6 Casino Goals You Need to Have If You Want to Win

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Do you have any goals associated with casino gambling? You probably think that wanting to win is a goal, but it’s just a dream if you’re not doing anything to make your goal a reality.

This article is about turning the dream of winning n the casino into a reality. To do this you’re going to set and achieve smaller goals along the way. Use the 6 casino goals in this article to build the base for long term winning casino play.

You’re starting down a path that’s full of obstacles, but the only thing that can stop you is if you give up.

1 – Put Everything in Perspective

In section 5 in this article you’re going to learn about finding casino games that you can beat. But you need to know how to compare casino games first. And there’s not a simple 1 word answer on how to compare casino games. But there are a few ways to put everything about casino games into perspective.

The first thing to consider is the house edge and/or return percentage for each game, and in some cases each bet available in a game. By looking at the house edge and/or return percentages you can rank games and bet options.

You’re almost always better off playing a casino game with a lower house edge and higher return percentage. House edge and return percentage are 2 sides of the same coin, so you can use either metric.

But you also need to consider how much you can expect to lose over the same period of time. For example, if you only play 6 keno draws in an hour you’re probably going to lose less than playing 50 spins of roulette, even though roulette has a much higher return percentage.

Consider all of your options and your goals when you gamble.

2 – Start Thinking like a Casino

In the relationship between casinos and gamblers, which side makes the most money? Without a doubt, the casino wins this balance every day. So if you want to make a profit gambling in a casino you’re going to have to start thinking like the casino.

Here’s how casinos operate. They constantly work to improve their average profit per hour for every square foot of gaming space they have. If a game isn’t making good profit, they look for a different game to offer that returns a better profit.

Your goal is much the same as this. If the game you’re playing isn’t returning the profit that you want, you either need to find a different game or change the way you play the game.

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The problem for most casino gamblers is that they never learn how to do this well enough to make a profit. The casinos offer games in ways that favor them, and only a few gamblers are able to figure out how to play these games and make a profit.

Casinos also use a few other sneaky tricks to improve their profits. You need to be aware of these so you know how to handle them. Two of the big scams are covered in the next Two sections.

3 – The Goal of Bonus Offers

Your goal when it comes to casino bonus offers is to understand exactly how they work and how to find bonuses that can be profitable. Sadly, there are very few profitable bonus offers from casinos. But you’re going to know how to spot them by the end of this section.

The number 1 thing you have to do is read everything about a bonus. This includes all of the boring legal stuff in the conditions and terms. But if you don’t do this, you have no way of knowing when the casino is taking advantage of you.

Pay special attention to exactly what you have to do before you can cash out your money or the bonus money. Some bonuses can’t be cashed out no matter what you do.

When you gather all of the information about a bonus you can use the return percentage or house edge for the game to determine how much you’re expected to lose when you clear the offer. Most of the time, you lose far more than the bonus is worth, so you’re better off passing on the bonus.

4 – The Goal of Comp Programs

The next sneaky trick that casinos use to increase their profit is using comp programs. And just like bonus offers, the casino presents comp programs as a way to get free money or free rewards for your play.

The question you have to ask is does the casino do anything that hurts their profit? The answer is no. This means that if they’re offering it, it’s because it helps them make more money.

Here’s the difference between most bonuses and comp programs. You can still use com programs to get some rewards without doing what the casino wants you to do. You just need to know why comp programs exist.

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The reason why casinos have comp programs is because it makes members of the program gamble more. And the more the members gamble, the more the casino makes in profit. The casino makes far more in profit than they give back in compensation.

Here’s what this means for you. You can get comps, but make sure that you never play longer than you would if you didn’t get comps, and make sure you never bet more than you would if you didn’t get comps.

5 – Find Casino Games You Can Beat

Casinos don’t want to offer any games that you can beat. And most of the games you find in casinos are set up so that you can’t beat them in the long run. But there is an exception or 2.

Blackjack is the main target of most winning casino gamblers. Every blackjack game can’t be beat, but there are still plenty of games available that you can beat. The key is learning how to spot these beatable games and learning how to beat them.

You also can find a few other opportunities in casinos that let you make a profit. But you need to start thinking in a different way than most gamblers. For example, sometimes casinos run promotions that smart gamblers can take advantage of to make a profit.

You can also occasionally find a game with a progressive jackpot that is so high that it overcomes the house edge. These opportunities are rare, but they do exist.

Another area when you have an opportunity to make a profit is when a casino also has a sportsbook or poker room. Both of these areas can offer a profit if you learn the right strategies.

6 – Find out How to Beat These Games

Finding casino games that can be beat is only half of the battle. Once you identify the right games, you still have to figure out how to beat them. And the casinos aren’t interested in making this easy.

If a casino game has a strategy or strategies that you can use, like blackjack or video poker, you can start by learning these strategies. If a casino game doesn’t have a strategy, like slot machines or keno, it’s usually best to not play it.

But strategy alone won’t beat most casino games. It can help you make a profit in the sportsbook or poker room, but you’re going to need an extra step for the few casino games you can beat.

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For example, winning blackjack players learn how to count cards and find the right games. This takes quite a bit of work, but it’s the only way to beat the game.

It’s also possible to find a video poker machine that can return a profit if you use perfect strategy and comps, but these opportunities are rare.

Figuring out how to beat casino games is one of the hardest things you can try to do. But it’s still a good goal. Just don’t expect it to be easy.

Our Final Thoughts

Do you know why casinos rarely go out of business? It’s because they make money from almost every gambler who visits. But you can use goals to exit this group of casino gamblers and join the small group that actually makes a profit.

The right way t start is by using the 6 goals in this article. When you start putting things in the proper perspective and think like a casino, things start becoming clearer.

The bottom line is that you have to find casinos games that you can beat and learn how to beat them. Everything else is secondary.