6 Reasons to Avoid an Online Casino

Man Throwing His Hands Up In Defeat And Roulette On A Laptop

The platforms which make up the world of online gambling are officially in the “Golden Age” of operation. As laws have relaxed, more digital casinos have opened than at any time before, and others continue to show up on a daily basis.

Any time there’s a huge industry “boom,” there are bound to be some bad actors trying to cash in on the action. Online gaming is no different.  But it’s easy to learn which casinos are bad actors.

The vast majority of real money online casinos are completely safe, but it’s still important to check. In this article, I’ll go over six reasons why you should pass on an online casino.

1 – It’s Brand New

Most of the time, the newest thing can be classified as the latest and greatest. But when there’s hard-earned money involved, it’s best to let someone else try it out before you take the risk.

How do you know a site’s age? In most cases, there will be a section on the site which provides a little background information. If you’re unable to find that, consider browsing around for some unbiased reviews. If you aren’t able to track down plenty of reviews of the platform, it’s in your best interest to look elsewhere.

If you’re wondering why a site’s age would have anything to do with reliability, the answer is simply that “bad” platforms typically don’t stay in business very long. They usually launch, scam people, get shut down, and in most cases, repeat the process under a different name.

Simply put, there are nearly endless options to choose from when you’re looking for an online gaming platform to use for gambling purposes.

Going with the newest one is just more “risk” than it is “reward.” If you truly like the site’s interface or how it functions, check back in a few weeks or months and if it’s still operating, give it a try.

2 – Frequent Spam Emails

Let me first start off by saying that just about any website that requires you to input your email address is going to show up in your inbox at some point.

Don’t interpret this section to mean any gaming platform that sends you an email is up to no good. If that were the case, nearly every site would be in the bad apple bin.

What I’m referring to here is a website that constantly emails you (think on a near-daily basis) and the content of the emails seem a bit off. That could mean glaring misspellings in the subject line, strange verbiage, or anything else that looks and feels like other spam emails most people get on a regular basis.

Typing Email

If it feels like a website is just trying to lure you back in, or make promises that are certainly too good to be true (ex. Sign up now and get $1,000 in free play!), avoid it.

3 – No Customer Support

Even if a website functions properly for a period of time, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely safe. Just think about it, if you were really running a website scam operation, would it be in your best interest to rip off every single person? A site like that wouldn’t stay up long.

One of the biggest tip-offs that a particular gambling website shouldn’t be trusted is a lack of a customer support team to help you out when something goes wrong. It could be a delay in payment, money missing from your available balance, or any number of technical problems that are common to any other website.

It’s important to note that just because a site is having a technical problem, that doesn’t indicate that it’s necessarily untrustworthy. Issues happen all the time, but if the site doesn’t have a support team in place to help out, that’s concerning.

Obviously, it can be difficult to know the quality of customer support a site offers if you haven’t encountered any problems, so you haven’t had to check. While that may be the case, you should still (at the least) make sure there’s a number to call if you ever need it.

Out of all the reasons to pass on a site that are included on this list, a lack of customer support is at the very top when trying to find red flags.

4 – Confusing Deposit or Withdrawal Processes

In a perfect world, depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos would be an easy, straightforward process.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and processing online payments can be complicated, even when dealing with a trustworthy and reputable site.

I believe that when it comes to online gambling, you should make it a priority to find online gambling sites that offer quick withdrawals.

That way, you’ll know if something is off sooner and can go about trying to remedy the situation before too much time passes.

The goal of casinos that have bad intentions is to make the process as complicated and annoying as possible so that you’ll just give up and accept your money is gone. With the regulations that cause a need for offshore accounts and other financial restrictions (depending on your state), it’s easy to mistake a scam site with the real thing.

Guy Holding Bills of Cash in Palm of Both Hands

Again, this should be a theme throughout the whole article, but this issue can largely be avoided if you just do your due diligence beforehand and look up reviews from players who have used the site. They’re your best resource when it comes to finding a safe site.

5 – Vague Terms and Conditions

Every website that deals with real money should have a lengthy set of terms and conditions that lay down the ground rules for how business will be conducted on their platform.

Yes, I know that nobody enjoys reading terms and conditions, but if they weren’t there, don’t you think that would be cause for concern? I certainly do.

Before making a deposit to use on a digital casino, do what you’ve never done before: actually click on the terms and conditions section of the website and start reading. Though it’s unlikely you’d make it all the way through without falling asleep, at least read long enough that you feel confident that everything is legit.

Going through the technical jargon and legal disclaimers is painful, but it’s not nearly as painful as seeing your winnings disappear because you put too much faith in your chosen website.

6 – It Doesn’t Work Like It Should

One of the most obvious giveaways that an online gaming platform is probably a scam is that it isn’t functioning properly. You’re probably thinking, “Obviously, I don’t need to hear that,” but sometimes, players will just chalk up a faulty game to a bug or glitch; it happens.

If a few casino games are experiencing technical difficulties, it’s bad for a number of reasons. Even if the site you’re using isn’t a scam or intentionally bad, the lack of functionality suggests that there are probably other holes, too.

They might not be interested in taking your money, but they also might not have the necessary security in place to protect you from people that do.

To say that a gambling website is bad simply means that your money isn’t safe. If you’re using a site that doesn’t seem up to professional standards, it may be vulnerable to hackers looking to exploit the weaknesses in a site that is holding a bunch of money.

There You Have It

If this article has you feeling a bit spooked about the potential risks associated with online gambling, rest assured that there are many more “good” sites than “bad sites” looking to take your money.

When a site gets a reputation as being untrustworthy, it’s not long before it gets shut down, so most will do everything in their power to make sure you feel confident signing up and making a deposit.

As long as you follow one simple rule, you’ll be fine. When in doubt, do your research. To help you out with your research we have a list of blacklisted online casinos that will help you avoid untrustworthy online gambling sites.