5 Ways That Fruit Machines Differ From Slot Machines

Closeup of Slots Reels

Fruit machines and are often considered synonymous. After all, these games work in a relatively similar manner.

However, fruit machines have some notable differences from the average slot. Both types of games may look alike, but fruities are unique in many ways. Below, I’m going to discuss five ways that fruit machines stand out from other slots.

1 – Extremely Simple Gameplay

Both and fruities have gained popularity due to their simplistic gameplay. Virtually anybody can hop on either type of game and quickly learn the playing process.

The basics for enjoying either style of game work as follows:

  • You insert money into the machine.
  • You select a bet size.
  • You spin the reels and wait for the results.

As you can see, the process for playing either type of game is quite similar. However, fruities are typically even simpler than slot machines.

They don’t offer as many betting and gameplay options on average. In some cases, you can only make a uniform bet ($0.25) in each round.

Modern slots often come with a wide betting range, autoplay, and/or turbo spin. You don’t have to be a genius to master these extra options, but you’ll find slots to be more involved than the average fruity.

2 – Basic Symbols

Classic slot machines dominated land-based casinos up until the mid-1970s, when video slots first came about. They’re characterized by mechanical reels, simple betting options, and basic symbols.

The latter include sevens, bells, and various fruits. You won’t have trouble identifying a classic slot when you see cherries, bananas, and oranges turning up in the reels.

Fruit machines are an offshoot of these classic slots. Only, they feature fruit symbols rather than sevens and bells.

Fruities harken back to a simpler era, when gamblers sat at machines with buckets of quarters. Back then, players didn’t expect amazing graphics or inventive themes. They just wanted to gamble for large prizes.

Of course, modern slots have revolutionized what players expect today. These games offer exciting animations, detailed themes, and 3D graphics.

Fruit machines sometimes look lame by comparison. But they’re also great for anybody who wants to jump right into a game without trying to figure out a complicated pay table.

3 – Specific Features

The gaming world has been in an arms race in recent years to roll out inventive features. Nowadays, slot machines offer expanding wilds, Megaways, second-screen bonuses, win multipliers, and even Infinity Reels.

Thanks to advances in gaming technology, most gamblers are no longer satisfied with just spinning three reels. They want to enjoy the latest and most unique bonuses.

Fruit machines aren’t totally void of features. However, they don’t offer the same quantity of bonuses as slot machines.

Image of Fruit Style Machine

Instead, fruities have two specific features in hold and nudge. You can see how both of these options work below:

  • Hold – You can hold one or more reels in place while spinning the rest.
  • Nudge – You nudge a reel so that it moves up or down one position.

Hold and nudge aren’t entirely exclusive to fruit machines. Some slots have also adopted these features as well.

But you’re more likely to see nudge and hold associated with a fruity. The reason why has to do with the history of fruit machines.

UK Game developers found a loophole in their country’s gambling laws in the 1960s. They took advantage of a stipulation that allows skill-based betting. Almost every type of slot machine features no skill whatsoever. You simply spin the reels and hope for the best.

Hold and nudge at least bring some degree of skill into the equation. You can strategically hold certain reels and nudge others to boost your chances of winning.

The house still maintains an edge when these features are present. But nudge and hold add enough skill into the equation to where fruities aren’t pure gambling.

4 – Found in Specific Locations

The UK is always ahead of the curve when it comes to gambling. It was one of the first countries to roll out legal sports betting and also became one of the earliest to adopt nationally regulated online gaming.

Fruit machines are yet another gambling invention to arise within the UK. As mentioned before, fruities came about due to a loophole in the country’s laws.

Not surprisingly, the UK is still home to the vast majority of fruit machines. You can find many of these games throughout pubs and restaurants in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Assuming you’re in one of these countries or UK territories and don’t feel like visiting the casino, then fruities make a night nice alternative. You can simply hit up the local pub and gamble on these machines.

5 – Smaller Top Prizes on Average

Real money slots have become famous for their ability to deliver massive prizes. Some games in both land-based and online casinos offer.

Of course, these payouts are exceptions to the norm. But you can find plenty of slots that provide a chance at winning five-, six-, or even seven-figure prizes.

Fruit machines, by comparison, don’t typically offer as much win potential. You can win some nice prizes through these games, but you’re not going to retire early.

Row of Slot Machines

The average fruit machine features a top payout worth between 2,000x and 10,000x your stake. The latter range is respectable for any slot or fruity. Again, though, it’s not going to change your life.

You normally need to go on a major hot streak to win big with fruit machines. You’ll have to rack up several big prizes to make a fortune.

Assuming you dream of winning a single life-changing payout, then you should stick with slots. But if you’re fine with going for lots of medium-sized wins, fruit machines are worth your time.


Fruities aren’t really much different from slot machines with regard to gameplay. In fact, they spawned from classic slots in the 1960s.

However, fruit machines also have their differences from slots. They’re characterized by really basic game play and fruit symbols.

These games offer specific features in hold and nudge. Although slots can also offer these features, they normally don’t.