5 Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Graphic of Woman Whispering in Man's Ear With Casino Background

Gambling has been around probably since the first man walked the Earth. It runs deep inside cultures all across the globe. People today love to spend money gambling on their favorite sports team, at horse races, and of course, inside casinos.

Even though gambling is only legal in a few different states and regions, that doesn’t stop people from throwing their bills on the table. Be it at a poker tournament hosted at a friend’s house or an underground gambling room, people love to place bets.

There are a few states in the US that have legalized gambling, and its popularity continues to grow as the years progress, especially when it comes to online gambling. But that’s a story for another time.

For anyone that is interested in gambling, there are some secrets you should know about casinos. These are secrets and little-known facts that they go out of their way to keep hidden. Some of the knowledge we provide her is going to help you at the tables, while others will just give you something interesting to talk about with your friends while you’re at the casino.

Here are five secrets that casinos don’t want you to know.

1 – Blackjack Dealers Don’t Know Their Hands

Blackjack is a pretty straight forward table game that is extremely popular among players that frequent casinos. Each card has its own specific value, and each player is playing against the dealer. The objective of blackjack is to try to get as close to the value of 21 as possible without busting or going over 21.

There are many movies that feature the game of blackjack. When you hear of players that count cards, blackjack is typically the only game where you are going to find players doing that. It isn’t as easy trying to count cards in Texas Hold’em as it is in blackjack.

Closeup of a Blackjack Game

If you want to spend some time at the blackjack table, an interesting and useful secret is that the dealers don’t actually know what their hand looks like. Dealers use tools that are called “peekers,” which they place their drawn cards in. When they glance at the peeker, all they are checking for is if they have blackjack or not.

They don’t necessarily know the specific value of their hand, so your guess is as good as theirs. When they look at the peeker and all they see is white, they know that they do not have blackjack. White cards are number cards, and with the amount of cards dealt during blackjack, there usually isn’t a possible chance of hitting blackjack with only white—or number—cards.

2 – Casinos Spy on High Rollers

A high roller at a casino is a person that plays big and wins big. A high roller will easily pull out $1,500 in chips for a game of poker. It’s hard for the casino to be able to keep specific attention on all of the players, but they do their best. For a high roller, if they win big, it is pretty common for the manager to give away some sort of casino comp.

This could be a free meal at the resort, a free room, or even a whole entire night of free cocktails for the player and whoever else he or she might have with them for the ride. Although high rollers receive benefits, they also get to deal with the casino security keeping a close eye on them.

Let’s say you win $15,000 at a table game. You can expect to have a watchful eye on your back for the rest of the night. An article featuring a person working in casino security said that $15,000 is usually the dollar value that will cause a flag to get raised.

This isn’t a bad thing unless you give the casino a reason to be concerned.

For someone that is good at counting cards, this can cause a certain scenario. If you plan on counting cards, make sure that you’re not doing it all night at the same table. I wouldn’t even do it at the same casino for a night. Rotate your tables and switch it up. The casino will make note of your winnings then move along with the rest of their business.

3 – The Smoking Ban Caused Millions in Loss

A secret that casinos would like to keep swept under the rug is the millions of dollars in losses that happened due to smoking being made illegal in casinos in various states and regions.

When you picture a group of men at a poker table, just like in the movies, it is a cliché that most of the guys will have huge cigars hanging out of their mouths. Smoking and gambling have always gone hand in hand since the very first casinos came into existence on Fremont Street, Las Vegas.

So, it can be expected that taking away a vital piece of casino culture would result in tremendous loss. In an article I read, one employee that had worked in the casino for over a decade saw exactly what happened. While working in a casino, once the statewide smoking ban went into effect, the casino accrued over $20 million in lost revenue just in the first quarter of the year.

A Smoking Prohibited Sign in a Casino

The specific casino wasn’t named, but a ripple effect can be expected as far as how all casinos were impacted by this dramatic change.

Players like to smoke and play, so taking that away is going to just push people to play their poker elsewhere. Luckily, a lot of casinos in different countries were able to have the ban lifted.

4 – Casinos Get Boxes of Pre-Shuffled Cards

Here is an interesting secret about casinos that I learned directly from a person that works at one Las Vegas casino. Most, if not all, casinos get boxes of cards that are pre-shuffled. So, don’t get too attached to having a lucky deck at your favorite poker game table.

New decks are cycled into machines a few times each shift. You won’t ever see a dealer opening up a new pack of cards at a poker table. The casinos get special boxes that include six different pre-shuffled decks of cards for the sake of speeding up the play at the tables.

The employee of the casino I won’t specifically name said that casinos rotate their cards every four to six hours, causing the players to never touch the cards. The systems that go on behind the scenes at casinos are very interesting, and sometimes very sneaky. This often makes counting cards even harder.

5 – Most of the Casinos in Las Vegas Are Probably Haunted

The final secret is definitely one that is on the darker side of the spectrum. Some say that most of the casinos in Las Vegas are probably haunted, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Taking a scroll through various articles on Reddit, I was completely blown away by the numerous stories of people dying or coming extremely close to death while playing at a casino.

Many of these cases involve older people not wanting to leave the slots or poker table while in the midst of a life-threatening emergency. One particular instance was a man that had diabetes and needed to go to the bathroom and give himself a shot of insulin. He never left the table, and he ended up passing away sitting right at the blackjack table.

That is one case, but there are scores of others with very similar scenarios. People get so attached to whatever game they’re playing that they will literally play to death.

There are many cases of people chain smoking and sitting at slots for over 36 hours straight. Imagine the health consequences of firstly just being awake sitting in one place for that long, but then we add chain smoking on top of that. It isn’t uncommon for casino staff to find people that are passed out face down at a slot machine after playing for almost two whole days.

This is definitely a secret that casinos would prefer to keep out of the public eye.

Are There Casino Secrets I Left Out?

I’m sure that if you work in the casino industry, or know of someone that does, that there are dozens of other secrets you could tell me about.

I’d love to hear some feedback from anyone that has any thoughts on what I discussed. If you know of some other secrets within the gambling industry that I might have left out, feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

The casino industry, like every other industry, has a side to it that public isn’t always aware of. Share any stories you may want to bring to light and let us know your thoughts!