6 Reasons Online Casinos Are Ideal for United States Gamblers

US Online Casinos
Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard to beat the feeling of walking into a casino with the feeling that you’ll walk out a big winner. The lights, sounds, and quite frankly, the people watching, all make the casino a unique experience.

Aside from all that, the second best feeling is making money right from your couch.

Online casino gambling in the US has long been a relevant factor in the gambling industry, but it still might not be getting the credit it deserves. In this article, I’ll outline the reasons why online casinos are a great place to make money and grow your gambling bankroll.

1 – Convenience

We’re used to having everything we want at the click of a button (or touch of a screen). Because we’ve become so spoiled, actually having to leave the house to go to a casino, often in a busy area of town, can seem off-putting.

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US Online casinos bring the action to wherever you have an internet or cell phone connection. No ATMs, large crowds, or dealers to deal with. Not to mention, you can even take your game from one device to another. Even if you get pulled away from the table, you can log back in when the issue has been resolved.

If you’re really serious about making money playing casino games and aren’t as concerned with the novelty of it all, online gambling is the perfect place to refine your craft with complete focus and concentration.

2 – Quitting While You’re Ahead

In theory, “quitting while you’re ahead” sounds good. Smart gamblers will set a number, and if it gets reached, can walk away knowing they had a successful day. The problem is that if you get to that number in a relatively short amount of time, it’s hard to leave.

As mentioned in the first point, physically going to the casino is somewhat inconvenient. That makes it harder to leave, even if you’re leaving with more money in your pocket. If you’ve only been sitting at the craps or blackjack table for 15 minutes but have already been hitting it big, it’s going to be very difficult to walk away.

Not only is it hard to quit because you feel like you’re going to keep winning, but leaving the casino means walking to the car, driving home, and waiting until your next visit to play again.

If you’re winning big on an online casino, you can simply log out and be on your way. Some may argue that the easy access to the casino can actually make you stick around longer. In my opinion, the ease of doing something else at your home makes it easier.

3 – More Options

We all love options. When businesses compete to gain your business, the consumer, or in this case, the gambler, always benefits.

As gambling becomes more accepted in everyday society, more sites than ever are offering real money casino games, each on its own unique platform. The best part? You don’t have to choose just one!

Here is our list of the 3 best US online casinos:

The options provided to players don’t just vary in terms of the look and feel of the US online casino site. Real, usable benefits exist such as added bonuses, player incentives, and varying membership perks that can make it tempting to utilize as many different sites as possible.

So with all the options out there, how do you choose which ones are right for you? I’m glad you asked.

  • Look for the best bonuses. Many online casinos offer cash-matching perks, especially when you first sign up. These offers are truly free money, and usually don’t even have a “trap” that looks to deceive players.
  • Seek out the best platform for the specific games you enjoy playing. Although they’ll mostly give you the same options in terms of games available, if you have a particular one in mind, try to find the site that provides the best user experience for that one game. For example, you might find that you like one site’s blackjack experience, but prefer another site’s poker experience.
  • Make sure the website is trustworthy and reliable. Since you’re going to be putting your information, or at the very least your money, on a website, it should be a priority to do your research and find out which protections are in place for players.
  • Look for sites with accompanying mobile apps. If you want to make online gaming as easy as possible, see which companies provide the best cross-platform experience.
  • Explore different games! If you look around through enough online casinos, you’ll find that there are typically more offerings than you’ll see at the actual casino. Even if you prefer focusing on a few games, you might find you’ve overlooked a game that you’re successful at, and enjoy playing.

4 – Lower Stress Levels While Playing

Stress can be beneficial in certain situations. If you’re in a fight, or need to conjure up extra strength, the cortisol boost can be helpful. The same cannot be said for when you’re trying to win money gambling.

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When you’re at a table in a busy US casino, you’re subconsciously subjected to all kinds of stress-inducing stimuli. Just the fact that you’re stepping out of your normal comfort zone, like your house, raises your baseline stress levels. This can lead to a slight reduction in your ability to make the most rational decisions that you’re capable of if you’re thinking at full capacity.

In one study, experts found that stress levels were a whopping 17% lower when observing people playing casino games online when compared to playing in an actual casino. Calculating the actual monetary benefit is a bit more complicated, but one thing remains true: players are better when they’re more relaxed.

While all games require a degree of luck to be successful, there is undoubtedly a right and wrong way to approach them. When you strip away everything but the game itself, it can be much easier to make the “right” moves, even if they don’t always result in winning.

5 – Learning the Game

As previously mentioned there is almost always a technically right or wrong play in any situation for most casino games. Experienced players know that making the correct play will eventually pay off over time, even if short term losses are discouraging.

Learning games of numbers and probabilities is an inherently difficult proposition. It takes a lot of practice and repetition in order to commit the right moves to memory.

Online casinos provide the perfect opportunity for you “study” the games without feeling pressured by dealers or other players at the table.

If you’re playing at home, you have the luxury of keeping your handy probability sheet next to you while you play. Even though you’ll likely need to look at it for a long time before it becomes committed to memory, it’s a lot easier to learn while you’re playing than trying to study it and then take it to the table.

6 – Flexible Betting Options

Most casinos have strict minimums that require players to risk more money each hand. Some online casinos have the same minimum requirements, but you’ll also be able to find plenty that have low, if any, minimum betting criteria.

If you’re just starting out and trying to learn a game, you aren’t going to be wanted to gamble $20, $10, or maybe even $5 on each play. If you can find a game that allows you to bet $1 or so, you can afford to play more hands, which means that you have much more opportunity to learn the game.

If your goal is to get some experience without risking your entire bankroll, online casinos offer a great place to experiment without worrying about huge financial consequences.


For beginners, or even advanced casino game players, learning your way around an US online casinos can be hugely beneficial. If you want to learn the games, or increase your winnings while maximizing online benefits, start exploring and find the best option for you.