6 Hidden Poker Secrets That Can Make You Rich

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Have you ever looked at a winning poker player and wondered what secrets they know that you don’t? And have you wondered why nobody is sharing those secrets with you?

The fact is that there are some strategies to winning poker play. And I’m going to share these big secrets you can use to win more when you play poker.

Each of these six secrets can be used alone to help you win. But when you combine them, you become a confident poker player who knows they can win. Use these six poker secrets to start winning, and put your losing ways behind you.

1 – The Level of Your Competition

This secret alone can change your results in poker faster than any other secret. In fact, this tip can instantly make a losing poker player able to break even, and make a breakeven poker player a winning one.

Every time you play poker for real money, you’re competing against other poker players, not against the poker room. Of course, you do pay a small fee in the form of rake to play. But this is a small percentage that you can easily overcome when you use the secrets listed in this article.

Here’s the big secret: The level of your competition in relation to your abilities dictate how much you win or lose when you play poker.

When you play against poker players who play better than you and use strategy better than you, you lose money. On the other hand, when you play against poker players who don’t play as well as you and don’t use any poker strategy, you win money.

The secret is that when you learn how to find or create situations where you’re playing against the right opponents, you win. Figure out how to find poker games with the right players, or create poker games with the right players if you want to win.

I know it’s easy to pass over this secret or ignore it or even believe that you don’t have any control. But this secret can be worth a lot of money to you over time. So, don’t take it lightly.

2 – Get the Cards, Play the Cards

Very few poker players play at the highest levels. Everything you do at the highest levels requires a different level of thinking. But there’s plenty of money to be made at all of the lower levels in poker. And smart poker players can kill lower and middle-limit poker games.

At low and middle limits, the best strategy when you play poker is to get the cards and play the cards. In other words, you bet when you have a good hand, and you don’t bet when you don’t have a good hand.

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You don’t have to get fancy and try to fool your opponents. You can make good profits waiting for good hands and betting your good hands aggressively.

As you gain experience and improve your poker skills, you’re going to start adding in a few advanced plays. But most advanced plays require an opponent to be paying attention and have somewhat a clue of what’s going on. You simply don’t find this combination much at the low and middle poker levels.

3 – Extremely Tight Works Everywhere Except at the Very Top

Continuing with the theme of playing poker at the low and middle limits, there’s one style of play that’s almost always profitable. You can simply play extremely tight and make a profit.

You choose which starting hands to enter the pot with and which starting hands to fold. At the lower and middle limits, almost every poker player plays too many hands.

When you play too many hands, it lowers your odds of winning. Some poker hands are more valuable than others. And when a player enters the pot with a weak hand, he or she doesn’t win as often as the player who enters the pot with a better hand.

The way to enter the pot with a stronger hand more often is to fold weak hands more often. This is why playing extremely tight is profitable at low and middle limits.

Enough of the other players are entering the pot with weak hands to make you money when you have a good hand.

Make a list of the best hands for the variation of poker that you play and stop playing any other hands. Over time, you might learn that you can play a few more hands, but all you have to do to win at most levels is to remain tight.

4 – Semi Bluffs and Straight Bluffs

Poker players love to bluff. They love to make a bet when they don’t have a winning hand and make other players fold who have a better hand. While this can be a profitable tool, it’s only profitable when you learn how to use it in the right situation.

In order for a bluff to work, you have to be playing against someone who can be bluffed. It’s hard to find these types of poker players at low and middle limits. Most of these players aren’t really paying attention to the game, and they don’t realize when they should fold to a good bet.

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This means that most poker players bluff too often and that most bluffs don’t work often enough to be profitable. In order to deal with this, the best strategy I’ve found is to almost completely eliminate straight bluffs from your game.

However, you can use semi bluffs profitably. When you have a hand that’s decent and has a chance to improve, you can bet aggressively.

5 – Expected Value Rules

This is an advanced poker topic, so you’re not going to be able to learn everything you need to know about it quickly. But it’s such an important poker strategy that you’re almost guaranteed to continue losing unless you learn how to use it.

When you’re playing poker, you have to make a lot of decisions. And every poker decision you make is either helping you make a profit or keeping you at a loss. It’s often difficult to determine if a decision is profitable on average or not.

The tool you need to use in every situation when you play poker is called “expected value.” In some situations, you can determine the exact expected value of a decision. And in other situations, you have to use a few educated guesses to make an expected value estimate.

As you determine expected value, the odds, and probability, over and over, you’re going to get better at it. And you’re going to get better at making estimated expected value calculations.

If you want to be the best possible poker player, you need to learn everything you can about using the expected value tool.

6 – Mastering 100 Little Things

Winning poker players do 100 different things well. They might not think about it this way, but there are a lot of little strategies that winning poker players use.

I’ve covered a few of them in this article, but there are plenty more. And every time you master another little poker strategy, you become a better poker player and improve your long-term profit.

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It takes a lot of time to master 100 smaller poker strategies. But the only way to do it is to study and practice. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. The difference between losing and winning poker players is that winning poker players learn when they make mistakes, and losing poker players keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

An example of a strategy that’s important that most poker players never learn is position. It took me years to learn how important position is. And when I finally got it, my profit improved immediately.

Spend as much time as you can studying poker strategy and trying to learn from your mistakes. Keep building your poker skills one strategy at a time.

In Summary

Poker is a challenging game, and it can take years of practice and experience before you start making money. In fact, some poker players compete their entire life without ever quite turning the corner and learning how to make a consistent profit.

The six poker secrets listed in this article tell you where to start. And they all work together to help you win. But you have to work on each secret and keep working on them until you master them.

In other words, it’s not good enough to know what the secrets are. You have to put them into action.