6 Reasons Why You Lose When You Gamble in Casinos

MAn at Poker Table With Head in Hands

I’ve spent time around 1,000’s of casino gamblers, and almost all of them share the same sad fate. They’re all losing too much money when they gamble in the casino.

But you don’t have to continue on the same path as most casino gamblers. Notice that in the last paragraph, I said that almost all gamblers lose too much money. This means that there are a few who learned how to win instead of lose.

This is what you’re going to learn in this article about six reasons why you lose when you gamble in casinos.

1 – You Don’t Know What to Play

When you play the wrong games in the casino, you don’t have any chance to win. Most casino games are impossible to beat. No matter what you do or what strategy you use, you’re destined to lose money. The casinos stay in business because they win and gamblers lose.

But there are a few games that give you an opportunity to win when you gamble in a casino. Of course, it’s not easy to win, but you can do it.

You just need to find the right games and learn how to play these games in a particular way.

You can’t learn everything that you need to learn about winning in the casino in this section. But I can get you started on the right path. And you’re going to move along this path in this article.

The path starts with learning what casino games give you the best chance of winning. The list isn’t long, so it’s not going to take much time to learn it.

Here are the casino games that give you the best chance to win:

  • Blackjack – Blackjack games offer opportunities if you know what to look for and how to play.
  • Video Poker – Some video poker machines are available that give you a chance to win. You have to use strategy when you find one of these machines.
  • Poker – Poker games that are available in poker rooms inside some casinos like Texas holdem offer a good opportunity to win when you gamble.

2 – You Don’t Know Good Rules

Now you know the best games offered in casinos. The next step is to learn how to find these games with the best rules. The rules for regular poker games like Texas holdem are pretty much the same everywhere, but there are different rules for blackjack and video poker games.

And there are also different rules for some other casino games that change how much you win or lose. In this section, you’re going to learn more about blackjack and video poker rules. If you play other casino games, you need to learn more about the rule variations for the games you play.

To be 100% factual, the rules for video poker games are the same in most cases. But the pay tables aren’t the same, and these tables are important. The pay table is directly related to how much you win or lose.

Video Poker Screen Displaying Royal Flush

Learn how to find the best video poker pay tables, and then learn how to use the best strategy when you play.

Blackjack rules vary from table to table. Some rules, like how much the table pays for a blackjack, make a huge difference in how much you win or lose. I recommend playing blackjack if you want to win, but you have to learn about how blackjack rules change your odds to have a good chance to win.

3 – You Don’t Use Smart Bankroll Management

You need to learn two important things about bankroll management before you gamble in a casino again. The first thing you need to learn is that you must have a casino bankroll.

I don’t know many gamblers who use a casino bankroll, and it’s a mistake not to use one. A casino bankroll is the best way to track your results. It’s also a useful tool when you’re trying to decide how much you should risk when you gamble.

The second thing that you need to know about bankroll management is that your bankroll is one of the most important things you can use as a gambler. If you don’t have any money, you can’t gamble. This is true whether you’re a winning or losing gambler.

You need to protect your bankroll in every way that you can. This includes finding the best games, playing games with the best rules, and not betting too much at one time. You’re going to learn more about the size of your bets in the next section.

4 – You Risk Too Much Money

Do you know how gamblers lose too much money when they play games in a casino? The simple answer is that they risk too much money.

You’ve already learned the importance of playing the right games and playing games with good rules. But the fact is that you can’t lose too much money if you never risk too much money.

When you use a bankroll for gambling, you can determine how much you’re willing to risk. This helps you determine what games to play and how much to bet when you play those games.

Hand Shuffling Casino Chips

For example, if you have a gambling bankroll of $2,000, you might only take $200, or 10%, with you when you go to the casino. You know that if you make $50 bets, you might lose all of your session bankroll quickly, so you find ways to make $10 or $5 or lower wagers.

You might play on a $.25 video poker machine with a total wager amount of $1.25 or decide to play blackjack online for $1 a hand.

The bottom line is when you risk too much money, you’re going to lose too much money.

5 – You Don’t Get Rewards

This isn’t something that many people think of when it comes to making a profit or losing less in a casino, but rewards can make a big difference to your bottom line.

When I say rewards, I mean what many gamblers call casino comps, these are services or items that you get from casinos for your play. You usually have to sign up for the program, but once you do, you earn rewards when you gamble.

The reason why most gamblers don’t think about rewards when they consider winning or losing is because rewards are rarely in the form of cash. Instead, you get free meals or entry into free events.

I always consider the rewards when I’m looking at my overall wins and losses because if I get a free meal, it’s the same as winning the money that the meal would’ve cost me. Anything that I can get the casinos to give me is something that I don’t have to buy, which is the same as money in many cases.

You need to get as many rewards as you can when you gamble in casinos. It helps make up for your losses.

6 – You Don’t Use Advantages Properly

This is a little bit of advanced knowledge, but you need to be aware of it if you hope to win in the casinos. You can win when you gamble, but you have to learn how to use advantage play.

You can use advantage play when you play blackjack by counting cards. Video poker advantage play is all about finding good pay tables and using a good strategy. Regular poker advantage play is about finding tables with bad players and using as much poker strategy as you can.

You can learn advantage plays for some other casino games, but these are the ones that I recommend. None of them are easy, but if you can master advantage play for at least one game, you can win more than you lose when you gamble in a casino.

I prefer poker, but it takes a long time to learn all of the strategies. Blackjack is a little easier, but card counting is still hard. Video poker is also a little easier, but it’s the hardest game of the three to actually make a profit playing. If you just want to break even or come close, video poker is the best option.


The six things listed on this page aren’t the only reasons why you’re losing too much money when you gamble in casinos. But these six are the ones that have been the most important that I’ve had to learn.

If you don’t know the right games to play in the casino, you don’t have much chance to win. But when you learn the best casino games to play, and you know the rules for each game that you play, you change your returns almost instantly.

You also need to use smart money management, which means not risking too much money and get as many rewards as you can.