The 5 Best Online Slot Machine Games to Play During Autumn

Autumn Trees Background Scenery, Laptop Displaying Online Slot Game
There’s something about autumn weather that makes one want to walk through the woods, kick up a few red and gold leaves, and feel the brisk wind. This iconic fall feeling only happens in certain areas. Autumn in the desert is more about colorful sunsets. In the south, it’s more about a relief from the summer heat.

For people who don’t live near deciduous forests, the next best thing is to get the fireplace going and put on an action-packed horror flick. If that isn’t your type of entertainment, might I suggest autumn-themed slot games?

People who enjoy online slots know what I’m talking about. There are some pretty cool fall-themed slot machine games to play online.

I’ve yet to find an online slot that allows you to reap a great corn harvest. But I’ve seen plenty of mysterious and exciting games offered by different slot developers. These are the best online slot machine games that put me into an autumn state of mind.

1 – The Rift by Thunderkick Games

This game should appeal to players who enjoy simpler slot mechanics. It’s a basic push and spin game with a free spins bonus. The game’s autumn appeal is in the electronic music that sounds similar to many vampire movie soundtracks and the steam punk motif.

The background image shows you a foggy street at night. Supposedly, an interdimensional rift has opened up. The game symbols include stop watches, arcane books, and strange tokens or coins.

The bonus game begins as a basic free spins win. But, as the wild symbols appear, you’ll realize there’s a second layer to the bonus feature.

You have a chance to win more spins and complete a circuit for a Big Win.

The wilds in the bonus game are also sticky and the animations are state of the art. The regular game features a Cthulhu-like octopus symbol. Something about its eyes says it’s not from our oceans!

You could almost put this game on in the background and just listen to the music all day long. It’s mesmerizing and relaxing, and it’s the perfect slot game to get you into the spooky autumn mood.

2 – Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft

Max Quest Online Game by Betsoft, Betsoft Logo
I wish there were more “slot” games like this. It’s a shooter game, so anyone who loves carting a weapon around in a mystical ruin should enjoy it.

The concept is based on “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Tomb Raider,” “The Mummy,” and a few other great fall movies. For the most part, you’ll be shooting monsters in an Egyptian pyramid.

After the game loads, you choose one of five rooms to explore and clear them. But don’t expect it to be simple! You’re paying for the shots you make and winning prizes at the same time. That’s the “slot” effect. You can miss or hit your target.

The bigger mummies are hard to kill but the scarabs burst out in hordes and swarm all over the place. There are multiple weapons to choose from and three different ways to shoot.

  1. You can point and click
  2. You can point and right-click, which chooses targets for you
  3. You can hold down the space key and point

It takes multiple shots to kill most targets. You earn experience points as you kill mummies. There’s one giant mummy that is HARD to kill, but the prize is worth it.

The game assigns quests and awards prizes for completing them. If you want to use special weapons, you have to pay for those. Be sure that you’re winning before you start spending and always practice proper casino bankroll management!

Once you clear a room, Ra rises. Good luck!

3 – Jackpot Raiders by Yggdrasil Games

This game uses a high-quality cartoon graphics style. The music is symphonic in quality and is reminiscent of soundtracks from B-quality adventure movies.

It begins as a basic five-reel click and spin game. But there are several ways to win bonus games and you collect relics along the way to win one of five bonus features.

These “collect the token” games can be boring or fun to play. It depends on how easy it is to score the bonus tokens. The scatter game allows you to pick one of five chests. You may get a relic from one of them, another scatter, or a free spins bonus.

During the free spins game, you hunt for treasure in the form of gems that are collected in five groups by color. If you complete the set for any one group, you win an additional prize.

4 – Dragon Kings by Betsoft

Online Game Dragon Kings by Betsoft, Stack of Money Going Up
The autumn-related aspect to this game are the red and gold colors. Dragon Kings is a classic Asian-themed “lucky dragon” game. And it’s a good one!

The sticky wilds make it a more interesting five-reel game than most. The music isn’t bad either. The center reel also has an expanding wild in the form of a golden dragon (the Dragon King).

The free spins bonus triggers an increase in tempo in the already upbeat music. Some new symbols appear in the game. Getting to the free spins bonus requires patience as you must win enough scatters to trigger it.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can buy the free spins feature by clicking on the “Buy” button.

It’s more like paying in advance for 30 spins, but there is a chance you’ll win your money back and more.

There is a sixth reel with a single slot. When the magical dragon pearl appears on this reel at the same time as a free spins bonus is triggered, the number of spins is doubled. If the pearl appears when the Dragon King appears in the main reels, a jackpot is awarded.

5 – Dr. Acula by Rival Powered Games

At first glance, you may be tempted to pass this game up. It’s a simple three-reel game and there’s no bonus feature.

The music is based on classic pipe organ riffs used in old vampire movies. Dr. Acula is obviously based on You-Know-Who and his lovely nurse assistant could send chills up the spine of any corpse.

The graphics are done in Rival’s trademark anime and manga style.

What I like about this game are the special effects on the spins and reels, and the fact that you win small prizes quite often makes it appealing.

I’ve played several other vampire games that shall remain nameless. They had 3D graphics and special features but were less exciting than this spooky-themed game.

Let that be a lesson to all game software designers: Don’t make me wait for a mediocre bonus feature!

Most vintage three-reel slot games only offer one payline. But Dr. Acula is generous in providing five paylines.

Dr. Acula Slot Game By Rival Powered Games, Pile of Cash

My only advice to players is to NOT reduce the number of paylines you play. While it’s cheaper to do that, your chances of winning a prize are reduced. The pay table odds are calculated for all paylines being active.


When I picked a handful of online slot game makers, I was hoping for more Halloween-themed games. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in some of the selections.

The developers that are still publishing Flash games are in for a world of hurt, as most of the browsers and Adobe have terminated Flash. After 2020, we won’t even be able to activate the Flash plugin in modern browsers.

I like interactive games the best, but if you mix it up and give the player a lot of features, the game doesn’t have to be interactive. Wrath of Ra has to be the coolest “slot” game I’ve ever played but it is barely recognizable as a slot game.

When reviewing these games, I tried to choose something for everyone. Online gaming continues to evolve and maybe in a few years, there will be more interesting games for autumn lovers.