6 Simple Slots Mistakes You Can Fix in 5 Minutes

Man Holding a Finger up With a Row of Slot Machines Behind Him

I used to make every mistake you can imagine when I played slot machine games. It seemed like I never won, and now I know why. Eventually, I fixed most of the mistakes that I made when playing slots and you can do the same thing.

Here’s a list of 5 simple mistakes I used to make when I played slot machines. You’re probably making some of the same errors. But now you’re going to know what these mistakes are and you can correct them in a few minutes.

Every time you fix a slots mistake it gives you a better chance to win.

1 – Playing on Slot Machines That Don’t Have Jackpots

Let me start with something that you probably don’t want to hear. Playing slot machines is a mistake. You can get better returns playing many other games in the casino. You can also get better returns betting on sports, playing poker, and betting on horses.

But I know that most people reading this article aren’t going to stop playing slot machines. So you’re going to have to do as many things as possible to improve your odds of winning at the slot machines.

This starts with playing on slot machines that at least give you a chance to win big. Some slot machines have jackpots and others don’t. While I prefer playing on slot machines that have progressive jackpots, there are plenty of available slot machines with set jackpot amounts that are big.

If you’re going to play slots games, at least play on machines that give you the opportunity to win enough money to change your life a little bit. This doesn’t have to be $1,000,000. It can be $50,000 or $100,000. But if you can’t even win a decent jackpot, what’s the point of playing on a slot machine?

2 – Not Using Slots Bonus Offers

Slot machines are built so they guarantee long-term profit for every casino that offers them. This is true for land-based casinos, mobile casinos, and online casinos.

This means that unless you’re 1 of the few lucky slots players who win a big jackpot in your life, you’re going to lose money. This also means that you need to figure out ways to get more chances at hitting a big win and ways to reduce your losses.

Most of the mistakes listed in this article deal with at least 1 of these things. And getting slots bonuses give you more money and more chances to win a big jackpot.

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Most online slots bonus offers and mobile slots bonus offers don’t have good terms and conditions. Most bonus offers lock you into playing so long that you lose all of your money before you can cash out.

But if the extra spins you get to take because of a bonus helps you hit a jackpot, you’re going to have enough money to clear the bonus conditions and cash out a big win.

You can only get slot machine bonus offers in online and mobile casinos. This means that you need to stop playing slots in land-based casinos.

3 – Not Getting All the Slots Compensation You Can

If you can’t play slots online or in a mobile casino or you’re not comfortable playing slots for real money on 1 of these platforms, your only choice is to play in a land-based casino. While this means that you’re not going to be able to get any bonus offers, you can get a little bit of a boost from your slots play.

Find out if the casino where you like to play slots has a slots club. If it does have a club, sign up right away. You’re not going to earn enough compensation playing slots to make money, but you will earn some free things that lower your overall cost to play.

The odds are so stacked against you when you play slot machines that you have to either get a bonus or get compensated in some way for your play. If a casino doesn’t offer a bonus or a compensation scheme, you have to play somewhere else. It simply costs you too much money to continue playing where you don’t get anything in return.

4 – Betting Too Much on Each Spin

Every slot machine game has a house edge percentage programmed into the machine. This percentage dictates exactly how much money the casino makes from the machine. This is why you can’t make money playing slots games for real money.

Because the amount of money each slot machine makes for the casino is programmed as a percentage, it means that when you bet more money you lose more money.

For example, if a slot machine is programmed to make 6% and you bet $200, the slot machine makes $12. This also means that if you bet $600, the slot machine makes $36.

The math is simple here. When you bet more you lose more. While every slot machine game has a unique percentage programmed into the machine, they all work basically the same way.

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This means that you should bet the lowest amount you can on each spin. This reduces the total amount of money you risk when you play slots.

Over the course of a year, you might run $100,000 through slot machines. On machines with a 6% program, this means you lose $6,000. But if you play on a machine with a bet that’s half the size, you bet half as much over the course of a year and lose half as much.

5 – Playing Too Many Spins Every Hour

The amount of money you bet on each spin is important, but the number of spins you take on a slot machine is equally important. The math is basically the same because how much you lose is directly tied to the total amount that you risk. When you bet a higher amount you risk more, and when you bet more often you risk more.

Slots games are designed so you can play 100’s of spins every hour. If you just push the buttons as fast as you can you can play up to 600 spins in an hour on many machines.

Consider how much money you’re risking every hour if you take 600 spins. At $3 a spin, you’re risking $1,800. At $2 a spin, you’re risking $1,200. At $1 a spin, you’re risking $66. Even at .50 a spin you’re still risking $300.

But if you take 200 spins every hour instead of 600, you’re risking a lot less. At .50 a spin at 200 spins every hour you’re only risking $100.

Stay aware of how much total money you’re risking when you play slot machines. Do everything in your power to risk less money, and you’re going to lose less money.

6 – Refusing to Use a Slots Stop Win Limit

You’ve learned a lot about how to limit your losses when you play slots games so far in this article. But there’s a simple way you can improve your chance to stop playing slots when you’re ahead at least part of the time.

Over the long term the way that slots games are programmed, the machines make money. But in the short term, you win sometimes. You can use a slots stop win limit to keep some money the times you get ahead.

All you need to do is set a limit when you start playing slots that’s higher than the amount of money you start with. For example, if you start with $200 you can set your win limit at $250.

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If your balance gets to $250 or higher you stop playing slots and cash out. If you don’t use a stop win slots limit the odds are extremely high that you’re just going to lose the money that you’re ahead back to the slots game.

You can use other limits like stop-loss limits and time limits, but a stop win slots limit is the only limit that helps you lock in a profit from the machines.


Slot machines are designed to encourage you to make mistakes. Casinos know that they make more money from slots players when the players make mistakes. And some of these mistakes are hard to identify.

Now you know what 6 simple mistakes that slot machine gamblers make are. And when you know that you’re making a mistake you have the power to fix it. The 6 slot machine mistakes that gamblers make listed in this article can all be fixed in just a couple of minutes. Start fixing your slots mistakes now.