5 Ways Discipline Makes You a Better Gambler

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Gamblers are always looking for ways to improve their results, but most of them never think about how discipline can help them. Discipline is one of the most important things a gambler can have to improve their chance to win.

Here are five ways that discipline can help every gambler. Once you learn more about why you need to be disciplined when you gamble, start working on being more disciplined. Your results are going to prove that the effort and time you invest in your discipline now are going to pay dividends for the rest of your life.

1 – It Helps You Follow a Strict Budget

One of the most important things you need as a gambler is discipline with your budget and bankroll. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advantage gambler or just gamble for fun; if you don’t have discipline you’re going to burn through your bankroll too fast.

Every gambler needs to have a dedicated bankroll that they only use for gambling. And you also need to set a budget for every gambling session. But it’s not enough to have a dedicated bankroll and use a budget. You have to be disciplined enough to use them.

If you struggle with discipline with your budget, here are a couple tricks you can use to help. The first thing you can do is if you gamble with online casinos is to just deposit what you plan to use as a budget for the current session. If you run out of money before you want to stop playing, it’s too bad. Don’t make another deposit until your next playing session.

When you gamble in a land based casino or poker room, only take an amount of money equal to your session budget. If you don’t have more money with you there’s no way to use more than you planned.

Use tricks like these to help you build your discipline. Keep working on it until you have enough discipline to carry as much money as you want and never go over your budget.

2 – Discipline Helps You Identify and Only Play the Best Games

Advantage gamblers never play or gamble on anything where they can’t get an edge. This is why you don’t see them playing roulette, baccarat, slots, and most table games. They know that the only way they can keep their edge is by being disciplined enough not to place bad bets.

Even if you never plan to be an advantage player, you still need to take the time to learn which gambling activities offer the best odds and learn the strategies you need to use to play with a low house edge. This requires discipline, because it’s easy to just keep doing what you’re doing.

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Being lazy is what makes most gamblers lose as much as they do. It takes discipline to do what you have to do to improve your chance to win. Start learning more about the games with the best odds and become disciplined enough to never play the ones with bad odds.

3 – It Keeps You in Top Mental Shape

If you think about it, gambling is almost 100% mental. You use your brain to make decisions, and there are very few things about gambling that are mechanical. This means that if you want to make the best decisions when you gamble you need to stay in top mental shape.

It requires a great deal of discipline to stay in good mental shape. Too many people do things that are designed to do the opposite of staying in good mental shape. They watch television for hours every day and look at pictures of cats on Facebook for hours at a time. They do everything they can to avoid staying sharp.

If you want to improve your mental sharpness, read something. Get your mind working and start thinking about how you’re going to become a better gambler.

Exercise your mind just like you need to exercise your body.

Make sure your mind is sharp every time you gamble. Making mistakes can cost you a great deal of money. When you feel that your mind isn’t sharp, stop gambling until you can get it back in top shape.

When my mind isn’t sharp when I’m gambling, I stop and take a walk outside. The fresh air and time away from the table help me a lot. It requires discipline to work on keeping your mind in top shape, and to stop gambling when it gets cloudy until you get back on track.

4 – It Keeps You Focused on the Task at Hand

Casinos are filled with distractions. You have to deal with noise and other people, and you can easily be distracted. When you get distracted the chance of making a mistake goes up quite a bit. And when you’re distracted and start making mistakes when you gamble, it costs you money.

If you can’t focus 100% on whatever you’re doing when you gamble, you shouldn’t be playing. It can be hard to block out all of the noise and other distractions, but with practice and discipline you can learn how to do it.

If you simply can’t train yourself to avoid distractions, you need to be disciplined enough to only play the games that don’t require focus. You can play baccarat without much focus, because all you have to do is place a bet on every hand.

You can play slots without needing to be focused, but they have a high house edge in comparison to most other gambling activities.

Another option if you struggle with focus is to bet on sports. You can take your time evaluating games, so if you lose focus sometimes you can come back to it later.

5 – Discipline Helps You Walk Away When You Need To

If you want to know the number one reason why discipline is important for every gambler here it is. You have to know when you need to walk away from the table or slot machine, and you have to physically get up and do it.

Some of the other things you learned on this page can help with this, but you still need discipline.

It doesn’t help to use a budget if you just hit the ATM and keep playing when your budget is gone.

It also doesn’t help your bankroll when you make bets that are too big, or refuse to use a budget.

You have to become disciplined enough to stop gambling when you need to. This doesn’t mean you’re weak or that you have a problem. Discipline is the opposite of being weak. When you’re disciplined to do what you need to do, it means you’re strong.

How to Improve Your Discipline

You’ve already learned some ways to help you become more disciplined on this page. You’ve also learned why being disciplined as a gambler is so important. Now I’m going to share a few more ways you can work on becoming more disciplined.

The first thing you can do is decide to become more disciplined. I know this might sound silly, but the truth is that you’re not going to become more disciplined until you decide to do it. The next step is to make a 100% commitment to becoming more disciplined. Make a commitment and never walk back on the commitment no matter what happens.

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Another step you can take to improve your discipline is to focus on it as much as possible. Think about discipline the first thing in the morning and when you go t bed at night. Think about discipline as many times during the day as you can. The more you focus on discipline the more disciplined you’re going to be.

The last tactic I want to share with you about discipline is something you can use if you’re really struggling. Instead of trying to become more disciplined 24 hours a day, start with 15 or 30 minutes. Start by staying disciplined for a short period of time at first, and then keep expanding the time and build up to longer periods of discipline.


A little bit of discipline goes a long way when it comes to responsible gambling. You just learned five reasons why discipline is important for gamblers. Now it’s time to put these benefits into action when you gamble.

Start working on your gambling discipline today. It helps you with your gambling budget and bankroll, how to identify and play the best games, and has many mental benefits. Discipline also helps you stay focused and walk away when you need to.

In addition to helping you with gambling, discipline offers many benefits in other areas of your life as well. You might be surprised at how much discipline helps you in other areas once you start using it while you gamble.