5 Steps to Winning Your First NBA Wager

NBA Players LeBron James and Tyler Herro

The NBA is one of the best options if you want to have a good chance of winning your first wager. The league has a clear gap between the best teams and the worst teams.

Starting with this information, you only need a couple more things to lock in your first win.

Here are five simple steps you can use to help you win your first NBA wager. None of them are complicated, and once you win your first wager you can use these same steps to keep winning in the future.

1 – The Top and the Bottom

The purpose of this page is to help you find the easiest way to win your first NBA wager. This starts with recognizing the teams that give you the best chance to win.

Like every other sports league in the world, the NBA has a handful of top teams and a handful of bottom teams. The exact number of teams in the top and bottom isn’t a specific number, but for your purposes identify the top eight teams in the NBA.

Then identify the bottom eight teams in the league. Then rank each of these groups from best to worst for the top and from worst to best for the bottom. Don’t stress about getting your ranking perfect; just do a general ranking in each group.

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Now you need to look at the schedule for games where teams from the top group are playing against teams from the bottom group. This might sound simple, but winning your first NBA wager doesn’t need to be complicated.

Now you have a few games to consider. Look at your ranking in each group for the two teams in a game between a top and bottom team. If the top team is playing the sixth worst team and the third best team is playing the worst team in the league, which do you think is a better bet?

The truth is that both games are probably a good bet for the team in the top. But the 3rd best team playing the worst team in the league is probably a better bet. However, these NBA betting tips are just the first step toward winning your first bet.

2 – Never Bet on the Road Team

Now you have a few games to consider for your first NBA wager. If there aren’t any games on the schedule that meet the criteria explained in the first section, look at the schedule for the next few days.

Here’s the next step, and it’s just as important as the first step. Never place a wager on the road team.

This means that you need to find a game where one of the top teams is playing at home against one of the league’s worst teams.

The truth is that the best teams in the NBA usually win against the worst teams, even when the best teams are on the road. But home teams perform better than road teams, and there’s no reason to take a chance when you’re trying to win your first NBA wager.

Eventually you’re going to find value on some road teams and you’re going to place a wager when you find it. But this isn’t the time to try to figure out which road team has the best chance to win. This is the time to figure out the single game that gives you the absolute best chance to win.

At this point, if you have at least one NBA team in the top teams in the league playing at home against a road team in the bottom of the league, you have almost everything you need to make your first winning NBA wager. But you’re still missing one important part of the equation. Learn about what you’re missing in the next section.

3 – Why the Moneyline Is Your Best Option

When betting on the NBA, there are different types of wagers you can place. The most traditional wager is a point spread wager, but this isn’t what you’re going to use to win your first NBA wager.

The challenge with a point spread wager is that when you bet on a favorite, not only does that team have to win the game, but the team also has to win by a set number of points. So when you find a game like the one you identified in the first two sections, the team you want to bet on is going to be giving the road team quite a few points.

When you bet using a point spread, the favorite can win the game, get a late lead, rest some of their best players, and not cover the point spread. NBA teams don’t care about the point spreads, so as long as they win the game they’re happy.

You don’t have any protection against this happening. Eventually you’re probably going to learn how to pick teams using the point spread, but it’s not as easy as using another option.

Another type of NBA wager is called a moneyline wager. When you make a moneyline wager you don’t have to worry about the final score differential. All you care about is which team wins.

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Here’s an example of a point spread line and a moneyline:

The favorite in an NBA game has a point spread of – 6 ½ points. This means that if bet on them, they have to win by 7 or more points for you to win the wager.

The same team has a moneyline of – 265. This means that if you wagered $265 on them to win, you win $100. You also get back your $265 when you win. On this wager, you win the bet if the team wins by 1 or 20.

Which wagering option gives you the best chance to win a single wager? The answer is clearly the moneyline.

Every once in a while there’s going to be an upset, and when this happens you’re going to lose more than you can win from your wager. But the best way to win your first NBA wager is to use the moneyline on a home team in the top of the league facing a road team in the bottom of the league.

4 – Who Has the Stars?

At this point you have everything you need to know to have the best chance to win your first NBA wager. But there are a couple other things that are going to help you win your first game and other games you bet on in the future. These things are covered in this section and the next section.

Every season in the NBA there’s a group of star players that can control games. The group of stars isn’t a set number, but these are the top 10 to 15 players in the league in most seasons.

NBA Raptors and Clippers Players

Every NBA team has good players, but the stars I’m talking about here are the best of the best.

Identify these top players and which teams they play for. Teams that have two of the top stars tend to be in the top of the standings, and teams that don’t have one of these players are usually in the bottom.

When you’re evaluating NBA teams and games, compare the top stars on each team. This is a quick way to predict which team is more likely to win.

5 – Key NBA Statistics

The main statistics for NBA players and teams are scoring, rebounding, and assists. And you need to consider all of these stats when you look at game.

But you need to look at more than just these main statistics.

Other important statistics in the NBA include home and road splits, turnovers and turnovers created, and how often star players get in foul trouble.

The most important thing to consider is how each NBA team and player performs at home and on the road. Players perform at a different statistical level at home and on the road.

Turnovers are also important for both teams because the teams that win the turnover battle tend to win more often than they lose.


Winning your first NBA wager is fairly simple if you follow the five steps on this page. Once you identify the top and bottom teams in the NBA, you just have to find one of the top teams playing at home against one of the bottom teams.

Then place a moneyline wager on the home team, sit back and enjoy the game, and collect your profits after the game.

For long term NBA wagering success, learn how to find value on the moneyline and point spread options, track the star players in the league, and use statistics to find value.