6 Skills Every Blackjack Gambler Has to Have If They Want to Win

Dealt Blackjack Table

Every winning blackjack player uses the same set of skills, whether they realize it or not. And losing blackjack gamblers are lacking in at least one of these skills, and usually two or more.

The first problem is that many blackjack players don’t know the skills that they need to master. You’re not going to have to worry about this anymore because the six most important skills are listed in this article.

A second issue is that most blackjack gamblers who are aware of these skills are too lazy to work on improving them. This is the only thing standing between you and winning blackjack consistently.

Basic Blackjack Odds Skills

Basic blackjack odds are very easy to learn, yet most blackjack players don’t know anything about them. It’s going to take a little bit of practice on your part, but you’re going to learn how to get started with basic blackjack odds in this section.

Because blackjack games use standard decks of cards, you know every card that’s in the deck. Even if the game uses more than one deck, you still know the values of all of the cards that can be played.

For example, if you need a card worth 6 points or lower when you hit, you know there are six cards worth 6 or lower out of every 13 cards.

This might seem like common sense, but this type of calculation is at the heart of every decision you make when you play blackjack. This helps you determine the most profitable way to play a hand, and it helps you determine how likely the dealer is going to have a hand that’s better than yours.

Spend a few hours dealing blackjack hands and determining the odds of things that can happen. Use your knowledge of the available cards to determine which play offers the best odds.

Blackjack Rules Knowledge

You probably already know the basic rules of blackjack. But do you know the difference in long-term value to you as a player of the dealer standing or hitting a soft 17?

The basic rules of blackjack are the same from most tables to most tables. But the variations in each possible rule make a big difference in your long-term returns. This is why you need to master your knowledge of each blackjack rule.

Some blackjack rule variations don’t make a huge difference, but some make such a difference that you shouldn’t play at tables that use these certain rules.

Casino Dealer at Casino Blackjack Table

For example, winning blackjack gamblers don’t play at tables that use the rule that pays 6:5 for a blackjack. Winning blackjack gamblers know that this rule is bad that it makes the table a non-winnable situation. Tables that pay 3:2 are much better.

Your goal is to learn the best combination of blackjack rules and why, then only play at tables that have these sets of rules. You’re not going to find blackjack tables that have every good rule possible, but you can find tables that implement more good rules than bad ones.

Insurance and Blackjack Dealer Tells

Insurance is something that every blackjack table I’ve ever played at offers. But it’s a tricky rule because of the way it’s presented and the way it looks. It often looks like a good bet, especially when you have a strong hand. But it’s almost never a good bet to take.

The short reason why it’s not a good bet to take is because it has odds of 2.25 to 1 and it only pays 2:1. This means that, on average, you lose more money each time you accept insurance.

But there’s an exception if you’re playing in a game where the dealer peeks before offering insurance and the dealer has a tell.

These games are rare because the smart way to teach dealers is to have them offer insurance before they look at their face-down card. But I have been in a few games where the dealer looks at both of their cards before offering insurance.

A few dealers who do this have a tell when they offer insurance. The tell is different from dealer to dealer, and not all dealers have a tell. But it’s worth watching the dealer closely to see if you can pick up on their tell if you’re playing in a game where they look at both cards.

Memorized Strategy for Every Hand

In the first section, you understood why learning about basic blackjack strategy is important. When you make your blackjack decisions based on the odds of something happening, it helps you make the play that has the highest average return.

The problem with trying to do this on your own when you only have a few seconds to determine the best play is that it’s hard to do correctly every time. And when you make a mistake, you end up losing money on average.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to know what the right play is. In order to use this tool the right way, it’s going to take quite a bit of practice. But the long-term gain you get from practicing is worth far more than the time you invest in practice.

Blackjack Cards

You need to get a blackjack strategy chart or strategy card and start practicing with it until you have it completely memorized. The best way I’ve found to do this is to play free online blackjack and use the chart or card on every hand. Keep doing this until you don’t need to use the tool anymore.

The Ability to Count Cards

The best way to win as a blackjack gambler is to learn the skill of card counting. Card counting is much simpler than most people believe, but it still takes a lot of work to master.

Basically, card counting is tracking how many high and low cards remain in the deck or shoe. When more high cards remain than low cards, you can bet more. You bet less when the deck has more low cards than high cards remaining.

If you bet enough when you have an edge, you can win enough to make up for your losses and have some profit left over.

Your long-term edge as a card counter is going to be small, but even a small edge will add up to decent profits over time.

To learn everything you need to know about counting cards, you also need to do some research. I read several books and several online articles about it when I learned how to do it. You need to start doing some research and practice as soon as you can.

The Ability to Not Get Caught When You Count

When you count cards you’re gambling at the blackjack table with a long-term edge or advantage. This means that you’re going to win more money on average than you lose. While this isn’t illegal, the casinos don’t want you to do it.

The casinos can and will make you stop playing if they think you’re counting. This is why knowing how to count isn’t enough. You also have to learn how to get away with counting.

Blackjack Table with Dealer, Cards, and Casino Chips

Smart counters learn how to hide what they’re doing. They use camouflage skills to keep what they do hidden from the casinos.

You can also learn how to work with one or more other blackjack players to hide what you’re doing. One player counts and makes the same size bet on every hand and signals to another player when they should bet more.

This makes it much harder for the casino to identify a card counter. But you still have to be smart about how you do things.

Learning how to count cards without getting caught is an important skill. Don’t ignore this skill, because if the casino won’t let you play, you won’t be able to make money.

Our Final Thoughts on These Skills

Winning blackjack gamblers have a unique set of skills. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t build the same set of skills. In fact, if you simply follow the steps laid out in this article you can build the same skills.

When you take these six blackjack skills one at a time, none of them are too hard to learn. But each does take some effort and time.

Instead of trying to tackle all six skills at the same time, start with learning how basic blackjack odds work. Then, add the second skill and keep working until you master all six blackjack skills to improve.