4 Ways to Take Your Casino Gambling to the Next Level

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Casino gambling is a lot of fun, but are there other ways to make your experience even better? This post features four ways to take your casino gambling to the next level.

These four ways are simple and easy to start doing. Learning to gamble at casinos online is perfect for some gamblers, and playing in tournaments is something a lot of players never even consider.

Getting free stuff is also pretty easy, and you’d be surprised at how many casino gamblers just ignore that opportunity. Lastly, advantage play is beyond most of us, but for the right player, it’s worth a shot.

Here are more details on each of these techniques.

1 – Start Gambling at Online Casinos

Most of my readers are from the United States, so I need to provide a quick warning before getting more into the following tip…

Online casino gambling isn’t 100% legal everywhere in the United States.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s important to you, what the risk levels are, and whether it’s a good decision to gamble online from a legal perspective.

It’s never a bad idea to check the legality of online gambling in your area.

Assuming you’ve decided to try casino gambling online, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Most online casinos are located in other countries. Only a handful of states have legal, regulated online casinos in operation. If you’re playing from one of those states, your best bet is to play at those legal, regulated online casinos. If not, you’ll have to use offshore casinos.
  • Before you can place your first online casino bet, you have to deposit money first. But it’s crucial that you investigate the reputation of a casino before giving them any money. Don’t deposit money at an online casino with a bad track record.
  • Review our online casino recommendations on this site. Our team of professional reviewers and thoroughly vet online casinos before listing them here.
  • Once you find an online casino, start with a small deposit and a few minor wagers to begin with. See if you can just win a simple $100 and cash it out without any problems.
Always remember that the odds of winning are, of course, against you. But that’s just the nature of all casino games, whether it’s online or in person. They’re negative expectation games, and that’s how casinos stay in business.

If you can win $100 and cash it out without too much trouble, take it to the next level. Every time you want to play for higher stakes, try winning a larger amount and making a larger withdrawal.

Once you’re comfortable that a casino will honor your payout requests, have as much fun and gamble as big as you want.

2 – Participate in Casino Game Tournaments

Most people are familiar with the concept of a poker tournament. The recent popularity of the World Series of Poker has ensured that.

Live Poker Tournament

But did you know that casinos also offer tournaments in their casino games? These are most often slot machine tournaments, but you’ll also find video poker and blackjack tournaments.

The rules for these tournaments can vary widely. I’ve seen slot machine tournaments where the players who can make the most spins during the tournament period win, and I’ve seen tournaments where the players with the biggest winnings at the end of the tournament win.

It’s a good idea to review the rules for the tournament before buying in.

Often, you’ll be able to experience more gambling entertainment during the hour or two of the tournament for less money than you would if you were just playing the game to begin with.

For example, if you pay $100 to play in a slot machine tournament, you’ll get to spin the reels until the hour is up.

If you’re like me (and most other slot machine gamblers), you can and probably do lose twice that amount per hour playing slots with real money.

Casino game tournaments are a fun way to take your casino gambling career to the next level, but they’re not for everyone. Try one and see if you like it.

3 – Get Comps

“Comps” is just a fancy word for free stuff that casinos give gamblers to keep them coming back. They’re a marketing cost for the casino, so the casino doesn’t really mind giving this stuff away.

You may be wondering, “What kind of free stuff can you get from the casino?”

Well, at most casinos in Las Vegas, free cocktails are the most basic form of comp. All you have to do to get a free drink at most casinos is sit down and start gambling. Slots are the easiest way to get a free drink.

If you tip generously, the cocktail waitress will remember you and keep the drinks coming. Tipping $1 per drink is the standard, but I always tip $5 or $10 on the first cocktail to “prime the pump.”

And since the drinks are free, I take it up a notch. I’m more likely to drink Heineken than Budweiser if a drink is comped, if you get what I mean.

The next comp level is free food. You can often get a free meal from a pit boss, but in modern casinos, you probably need to be using a players club card to get free meals.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos at Night

Getting a players club card from the casino is easy, though. You just fill out a form and present an ID at the appropriate counter in the casino. They’ll give you a card similar to a credit card to present to the dealers as you play. You can also insert this card into the slot machines as you play.

The card tracks how much you’re betting, and the casino awards you with comps based on a percentage of that action, usually 0.2% or 0.3%. This adds up over time.

Food and drinks aren’t the only free things available either. Casinos will also comp your stays in their hotels, and they’ll buy you airline tickets once you’ve accumulated enough points. They’ll even pay for entertainment by getting you tickets to sporting events or shows.

If you gamble enough, you’ll get your own host, whose job is to make sure you’re enjoying your stay at the hotel. Just don’t forget that all this free stuff comes with a price!

If you have plans to head out to Sin City soon, take a moment to compare the different Vegas loyalty programs. The casinos in Las Vegas love to treat their customers and depending on what property you plan on visiting, they each have their own perk.s

At the end of the day casino expect, mathematically, that you’ll lose more money—much more—than the value of the freebies you’re getting.

4 – Learn How to Gamble With an Edge Over the Casino

This is the real Jedi Knight stuff when it comes to casino gambling. Getting a mathematical edge over the casino is impossible in most games, and difficult in the few games where it’s possible.

But if you’re dedicated, persistent, and stubborn, you can pull it off.

The most commonly known method of “advantage gambling,” as it’s called, is card counting in blackjack. It’s both easier and harder than most people think.

You don’t have to memorize the cards that have been played or figure out which cards are left in the deck. You do need to keep up, in a general way, the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck.

Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Pile of Money

When you have a proportionally larger number of aces and 10s in the deck, you have an edge over the casino because the probability of getting a blackjack goes up. Since a blackjack—a two-card total of 21—pays off at 3:2, it’s easy to see how betting more when you have a better chance of getting this hand can make you more money in the long run.

But advantage gambling isn’t limited to counting cards. Other techniques involve spotting the dealer’s hole card or spotting dealer tells, subtle shifts in the dealer’s body language during certain situations.

Most advantage gambling doesn’t take place in casino games. It’s more common in sports betting and poker, but casino gambling does offer opportunities to get an edge if you’re willing and able to put in the work.


Now that I’ve shared four techniques for taking your casino gambling activities up a notch, what are you going to do with that information?

Are you already using any of these techniques for getting more out of your casino gambling? If not, are you going to start using any of these?