5 Reasons Why Blackjack Is the Ultimate Pro Gambler Game

Man Wearing Tie Throwing a Blackjack Hand at Viewer

Even if you are an inexperienced gambler or a casino goer, no doubt you have played some hands of blackjack with a group of friends.

Anyone can play blackjack at a very basic level, but let’s go ahead and dive into some of the more advanced aspects of blackjack.

There are many options available to you during a hand of blackjack that you may not even be aware of.

Splitting, doubling down, and surrendering are aspects of blackjack that take a true understanding of how they work for them to be of maximum benefit.

Knowing when to split or double down is something that must be studied and observed. Luckily, you will find that many blackjack players that consider themselves pros are extremely friendly.

So let’s get to it. Here are 5 reasons why blackjack is the ultimate pro gambler game.

1- Blackjack Strategy Is Interesting and Will Exercise Your Brain

There has been a lot written about blackjack strategy.

You may have heard such things as always standing on 17 or higher, or always hitting on 16 or lower. This is an extremely basic strategy and it is not something that I would recommend that anyone live by.

Being successful at blackjack is much like being successful at many other endeavors in life.

You need to know the basics and understand them in depth before you can really develop them. At any casino, a form explaining basic blackjack strategy is usually available to anyone who wants it.

Basic strategy is about calculating exactly what you should do according to what your hand is and what the dealer’s up-card is.

For instance, if you have a hard 12 (which means you have 12 with no ace involved) and the dealer has a 2 as their upcard, then the basic strategy would be for you to hit.

Once an understanding is reached about basic blackjack strategies then you can move on to more advanced strategies.

While a basic strategy might tell you to assume the dealer’s face-down card is always a 10, advanced strategy will ask that you consider much more.

There are a high number of possible outcomes for each hand, and advanced blackjack strategy will help you with precise calculations on what to do.

There are also variations of blackjack such as Spanish 21 and European Blackjack, which all require their own specific strategies.

If you are looking to test your mental abilities, then check out these variations and understand how to play them before attacking more advanced blackjack strategies.

2- The Excitement From Playing With High Stakes Is Unparalleled

Of course, there are low stake blackjack tables, but there are also tables where the maximum bet might be something like $2000.

When the bets start getting high is when blackjack really comes to life.

If you become a blackjack high roller, you might enjoy casino comps such as free hotel rooms, free food, and free drinks to name a few.

If you are playing high-stakes blackjack a lot, you may even be invited by casinos to play. The casinos want you to come to spend tons of money if they know you are willing to risk it.

When playing for the big bucks, you are likely to see more plays such as doubling down and splitting.

Doubling down is when you place a second bet on your first two cards before receiving a third one. This bet is equal to your first bet.

Overhead View of a Blackjack Game

This is an aggressive move, and there are specific times a pro gambler will more than likely double down.

Perhaps the dealer has an upcard below 7 and you have a hard 9. A hard 9 means that your hand equals nine and you don’t possess an ace. This is a pretty ideal situation to double down.

Another example of when to double down would be when you have a hard 10 and the dealer has a lower up card. Having a hard 10 puts you at a definite advantage. The same would also be true for a hard 11.

Splitting is another option used by pro gamblers that are playing high stake blackjack.

You have the option of splitting when you are dealt two of the same card. You can then split your hand into 2 hands and are then dealt 2 more cards (1 for each hand). Your bet is doubled as well.

As a rule, high-level players will always split when they are dealt 2 aces.

When you are dealt 2 aces, the total of your hand will total 12 since one of your aces will be valued 1 and the other ace will be valued at 11. This means you can only be dealt a 9 to get 21. So, it is a somewhat awkward hand to have.

If you split the 2 aces you open up 4 possibilities for getting 21. This is because there are 4 cards that are valued at ten. With your ace totaling 11, if you get a 10, jack, queen, or king, you get 21.

All these added possibilities for knowing how to play advanced blackjack make the game all the more fun and exciting.

3- You Will Find the Lowest House Edge Playing Blackjack at a Casino

Obviously, it is advantageous for you if you are playing a game that has the lowest house edge.

The house edge is how much a casino thinks that they will win on a particular bet. This is expressed as a percentage.

Your odds of winning are compared to the odds of the payout for a particular bet. With a majority of the casino games having a house edge of around 5%, this is not the case with blackjack. Blackjack tends to have a house edge of around 1%.

This means that for casino games other than blackjack, every time you bet $100, you are expected to lose $5. When playing blackjack you are expected to lose around $1 for every $100 you bet.

4- Counting Cards Can Get You in Trouble, but It Isn’t Illegal

Yes, you can count cards when playing blackjack. It isn’t really cheating, but you can get in trouble with a casino if they catch you doing it.

However, we are talking about how professional gamblers get an edge wherever they can.

What you really want to do is have some idea of the values of the cards that remain in the deck.

Players With Their Drinks in a Blackjack Game

That is, knowing how many low and high cards are left.

Getting blackjack, achieving 21, is associated with the high cards in a deck; the cards that are valued at 10 and the ace.

As these high cards are dealt out and you see them, you’ll be able to calculate that percentage of getting blackjack becomes lower.

This works the opposite way. As you see more low cards on the table, you know that the likelihood of achieving blackjack becomes higher.

5- Blackjack Is Both Fun and Friendly

Since there are other players at the table, playing blackjack even at the professional level can be a fun social event. Of course, you don’t want to talk someone’s ear off, but you can be friendly.

It is important to know casino etiquette before playing blackjack.

You do not want to hold up the game, and under no circumstances do you make comments on how the other players should be playing their hands.

It may come as a surprise to you, but you need to be tipping the dealer. Now, I am not talking insane amounts of money, but tipping the dealer every hour is considered good blackjack etiquette.

So, as long as you know the etiquette and don’t hold up the game, you should be able to have a fun experience with both other players and the dealer.


Blackjack is a game that many people think they know better than they do. They will realize they are not as knowledgeable as they thought the first time they sit at a blackjack table in a casino.

Playing real money blackjack online and studying basic strategy is a great way to prepare you for the world of pro-gambling.

Of course, nothing is better than the school of hard knocks, so you have to get in the ring and take a few punches to get some hard-won experience.

Did you enjoy reading about why blackjack is the ultimate pro gambler game? If so, let me know in the comments.