against, then you’re likely going to win.

Our Final Thoughts

You can make a $100 bankroll last forever, but you can’t afford to take any chances. You can only play low-stakes games when you start, and you have to stick with the low-stakes games until you build your bankroll to higher levels.

While strategy alone isn’t going to create profits in some games, you still have to use strategy in order to get the highest returns possible. Then, you have to learn how to play games with an edge or advantage. This limits your game choices.

It’s a complicated journey, but a goal of making $100 last forever as a gambler is well worth pursuing.