6 Beginner Bets to Start Gambling

Beginner Bets Text With a Casino and Sportsbook Background

Inexperienced gamblers are always in danger of losing more money than they need to. This happens because they bet too much money and they don’t know the best plays to make.

You should always make small bets as an inexperienced gambler. This helps you protect your bankroll as you learn more about gambling.

The next step is determining the best plays. That’s what you’re going to learn in this article. These six plays for inexperienced gamblers are easy to make, and they all can be made for a low cost.

1 – Place a Bet on Your Favorite Team

One of the easiest bets to place where you have a 50% chance to win is a sports bet using the point spread. The nice thing about a point spread wager is that there isn’t really a bad bet in the long run. In fact, if you just randomly choose teams to bet on using the point spread and make enough bets, the odds are high that you’re going to win half of the bets.

Sadly, this means that you’re still going to lose half of your money at the sportsbook. Sportsbooks don’t let you place bets for free, and the vig they charge costs you a little money in every loss. Of course, you don’t have to place sports bets with sportsbooks. You can bet with people you know and nobody has to pay vig.

The best option if you’re going to bet on sports is to learn how to handicap contests. Handicapping helps you predict the outcomes of contests so you can find betting opportunities that you can profit from. But learning advanced handicapping skills takes a long time.

If you’re just looking for an easy sports betting play, simply bet on your favorite team using the point spread. You have as good of a chance to win this bet as any bet. If you find that you enjoy betting on sports, start learning advanced evaluation methods and handicapping.

2 – Buy a Mega Million or Powerball Ticket

Few things in gambling are simpler than picking up a ticket for the next Powerball drawing or the next Mega Millions drawing. Currently a ticket to either of these draws costs $2 or $3; depending on whether you take the extra $1 add on bet.

I don’t know of any other way to risk $2 and have the chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars. And you can play these lottery games on every draw for a year for less than some gamblers lose at the casino in a single trip.

If you buy four tickets a week, which is two for each of the big lottery draws each, your cost is only $8. Over 52 weeks in the year, your total cost is only $416.

Person Holding Powerball and MegaMillions Lottery Tickets

While I do my best not to lose this much on a trip to the casino, sadly, I have lost this much and more in a single trip.

The downside to playing big lottery draws is that the return is terrible in comparison to other forms of gambling. Of course, even with a terrible overall return, if you’re not risking as much money, you’re not going to lose as much money.

3 – Buy a $1 Keno Ticket

How many gambling opportunities can you find where you can win $10,000 or more by risking only $1? A few slot machines fit into this category and a few lottery games do as well. But my favorite is keno.

Real money keno is a type of lottery game offered in some casinos. It used to be offered in just about every casino, but it’s not as popular as it once was. You pick some numbers from a group of 80 numbers, and if enough of your numbers match the numbers on the next draw, you win.

The reason why I recommend keno is because the way it’s traditionally played you only play a few games every hour. And when you make the minimum $1 bet on each game you don’t risk much money. Most keno games can be played for $10 or less per hour, because the draws only happen every 5 to 10 minutes.

Overall, the return for keno games is bad. It’s not as bad as buying lottery tickets, but it’s worse than most other games in casinos. And whatever you do, don’t play keno on video machines or online. You end up playing too fast and losing too much money. Stick with traditional keno draws.

4 – Take a Spin on the Slots

Slot machines don’t cost too much to play per spin, and they’re easy to play. Many slot machines are available that offer spins for $1 or less, and even the big jackpot machines can usually be played for only a few dollars per spin.

I don’t recommend playing the slots a lot because the return isn’t very good, and the money you run through the machine quickly adds up. The benefit of some of the plays covered in earlier sections is that you can play without spending a lot of money.

When you play slot machines, even if you’re just betting $1 on each spin, you can end up betting $400 or $500 every hour. Slots games are designed so you can play them extremely fast. It’s pretty easy to take 400 or 500 spins in an hour on most slot machines.

Aria Las Vegas Slots

But for the inexperienced gambler, there aren’t many options that are easier to play and that also offer big jackpots. If you decide to play slots games; decide on a good amount for a slots bankroll before playing so you don’t lose more than you planned.

5 – Enjoy a Poker Variation

If you like to play poker you have plenty of options, even if you don’t have a ton of experience. You can play poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha in poker rooms, you can play video poker variations that are mostly based on Five-Card Draw Poker, and you can play many different poker table game variations.

The best option if you’re a good poker player is either Texas Hold’em or Omaha. If you’re good, you can make money playing these games against other gamblers. And if you’re not a great player yet, you can study strategy and get better.

If you’re not a great poker player, you can play one of the video poker variants based on Five-Card Draw. I prefer playing Jacks or Better. But if you like wild cards, you can play Deuces Wild. The best thing about these types of poker games is that you can get a strategy card to help you make the right plays.

Many video poker machines offer a high return, so they end up being a better option than slots games and most table games. If you decide that you enjoy playing video poker games, learn more about the pay tables available on each machine and make sure you get a strategy card.

6 – Play Mini Baccarat

Every gambling play in this article is easy to use. Most of the plays don’t offer a great long term return, but if you play for low stakes you don’t lose too much money. Mini baccarat is not only easy to play, but it also offers a bet that has one of the highest returns in the casino. The main downside is that mini baccarat can be one of the most boring games you ever play.

MGM Grand Baccarat Room

Most mini baccarat tables only offer three bets. And the bet that gives the best return is called a banker bet. The rules are a little confusing, but you don’t need to understand them to play. All you have to do is make a bet on the space that’s labeled “banker.” The person dealing the game handles everything else.

On this bet, you pay a small commission when you win. This is still the best bet, and the dealer takes care of the commission for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

In Summary

I know that you want to learn how to win when you gamble, but this takes a tremendous amount of work and time. And you should invest time into reaching this goal. But you also need to survive as you’re learning. That’s what the six plays in this article help you do.

Most of these plays can be made for a low cost, with some of them coming in at just $1 a play. This helps protect your bankroll, while still giving you a chance to win.

These six plays are also easy to make. You don’t even have to know the rules to make most of these plays.