5 Reasons Why Baccarat Needs to Be Your Next Favorite Casino Game

Open Hand With a Baccarat Casino Background

Those who are inexperienced in the world of casino gambling may be intimidated by its name and reputation, but baccarat is one of the best options for players with bankrolls of all sizes.

Believe it or not, this game which carries the misconception of being only for the “elites,” is one of the easiest card games to learn and requires no prior knowledge or skills. As long as you can simply add small numbers together, you can be successful.

In this article, I’ll get into the top five reasons why learning to play baccarat is something every casino gambler should do.

1 – You Don’t Need to Learn Complex Strategies

Even some of the easiest games to learn, like blackjack for example, require some type of a learning curve. Sure, you can figure it out to a degree where you’ll feel okay sitting at the table. But if you want to actually take advantage of the house odds which have made it such a popular game, it’s going to take some time.

Luckily, the quick version is sufficient for those who are looking to hop on the baccarat table in just a matter of minutes. The dealer provides two cards each to the player and banker, whichever hand is closer to nine is the winner. If you’ve decided to bet on the player hand, and that is eventually closest to nine, you would win double the amount you bet.

Now, if you decide that you’re going to be on the banker’s hand and that turns out to be the winner, you would receive 95% of your wager. For example, if you bet $100, you would win back $95 in new money, or $195 total (your bet + your winnings).

If the cards that are dealt equal more than nine, you must add the two together and drop the one or the two (in rare cases) to get the value. For example, if the player is dealt a 7 and a 9, that would be 16, take away the “1,” and that leaves you with a value of 6.

In addition to the basics, there are also a few other rules which are worth noting in case they should come up while you’re at the table and don’t want to look inexperienced:

If the banker or the players is dealt a total of eight or nine, both must “stand.” If the player is dealt a total of 5 or less, then the player can receive another card or stand. Any time the player stands, the banker must hit on a total of 5 or less.

“But what if there’s a tie?” you might ask. Obviously, accurately predicting a tie is challenging, but the payout might have you feeling like the risk is worth it. If you bet on a tie, you’ll get paid out at 8-1. That’s not too shabby.

Oh, one more piece of good news to know about baccarat—they’ll supply sheets at the table to help you keep track of your score. No need to store all those numbers in your head and risk forgetting it all.

2 – All Players Are on the Same Level

If you play blackjack for real money, you may notice there are some players who are simply just better than the rest of the table due to experience or a deep knowledge of probabilities. In roulette, you could make the argument that knowledge of certain betting strategies could be an advantage that someone who is knew to the game simply wouldn’t have developed early on.

When it comes to baccarat, however, every player is more or less on equal ground when it comes to how likely it is that he or she will be the big winner at the table. Unless you consider the ability to guess accurately a skill (which even if you do, it’s not), you can rest-assured that you have just as good of a chance of achieving success as all the people standing next to you.

Closeup of a Baccarat Hand

The only exception would be if you’re playing with those who have a supernatural knack for seeing what’s just around the corner. And as far as I know, those individuals are few are far between.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the history and reputation surrounding baccarat, I’ll point out why that statement of equality is somewhat ironic. Baccarat has long been considered to be a “rich person’s” game, sometimes with its own exclusive area in the casino that is as much for the ego of players as anything else.

3 – The Odds Are Good

No strategy? All based on luck? Why not play slot machines instead? This is something that players who are unfamiliar with the game of baccarat might think to themselves if not pushed in the right direction.

The reason why the odds are so favorable is because there are only three possible outcomes: the player wins, the banker wins, or they tie. That means you can judge your level of risk, decide how much you want to bet, and take your chances.

It really is that easy. You have nearly a 50% chance of winning if you bet on either the banker or the player, and anyone familiar with the typical odds of the casino knows that 50% is about as good as you can do.

If you’re someone who doesn’t typically have a great experience with luck-based games like slots, you’ll have a better chance of winning at baccarat and enjoy your time while playing.

4 – Games Are However Long You Want

Some card games require a bit of your time when you sit down to play, but baccarat allows you to play for as long of a time or as short of a time as you prefer. Whether you want to pop in and test out your luck for a few hands and then walk away, or spend all afternoon trying to get that big win on a “tie” bet that pushes you over the edge, the game is more than accommodating in terms of flexibility.

Baccarat Dealer Reaching for Cards on Table, Pile of Money

This might not be a big deal for some people, but there’s a large percentage of gamblers who like to feel like they can walk away at any point without having to deal with any negative repercussions of a premature exist.

As a tip, if you find yourself “up” a significant amount, take that as your cue to walk away. One thing has been true since the beginning of casino history, and that’s the fact that good luck always goes bad eventually.

5 – It Has a Rich History

Who doesn’t like to participate in a little historically significant gambling every once in a while? Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games you’ll find anywhere. It goes all the way back to the 14th century, where it has origins in Italy. The meaning of the word baccarat comes from the word “zero” in Italian.

Now, if you ask someone of French descent, they might tell you that the game was founded in France, but like many things that happened more than 500 years ago, it’s up for debate.

The game was enjoyed at first by peasants, than only by nobles and barons for the next few hundred years after it came into prominence. Today, the reputation of being for high-rollers still exists, but it’s accessible to anyone who wants to try it out…no million-dollar bankroll required.

Our Conclusions About Baccarat

Now that you’ve heard the argument for giving baccarat a try, your next step should be to find real money online casinos that will allow you to practice the game risk-free. Once you feel comfortable with how it works, it’s time to get some skin in the game!

As one of the most traditional games on the floor, baccarat’s storied history is filled with all kinds of lore. The reality is that it’s much more accessible than you probably thought. Are you ready to hit the casino and give it your best shot? Good luck at the baccarat tables.