5 Best Resorts in Colorado

Colorado State Seal With a Casino Hotel Background

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in the country. It’s a great state to go to for skiing, casinos, and many other fun attractions. We’ll narrow down the five best casinos in Colorado and tell you the kind of great features they offer.

The beautiful splendor of the Rocky Mountains and its snowy peaks enhance the natural beauty of the state’s landscape.

You can find lots of skiing and fun things to do all throughout the great resorts in Colorado, but you’ll also be able to relax at its lodges which present a great amount of luxury and convenience for gaming enthusiasts when they’re not on the casino floor.

There are many types of resorts across Colorado that offer lots of different and exciting adventures like hitting the hiking trails, fishing in the streams, or enjoying a glass of wine amongst the stars and mountain peaks.

Types of Resorts

The different resorts in Colorado all offer a little bit of something different. Some resorts focus on skiing and have lots of ski lifts and pro shops to help you enjoy your time at the slopes.

Other resorts focus on restaurants that offer a wide variety of different cuisines. Ameristar Casino Resort features four delicious restaurants as well as a casino floor.

Some casinos will have different features like playground areas, mini-golf courses, or swimming pools. Obviously, you won’t want to spend a lot of time in the pool if you’ve planned a skiing vacation in the winter. But some of the resorts have indoor, heated swimming pools.

Oftentimes, resorts will create an interior atmosphere that is based on a particular theme. Some theme-based resorts will spotlight their history as old mining towns. Colorado was full of mining towns during the Gold Rush, so lots of casinos use this to enhance the vacation experience.

Things to Look For in a Colorado Resort

There are many features you’ll want to look for when choosing which resort you want to stay at.

For example, skiing is a big deal in Colorado and attracts tons of tourists every year. Vail Marriott Mountain Resort is one such great location. It offers access to a vast amount of ski slopes and outdoor adventures your whole family can enjoy. With so many amenities and concierge services, this luxury getaway will make you feel most taken care of.

Since Colorado legalized gambling, many resorts feature a casino as one of their primary attractions. So, if you’re into gambling, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to do so. One such location is McGills Hotel Casino in Cripple Creek, where you will also find other casinos and resorts.

The Broadmoor is a resort that offers a spa experience where you can relax with massages and other luxuries. If you’re looking for a resort that offers premium luxury, the Broadmoor is a great option.

Typical Resort Features

Different resorts in Colorado offer different services and amenities. It’s important to know what kind of features the resort you’re staying at will have based on your interests. That way, you can find the resort that will fit your needs the best.

A big calling card of all resorts in Colorado is skiing but not all resorts offer it, so you need to make sure the resort you want to book offers skiing before you plan a big trip.

Man Cross Country Skiing in Colorado

Some resorts offer more features like hiking and outdoor activities as well. Colorado is more than just skiing. There’s a lot of hiking and other adventures to experience during your stay in Colorado.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs offers great access to a hot springs pool conveniently located on their property. You can walk down to hot springs from the room you stay in and also enjoy great dining options which include fine dining at the Princeton Club Restaurant.

Travel Agencies

Many travel agencies can help you plan a casino trip to Colorado as well. They’re a great resource and can guide you to find a resort to stay at.

Travel agents can help you organize your whole trip, from home to airport to resort and back, so you don’t have to worry about all the details.

Package Deals

Travel agencies can also help you set up a package deal for your trip to Colorado. You’ll be able to set up package deals, which include transportation and hotel fare.

In addition, packages offer the convenience of making reservations to participate in a wide variety of attractions like white water rafting, doing ziplines through certain valleys, or going on underground tours of caves and abandoned mines.

Casinos and sportsbooks are another great feature that many resorts in Colorado have. Resorts offer casinos that have table games and slots where you can enjoy betting and drinking in a fun environment.

Sportsbooks are also available in some Colorado resorts. Sportsbooks are areas where you can place bets on sports and watch them with big-screen TVs. Many sportsbooks also contain bars and restaurants so you can unwind in between bets as you watch the action take place.

In addition to helping you tailor your vacation to whatever interests you most, package deals also let you save money through bundling several parts of the expenses into one price.

The 5 Best Resorts You Should Visit Colorado

Finally, here are are some of the five best resorts in Colorado we’ve found. We suggest these resorts based on the factors listed above including comfort, things to do, and restaurant options.

1 – Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs is one of the best resorts in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs itself offers a lot of resorts and Cheyenne Mountain Resort features spacious guest rooms and 200 acres of landscape to explore.

Exterior of Cheyenne Mountain Resort

The resort also features lots of great dining spots you can indulge in as you take breaks from golfing on the 18-hole golf course. This is a four-diamond Colorado resort location, so it’s a great option if you want to explore the Colorado Springs area.

2 – The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor is another resort out of Colorado Springs that is a great option if you want to enjoy some zip-lining adventures. Zip-lining is a great activity in which you hang suspended in the air traveling down a rope line. In addition, The Broadmoor offers horse riding expeditions through some magnificent mountain passes.

Another great feature of the Broadmoor resort is that it is available to pets. There are also many wilderness experiences offered by the resort, including The Ranch at Emerald Valley and Cloud Camp. You can enjoy many of the restaurants offered in this luxurious resort as well.

3 – The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa is located at Beaver Creek. It’s yet another luxurious resort that offers a year-round mountain experience where skiing is a great option. This resort is also dog-friendly, so it’s a great option if you hate the thought of leaving your pooch at home.

Exterior of Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort also offers access to golfing, many incredible dining opportunities, and elegantly designed swimming pools in addition to its in/out skiing service. There are also couples suites available at the Allegria Spa, so you and your partner can have a private romantic getaway while completely relaxed.

4 – Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk

Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk features a casino where you can gamble, a full spa with treatments, and a mountain view to top off your stay. Four restaurants are available if you want to grab a bite in between using the casino or while enjoying some great mountain views.

The resort also has a rooftop pool where you can swim, enjoy the view, or enjoy the hot tub. The casino has video poker, tables games, and slots available for you. If a casino is an important part of your resort experience, Ameristar is a great option.

5 – Sky Ute Casino Resort in Ignacio

Sky Ute Casino Resort in Ignacio is located in Southwestern Colorado. It brings Native American traditions to your gambling experience. The casino has a huge gaming floor where you can try your luck as well as four restaurants you can enjoy when you take a break from gambling.

Exterior of Sky Ute Casino Resort

A 24-lane bowling alley is one amenity that’s unique to Sky Ute Casino Resort. If you’re a big bowling fan, then this is a great place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds—bowling and gambling. Their bowling lanes offer an extra amount of excitement to your casino experience.


What is your favorite activity to do in Colorado? Which resort is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.