6-Step Recipe for Beating the Craps Table at the Casino

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Do you play craps to have fun and be entertained, or do you play in hopes that you can win? More importantly, do you have to choose one over the other?

You can play craps in a way that gives you the best chance to win while also playing the game for entertainment value. But you’re going to have to be okay with having fun by yourself because when you play the right way ,you’re not going to have a lot of friends at the table.

Use the six ingredients listed in this article to learn how to play craps the right way and increase your chances to win.

1 – How Do Dice Work in Craps?

Every craps roll uses two dice, and there are only so many possible dice combinations for each roll. You can see the totals that are possible from 2 to 12. But you also need to know that some number totals are more likely to come up than others.

For example, to roll a total of two, there’s only one possible combination. The same is true for rolling a 12. But there are six combinations that result in a roll of seven. A roll of six or eight each has five combinations, a roll of five or nine each have four combinations, a roll of four or 10 each has three combinations, and a roll of three or 11 each have two combinations.

You need to understand how combinations work when you look at the odds and payouts for each bet at the craps table. You can determine the percentage chance of rolling any number by dividing the number of combinations by the total number of possible combinations.

36 total possible combinations exist with two dice. So, the percent chance of rolling a total of seven is 19.44% and the percentage chance of rolling a 12 is 2.8%.

2 – The Come Out Roll

When you play craps, there are two possible situations on every roll. The roll is either a come out roll or a roll after a point has been set on a come out roll.

For most bet options, it doesn’t matter. But for the three important bets that you’re going to consider using, you need to know about the come out roll.

You can bet on pass or don’t pass on any come out roll. Both of these bet options offer a low house edge, but don’t pass is a little bit better. Yet you see that most craps players place a bet on pass. This seems to be what most craps players consider to be the right way to play.

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But you can’t bet the way that the losing craps players consider the right way. The actual right way to play craps is to always bet on the option that has the lowest house edge. This is always the don’t pass bet on a come out roll.

This is the first of two bets that smart craps players make. They don’t worry about any other bets because they know that all other bets are worse in terms of the house edge.

3 – Every Other Craps Bet

Craps tables have lots of possible betting opportunities, but you’re going to ignore almost all of them. You already know the right bet to make on a come out roll, and now you’re going to learn what the best bet is after a come out roll resolves in a point.

You have to make a come out roll in order to be able to place this special bet, called an odds bet. If you don’t make a come out roll, they won’t let you bet on the odds. These aren’t the same thing as the odds of something happening with the dice. This is called the odds bet.

When you place a come out roll bet and a point is set, you have the chance to place an odds bet and you need to do this every chance you get. The reason why the odds bet is so important is because it has no house edge.

This means that you break even on odds bets overall. You might win or lose on each individual odds bet, but the amount of money you win from the odds over your life is going to be basically the same as the amount you lose.

The odds bet is the only bet offered in the casino that lets you break even. No other bet at the craps table is this good, and no other bet at any other game is this good.

4 – Proper Craps Bet Sizing

How do you know how much to bet when you play craps? All you have to do is follow a simple two-step rule to win at craps.

When you make a bet on a come out roll, bet the table minimum. When you make a bet on the odds, bet the maximum amount.

The amount you can bet on the odds varies from table to table and casino to casino. The odds are usually posted at the table, but you can ask if you don’t see them.

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The reason why you should always bet the maximum allowable amount on the odds is because it lowers your overall loss percentage. You’re still going to lose a small percentage in the long run betting on don’t pass. But if you’re able to make large odds bets, the losses on the come out roll are just a small percentage of the total amount that you bet.

5 – Craps Bankroll Requirements

You need to start thinking about your casino bankroll for craps play if you follow the best way to play. You can’t afford to make the maximum sized bet on the odds if you don’t have a big enough bankroll to handle the large bets.

If the maximum amount you can bet on the odds is 10 times, or 10x, then the bet is going to be 10 times the amount of the bet you made on the come out roll. But if the max odds bet is 100x, you can bet 100 times your come out roll bet.

For example, if you bet $20 on don’t pass, you can bet $200 at 10X odds, or $2,000 at 100x odds. You need a large bankroll to take advantage of the maximum odds bet limits.

How big does your bankroll need to be? The exact amount isn’t something that you can determine, but I like to have at least 100x the maximum bet. This means that if I’m betting $20 on the come out roll and the odds are 10x, I need to have a minimum of $20,000. And to bet at 100x odds, you should have at least $200,000.

You don’t need to have all of the money in your bankroll at the table. But if you make the suggested bets with a bankroll that’s smaller than recommended, you have a higher likelihood of going bust.

6 – Online and Mobile Craps Options

I like to play real money online craps, but most craps players prefer to play in live casinos.

I understand why they enjoy the live game more than online play, but I don’t need to have other people and all of the noise to enjoy the game. Online and mobile craps are basically the same, so they’re interchangeable for this conversation.

Online Craps Game, Guy Using Laptop at Coffee Shop

The main reason why I prefer online craps is because I can find tables where I can bet $1 on the come out roll. This keeps my losses low, and it makes it affordable to make the maximum bet on the odds. I also find a decent craps bonus from time to time that I can use to expand my bankroll.

The main downside to online craps is that if you’re not careful, you play far more rolls than you do in a land-based casino. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you play much faster than you do when you play live, you can bet more money.

Our Final Thoughts on This Six Step Recipe for Success

Beating craps is a tall task. And if you don’t do everything exactly right, not only are you never going to win, but you’re going to lose too much money. And when you follow the instructions in this article, you’re doing everything you can to win.

A basic understanding of dice work is the best place to start. Now, you know which come out roll bet is the right choice and how to handle all of the other bet options. You also learned the perfect bet size for every bet option.

You need a bigger bankroll to play craps than most gamblers believe if you want to take advantage of the odds.