5 Reasons Why You Must Learn How to Bet on Sports

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Casinos are filled with gamblers and poker rooms are filled with poker players, but many of them would be better off if they gave up what they’re doing and started betting sports.

This isn’t because betting on sports is easier. But it can be more profitable. Casinos are designed to take money from gamblers and poker rooms make money by taking rake from each hand.

A few poker players can beat the rake, but most of them lose. And almost every casino gambler loses. But smart sports bettors can win.

Find out more about how you can be a winning sports gambler by reading the five reasons why every gambler should learn how to bet on sports.

1 – Thousands of Betting Opportunities

When you learn how to bet on sporting events, there are literally thousands of betting opportunities every year. You can bet on any game played in the popular sports leagues, as well as other events played all around the world.

Every single day of the year there are things you can bet on. And on many days there are dozens of betting options.

The major sports have hundreds or thousands of games on the schedule very year, and when you add in college sports there are thousands more betting opportunities.

And if you want to have the chance to bet on even more games, take a look at the soccer leagues that are run all around the world. Soccer is called football in most countries outside the United States.

All of the betting opportunities aren’t just good for variety either. They can be profitable for sports bettors. The next two sections each explain a different reason why thousands of games can be turned into long term profits.

2 – The Ability to Specialize

In order to completely understand why thousands of betting opportunities give you a chance to make a profit, you need to have a rough understanding of how sportsbooks work.

Sportsbooks are in business to make money. They make money by offering betting lines and collecting an extra fee on bets that gamblers lose. While it doesn’t happen with every line they offer, the sportsbooks lock in a profit when they have the same amount of money bet on each side of a game.

This leads the sportsbooks to set their lines based on how much money, or handle, they can get on each aide of a line. This isn’t always an accurate prediction of what’s going to happen in a game.

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The sportsbooks have to set lines on all or most of the games on the schedule. They set lines for all of the games in popular sports leagues, and on many other games as well.

Why is all of this important?

It’s important because you can specialize in one area and have a good chance to predict the outcomes of upcoming games better than the sportsbook set the lines.

With all of the information and statistics available today, you can become an expert in the area where you specialize. This is going to require a great deal of work, but it’s something that you can do.

Not only do you have the ability to specialize, but you need to specialize. Most gamblers don’t specialize in any area, and most of them lose consistently. Stop doing what losing gamblers do. Pick an area of sports betting to specialize in and become an expert. This is going to help you learn how to handicap games in your area of specialization and win more bets.

3 – Betting Line Inconsistencies

You learned earlier that sportsbooks set lines on a large number of games. The big sportsbooks all set their own lines, and many smaller sportsbooks steal their lines from other books.

When you check lines from several different sportsbooks you almost always see that they’re the same or close. But even lines that are the close but not the same can offer the opportunity to make a profit.

This is why you always need to look at the available lines at as many different sportsbooks as possible. Every game that you handicap or evaluate and decide that you might bet on can only be profitable when you find a betting line that offers value.

And when you find two or more different lines, it can give you even more value.

If you evaluate a football game and determine the home team should win by 11 points, you don’t know if you can make a bet that offers value until you look at the lines. If all of the sportsbooks offer lines at 11, or 10 ½ or 11 ½, there isn’t any value.

But if you find a line at – 9 at one sportsbook and – 8 ½ at another, you make a bet at the one at – 8 ½ and you win if the home team wins by 9 or more.

Always look for lines that vary from one sportsbook to another for value and profits.

4 – You Can Win in the Long Run

Everything that you’ve learned up to this point is important, because these are the things that allow some smart gamblers to make long term profits betting on sports.

All of the games on the schedule create opportunities. The sportsbooks can’t always set perfect lines, and when you specialize you can learn how to do a better job predicting games than the books.

Evaluating sporting events is also called handicapping. Handicapping simply means looking at everything you need to evaluate a game to predict which team is going to win and by how much.

Handicapping a game doesn’t tell you if you can make a profitable wager or not. It just makes a prediction.

The truth is that it’s difficult to make accurate predictions, but with enough work and practice some people can do it.

You only find out if you can make a profitable wager when you compare your predictions to the lines that are available. This is how good handicappers make a long term profit.

And you can learn how to do it also.

It starts with specializing like you learned in an earlier section. Practice your handicapping skills in your specialized area, and then find as many lines as you can. Start betting small while you build your skills and keep learning. With enough practice you can make long term profits betting on sporting events.

5 – Almost Unlimited Bet Sizing Options

The last thing that you need to know about betting on sports is that you can start with a budget of almost any size. Many online sportsbooks take bets as low as $1 or less, and land based sportsbooks sometimes take bets as high as $1,000,000 or more.

And this doesn’t even cover the fact that you can bet with friends, family, and people you work with or know for any stakes you can agree on.

If you want to bet $10 on a game involving your favorite team, you can find a place to make the bet. Or if you want to bet $100,000 on the Super Bowl, you can find a sportsbook willing to take your action.

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This might not seem like a big deal, but one of the main problems casinos face is they have to set table minimum bet amounts on their games so they can afford to keep the tables in play. If a casino has a table minimum bet of $20, you need a larger bankroll if you want to play for long.

But you can bet on sports without needing hundreds or thousands to get started. And if you learn how to handicap games well enough to make a long term profit, you can make bigger bets as your results improve.

Start out making small bets, and then increase your bet size as you get better at predicting results. And if you hit a rough patch, reduce your bet amounts until you get back on track. Sports betting is one of the few ways you can gamble using whatever bankroll and betting level that you want.


With thousands of games available to bet on every year, sports’ betting offers the best opportunity for smart gamblers to win. The sportsbooks can’t possibly set a perfect line for every game on the schedule, so you can specialize in a small betting area and find lines that offer value and profit.

Learn how to evaluate and handicap games, start betting small, and ramp up your bets as you learn how to win consistently. Betting on sports is an opportunity that you can’t find in many other forms of gambling. Take advantage of it today.