5 Essential Upgrades You Need to Optimize Your Online Gambling Experience

A Home Office Setup With the Word Casino in the Forefront

For years now, my home office has served as a “casino away from the casino” of sorts. Armed with my trusty desktop computer and a steady internet connection, I can get a session of blackjack, poker, or slots in anytime I please.

I still prefer physical casinos and their uniquely eclectic and electric scene, don’t get me wrong there. Even so, I’ve grown quite fond of the online alternative, too, thanks to my private mini-casino at home.

Unfortunately, my teenage son strolled in recently while I was playing and put me to shame. In his exact words, my entire tech setup was “extremely whack” and needed to be replaced immediately.

With my new gear, I’m happy to report that the kid was correct. So, check out the five must-have upgrades below to take your online gambling setup to the next level.

1 – Dual Monitor Setup for Optimal Screen Time and Gameplay

I liked my old Dell desktop with its 17-inch screen just fine, and it served me well for over a decade. All good things must come to an end though. When I saw the dual-screen monitor my son recommended up close, I was happy to make the switch.

It took a few minutes to get the hang of the two-screen design, but soon enough, I was easily dragging windows here and there like a pro. And at 24-inches apiece, each screen has plenty of room to open the pages I like to have handy while I’m playing.

For the most part, I tend to keep my blackjack or video poker screens open on the left screen, while basic strategy charts and odds calculators go on the right. Before, I had to tile each window behind another, which required minimizing and reopening the same windows over and over again.

With the dual-screen setup, however, every window can be viewed at any one moment with no further work needed on my end.

My new monitor is also a delight when it comes to the graphics and display. The cards appear brighter and clearer to read, while the bet size labels are more distinct and easily discernible.

Overall, any avid online casino player is doing themselves a disservice by sticking with an outdated single-screen monitor.

2 – A High-Speed Internet Connection for Reliable Use

I make it a point to be a calm player, one who doesn’t react negatively to bad beats or losing streaks. I’ve been around long enough to know that the house’s edge is ironclad, so there’s no need to compound that fact with anger or frustration.

Nonetheless, one aspect of online gambling does manage to get under my skin—spotty internet connections.

Prior to my son’s intervention, I was using the same internet service that I had for years, the first one to set up shop way back when. And every so often, usually during inclement weather, the connection would bug out and I’d be left staring at a stuck screen.

Casino Games Listing With No Connection Symbol In The Center

Like I said, going on “tilt” isn’t ordinarily a habit of mine, but damned if missing out on a juicy Royal Flush draw in Jacks or Better didn’t get my goat.

I didn’t know any better, but as it turns out, several competitors now offer top of the line internet service in my area. My son got a few recommendations from his pals on the Fortnite circuit before getting me situated with a new plan that prioritizes dedicated connections.

I’m paying a few more bucks a month for the privilege, I’ll admit. It’s worth it though, because that dreaded spinning wheel and “No Connection” screen are now things of the past.

3 – A Backup Laptop for Power Outages, Disruptions, or Other Emergencies

Knowing that I was now protected by an improved connection, I figured hopping in a poker tournament could be a fun way to kill a rainy day.

A few hours in, that idea appeared to be a great one, as I was the chip leader in a $55 event with $10,000 awaiting the winner. Still had a ways to go, of course, but with the money “bubble” approaching, I liked my chances to make the final table.

Suddenly, my dreams of becoming a card sharp for a day were dashed. A lightning strike a few miles away knocked a tree straight into a power line, and just like that, even my high-powered internet connection was kaput.

Thankfully, the youngin’ had my back yet again by whipping out his laptop. We still didn’t have service at home, but a quick trip to McDonald’s saw us sipping on milkshakes with free Wi-Fi on the side. In the end, I notched a respectable 6th place run and added $1,800 to my account, all thanks to having a backup plan.

A backup laptop is useful whenever you’re playing online casino games that takes an extended period of time. Slot, blackjack, and poker tournaments all fit the bill, so be sure to have a laptop charged and ready to roll should disaster strike.

4 – A Comfortable and Ergonomically Sound “Gaming Chair” to Call Your Throne

The booth at Mickey D’s served its purpose, but boy was I glad to get home and plop down in my brand new chair.

Initially, I wasn’t a big fan of my son’s insistence on getting a “GTRACING 2021 Blue Music” gaming chair. And honestly, I didn’t even know what the heck it was…

My doubts persisted when the thing arrived in the mail, as it definitely didn’t look like any office chair I’d ever seen. The black and blue leather was wrapped around all sorts of odd angles, lending the chair a polygon-like appearance which wasn’t all that inviting.
GTRACING 2021 Blue Music Gaming Chair
When I sat down though, it felt like my body was perfectly aligned along every point. Curved shoulder pads provided upper body support, while the curved armrests didn’t cause any of the forearm pain I was accustomed to during long sessions.

The extended headrest also kept my spine straight and aligned, which was a welcome reprieve from the hunchback posture my old, worn-in chair produced.

Best of all, this chair came equipped with a pair of Bluetooth enabled speakers near each ear. I love listening to tunes while I grind, so this clever little addition made my day.

If you’re planning to put in any amount of serious time gambling online, investing in a top-tier gaming chair is just a no-brainer.

5 – A Top-Quality Mouse That Makes Placing Bets and Toggling Tables a Breeze

My old mouse had a tangled up cord and torn up mousepad, the whole “tech from yesteryear” nine yards. And every so often, when I’d go to input a bet or decide on my hand, the wear and tear led to “misclicks” which caused me to make the wrong choice.

Betting $100 instead of $10, standing on 11 instead of doubling down, discarding part of a pat flush—you name the mistake, and that old mouse had been there, done that.

Following my son’s advice, I exchanged that beat-up old mouse for a nifty wireless gaming mouse with all the bells and whistles. This thing is lightweight, easily maneuverable, and dead-on accurate. No more misclicks whatsoever since I’ve started using it, and thanks to an ergonomically sound design, my hand doesn’t clench up and get sore like it used to.

You wouldn’t want to handle cards or chips at a physical casino with your hand in a cast, so why gamble online with an inferior mouse?

Out With the Old in With the New

The wonders of technology never cease. 20 years ago, I couldn’t even play casino games over the internet. And today? I’m able to enjoy blackjack, slots, poker, and all my favorites from the comfort of home.

I do mean comfort too, as my son really did me a favor by helping to modernize what he affectionately calls “Pop’s grind station.”

If you’ve been playing online more than usual during the last year of uncertainty, it might just be time to add a few of the upgrades found above and see what they can do for you.