5 Top Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

Woman on Slot Machine, Money Signs Floating Around Her
Slot machines are easy to play and offer the opportunity to win a nice prize for a small investment. This is why the slots are the most popular games in the casino. It’s also why so many new gamblers start playing slots.

Playing slot machines is simple, but there are a few things you can do to improve your experience and give you a better chance to win. I’ve put together a list of five top slot machine tips for beginners to help you get started.

1 – Read the Rules

To get started playing slot machines is easy. You put some money into the machine and hit the spin button. Some machines let you choose how many lines to activate and/or how much to bet per coin, but it doesn’t take much time or effort to get started.

Because it’s so easy to play slots, many players don’t read the rules before they start playing. While this isn’t always damaging, if you don’t read the rules it can cost you money.

Here’s an example:

Many progressive jackpot slot machines require you to activate all of the pay lines ad make the maximum coin size wager in order to be eligible for the jackpot. If you don’t follow the rules you could miss out on a prize of hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

The rules aren’t located in the same place on every machine in the casino or on online slot machines. Look for a button on the machine or screen that takes you to the rules screen. It might be labeled rules or information, but you should look for it any time you start playing a new slots game.

2 – Jackpot or Bust

Slot machines are popular for gamblers, and the casinos love them too. The slots have a higher house edge than most games in the casino, and they don’t require much in the way of man power to run. They don’t need a dealer for gamblers to play, so they just sit there waiting for the next player.

The house edge is the amount the casino makes from wagers. You often see different terms when reading about slot machines, like return to play and hold. But all of the terms basically boil down to one thing; how much the casino keeps.

Here’s an example:

A slot machine with a house edge of 3% has a return to player percentage of 97%. This means that in the long run the casino pays back to the players $97 out of every $100 wagered on the machine, and keeps $3 for profit.

Jackpot Shown on Casino Slot Game, Showing 3 Strawberries

This might not seem like much, but what it means is that the longer you play the slots, the more money the casino takes from your bankroll.

The house edge isn’t something that works on a perfect basis from minute to minute or hour to hour, but in the long run, over months and years of play, always works in the casino’s favor. This means that sometimes you can win, but in the long run the odds are high that you’re going to lose.

This is why I prefer playing progressive or jackpot slot machines. I know that the casino is going to slowly drain my bankroll while I play slots, so I want to have the chance to win a big jackpot when I play.

In other words, every time I play slots I plan to either lose all of the money I’ve set aside to play or hit a big win. I never fool myself into thinking I can beat the slots. If I get lucky and hit a big jackpot, then I might get ahead.

In this aspect, I treat the slot machines a great deal like the lottery. I risk a set amount of money for the chance to win big. The size of the jackpot that you decide to shoot for is a personal preference. I don’t play anything that doesn’t have at least a $100,000 top prize, and I prefer progressives over $1,000,000. But some people are happy to play for a chance at $10,000 or $20,000.

This leads to my advice for every beginning slot machine player; forget about beating the slots and play all out for a big win. You might never hot a huge win, but if you do, at least it’ll be enough to make a difference in your life.

3 – Online Bonuses

I’ve played slot machines in land based casinos and online, and to me there isn’t much difference between the two. One big difference is you can get some big bonuses when you play slots online. And a big bonus if the exact thing you need when you follow my advice in the last section.

If you have $500 to play the slots with, you can find online casinos that are willing to match that with another $500 or more. This gives you twice as many chances to hit a jackpot. If you go into it with the same plan I use; playing for a jackpot or bust, you have no reason to avoid online bonuses.

The main thing you need to watch out for when using an online slots bonus to chase a jackpot is to make sure there isn’t a maximum amount you can cash out if you win big. Most bonuses don’t have a limit, but you need to read the rules to verify.

One other thing to look for in the rules is if there’s a weekly or monthly maximum cash out clause. Once again, most online casinos don’t have this clause, but you need to know before you make a deposit.

When you get ready to get a big bonus and chase a jackpot, start with the casinos listed on this site. Most online casinos are legitimate, but there are a few bad apples. That’s why this site only recommends trusted casinos.

4 – Slot’s Club

Casino Rewards Club Front Desk

If there’s a single rule that every slot machine player should always follow, it’s this one. Always sign up for the slot’s club or player’s club before you start gambling. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and you can earn comps and other special offers with your play.

Just about every land based casino has some sort of club, and many online casinos offer them as well. Land based casinos commonly give players free meals and merchandise, and if you’re a big player you can earn free hotel rooms, free flights, and free trips.

Online casino slot’s clubs also help you earn free things, but most of them focus more on extra bonuses, which is perfect when you’re chasing a progressive jackpot.

5 – Fewer Spins per Hour

Slot machines are designed to get you to wager as much money as possible. Most machines are set u so all you have to do is keep hitting the spin button and they’ll play as fast as you can push the button.

When you spin as fast as you can, you end up wagering a large amount of money in a short time, even if you’re only risking a small amount per spin.

Here’s an example:

You’re playing on a slot machine that costs $1 per spin. It’s designed so it remembers your preferences and all you have to do is hit the spin button. By spinning as fast as you can, you can realistically take 500 to 600 spins every hour.

This means that you’re betting between $500 and $600 every hour. While every spin gives you a chance to win a jackpot, it also means the casino is keeping a small percentage of every wager.

Consider what you learned about the house edge in an earlier section. If the slot machine has a 5% house edge, which is a 95% pay back, you lose on average $5 for every $100 you bet. Betting between $500 and $600 an hour costs you between $25 and $30 every hour on this machine.

The easiest way to make your bankroll last longer is to take fewer spins. Instead of making 500 to 600 spins every hour, if you take 250 to 300, you basically can play twice as long.


Use these five slots tips when you decide to gamble and you’re going to be taking advantage of everything you can. It only takes a minute to read the rules, and this can help you make sure you don’t miss out on anything important, like a big win.

When you play for a jackpot instead of trying to figure out how to win a little, you don’t have to worry about trying to beat a game that you can’t win. When you combine a bonus and join the slot’s club, you get to play longer, earn some cool things, and increase your chances at hitting a big win.