5 Ways to Win in Casinos You’ve Never Thought About

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I’ve spent decades trying to learn how to win in casinos. Many people play in casinos for decades but never spend any time trying to figure out how they can win. Instead, they keep doing the same things and hope they get lucky.

The good news is that I’ve found a few ways to win over the years, and I’m going to share five ways to win with you in this post. But nothing can guarantee that you’re going to win, so make sure that you never risk more than you’re willing to lose. These strategies are going to help you win more often, but you’re still going to have losing trips to the casino.

1 – Double Your Wins to a Set Amount

I love this quick system, and I’ve used it a lot of times. And even when I’m not successful with it, I still have a great time when I’m gambling.

You can use this whether you’re gambling online or in a land-based casino, but I prefer to use it playing online because the starting bets can be quite small. Here’s how it works.

Based on the lowest bet I can, I take my bankroll and divide it into as many parts as possible. So when I play online, I might put $20 in and use it as 20 $1 starting bets.

I set my goal at $32. Each of my 20 bets is a start of a string of bets. I make a bet for $1 on any bet that pays 1 to 1. I usually play roulette, but you can play any game in the casino you want.

When my $1 bet wins, I bet the $2 on an even-money bet again. I keep betting my wins until I lose or I win $32. Of course, you can set your goal at any amount. In this example, you could set your goal at $16 and have a better chance to make your goal.

Once you reach your goal, you set the money aside and start with another $1 seed bet. And when you lose, you start with another $1 seed bet.

Sometimes you reach your goal, and sometimes you spend all of your seeds and don’t ever reach your goal. But doubling up is a fun way to gamble.

2 – Find a Different Option Close By

Most casino gamblers spend a lot of time in the casino and never get off the casino floor. But many casinos have other things to do if you look around.

Many casinos have places to eat and shop, but some casinos also have places where you can bet on sporting events and poker rooms.

You might not know this, but you can learn how to make a profit betting on sports or while playing poker. Of course, it takes quite a bit of study, but it’s easier to win betting on sports or playing poker than playing slot machines.

Casino Slot Machines

Of course, if you gamble online, you don’t even have to look around the casino where you usually play. You can find plenty of sportsbooks and poker rooms offering gambling opportunities online. You can even find mobile betting sites that offer sports wagers on the go.

If you’re tired of losing money playing the same old slots games or casino games, it might be time to take a look at what other gambling options are available. You might find that your luck is better on a different game, and you might even find that you have more fun trying your hand at something different.

3 – Learn at Least One Advantage Play Method

If you want to know the real secret that every gambler wants to know, I’m going to share it with you. If you want to gamble as much as you want and make money while you’re doing it, you need to learn at least one advantage play method.

Advantage play methods are hard to learn, and most people don’t know anything about them. And if you learn an advantage play method, the casinos don’t want you to use it. But if you’re smart, the casinos can’t stop you from using an advantage play method.

The first thing you need to know is what an advantage play method is. An advantage play method is any way you gamble that gives you a mathematical edge. When you gamble with a mathematical edge, the way you’re gambling wins more than it loses.

An advantage play method isn’t the same as getting lucky and winning sometimes. Instead, it’s a system or method that systematically wins.

The good news is that you only need to learn one advantage play method. So it’s worth your time and effort, even if it takes a long time and a lot of effort.

The two advantage play methods I recommend learning more about are poker strategy and card counting in blackjack. Other advantage play methods include handicapping sports events and hole card techniques.

4 – Use a Betting System

Before I tell you more about using a betting system to try to win in the casino, I have to warn you that betting systems are dangerous. Every betting system can help you win, but it can also go bad and cost you a lot of money.

So the most important thing you need to know about betting systems and gambling is never to bet more money than you’re willing to lose. No matter how much it looks like a win is just around the corner, you can always lose. So never bet too much money.

I mentioned a different kind of betting system in the first section of this post, and I like it because it has a strict limit on how much money I can lose. So in this section, I’m going to introduce you to a betting system that almost always helps you win but costs a ton of money when you do lose.

Roulette Table and Marker

You start with a small bet and double your bet every time you lose. Then, you keep doubling your bets until you win and then bet a small amount again. The best bets are the ones that pay even money.

Sign up for a free casino account at any of the online casinos listed on this site and try this method for free at the roulette tables. Keep track of how much you win and lose and how much the biggest bet you have to make is while you play for free. You’re going to see that most of the time, you win a little bit of money. But when you lose, you’re going to lose big.

If you decide to use this method in a real money casino, set a budget and never go over your budget. This is the only way you can keep from losing too much cash.

5 – Work as a Prop or a Shill

Finding work as a prop or shill in a casino isn’t as easy as it used to be, but some new casinos and poker rooms pay players to start games and keep games going while waiting for new gamblers.

Many new online poker rooms hired poker players to start tables during the poker boom. Once a table was filled, the prop player left the table and started another table.

Prop and shill work doesn’t usually pay much, but it’s a way to make a little bit of money while you’re gambling. Even if you can just get a deal that pays back all of your rakes when you play poker, you can make money if you’re a decent poker player.

Working as a prop or shill isn’t much different than some of the online bonus offers casinos and poker rooms offer. You basically get free money to gamble with, but the total amount you can win is limited.

Ask the places where you gamble if they have this type of work available, and if you see a new poker room open, either online or close to you, ask the management if they need prop players.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s almost impossible to guarantee a winning trip to the casino, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid trying to lock in a win as often as possible. And sometimes, you have to think outside the box if you want to win.

The five ways to win in casinos listed in this post don’t guarantee that you’re going to win every time you gamble, but they do give you a chance to win every time you play. So you’re still taking a risk, but you’re putting money at risk every time you enter a casino.