4 Reasons Why Roulette Is Actually a Great Game to Play

Roulette Wheel
Roulette gets a bad rap. Lots of professional gamblers will tell you to stay away, to treat roulette like the plague and focus on other games that allow you to use your skill and knowledge to take advantage of better odds.

While it’s true that some games have better odds in some respects, there are actually a lot of reasons why you should give roulette a try and give the naysayers the cold shoulder.

1- Roulette Is 100% Chance Driven—That’s Good for the Amateur Gambler

Now look, I’m not going to argue that people who are gambling for a living should be playing roulette. If your goal when you walk into a casino is to become financially independent, I can’t help you—go talk to the poker and blackjack guys.

That being said, if your goal when you walk into a casino is to have fun (and let’s face it, the vast majority of people who walk into a casino are just there to have a good time), then I want you to seriously consider roulette because it’s all about chance.

Roulette Board

If you’re an amateur gambler—and probably 90% of the people who walk into a casino on a weekly basis are—then you’re not sitting at home all day learning blackjack strategies. You’re not practicing poker week in and week out. You’re not considering every strategy on the planet and figuring out what works best for you.

That means the games that involve skill—and that’s practically all card games—are going to kick your butt.

You’re either a) going to implement a strategy you read about on your phone on the way to the casino with your buddies and absolutely fail to implement it properly or b) you’re going to go in with no strategy at all and make a mess of things.

That’s a sure-fire way to lose your hard-earned dough without having a whole lot of fun. Most people forget that the cost of gambling adds up pretty quickly. If you try to play cards without a viable strategy, that money is going to be gone so fast you’re going to wonder why you drove all the way to the casino in the first place.

Roulette is different. Once that ball starts rolling around the wheel, nothing can influence it. The game is pure, unadulterated chance. That means you don’t have to worry about strategy at all, which is excellent for the average gambler. You can make your bets and just let the wheel spin and see what happens.

2- Roulette Has Better Odds Than Most Slot Machines (and Is Less Complex)

The other real alternative to roulette in most casinos is going to be the slot machines. Slot machines are essentially banks for casinos. They generate an incredible amount of income and rarely pay out. Even worse are the progressive slots—these bad boys have to have even lower odds to make the periodic giant payouts make sense.

But even if we all buy into the idea that we’re not in the casino to make money and are there to have a good time, the slot machines still don’t make a lot of sense because of how hard the odds are to figure out and how hard the games themselves are to figure out.

Roulette Board

The fact of the matter is that modern slot machines and online slots are exceedingly high tech and hard to figure out. They often have complex betting possibilities that by themselves can make your head spin. On top of that, many of them have many different types of ways that you can play.

All this adds up to work. You have to get pretty serious about figuring out how these machines operate and how you can even play them correctly. It’s not enough anymore to say bet the maximum and let it ride. You have to practically be a computer scientist to figure out what to do with this things.

Add to this the fact that a lot of people go to the casino and drink too much, and you have a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up feeding way too much money in and will walk away broke quickly.

Roulette’s betting possibilities are much simpler in comparison, but further, they’re pretty self explanatory. It’s rare that anyone is going to look at a roulette table and be confused about exactly how they can bet.

Because of all the betting options and how straightforward they are, you can just choose the options that have the best odds and essentially play them over and over.

Unlike playing slots, where it’s pretty unclear how much of a chance you actually had to win, you can look at a roulette wheel and see exactly what your chances are. If you choose even/odd for example, you’ll be able to literally see all the even and odd numbers on the wheel. With a slot machine, you’re just feeding your money in and hoping for the best. The things are practically black holes.

3- Roulette Is All About Chance—Which Is a Lot More Fun

Now I don’t know about you, but the idea of having to go to a casino and actually think about what I’m doing isn’t exactly enticing. When I’m playing a game of skill, it always makes me question my wins and losses. I tend to get frustrated because I’m convinced the problem is me—I’m making bad bets or bad plays or whatever.


With roulette, it’s completely different. You’re throwing money on the table and then letting Lady Luck make all the decisions. If you lose, bad luck. If you win, good luck!

There’s something very freeing about that. It’s not you against the game. You don’t have to worry about how much you’ve had to drink. You just put the money on the table and see what happens. You don’t even really have to worry about being distracted. Just do what you do and enjoy yourself.

So taking away the frustration element is great, but unlike at a slot machine where you’re sitting by yourself and enjoying wins or losses in total isolation, when you play at the table you’re surrounded by other people who are just as into it as you are.

Unlike with cards, you don’t really have to worry about making a fool of yourself because the betting is so straightforward. Sure, you can do some fancy bets, but even those you’re going to pick up quickly. You’ll make friends fast at the table, and when someone wins big, you’ll get to be a part of all that excitement.

Roulette is absolutely a social game. Most people don’t want to sit at slot machines with their friends—they want to all play together. Roulette is one of the few games where you can do that and feel like you don’t have to pay too close of attention while doing so.

4- Roulette Has Serious Suspense, Unlike Other Games

If you’re going to the casino, you’re probably hoping for some big thrills, and that’s exactly what roulette provides.

One of the big problems that you see with other games is that there’s not much in the way of suspense. When you’re playing cards, the suspense isn’t drawn out much at all (unless you’re playing Texas Hold ’Em), but when you’re playing roulette, you get quite a bit of suspense with very little in the way of actual work.

Roulette Board

For example, when you’re playing real money blackjack, there’s little in the way of actual suspense. The cards come out too quickly for any suspense to really build. Plus, because you’re so focused on strategy, you’re just not focusing on what could actually happen—you’re not a spectator so much as a player.

When you’re playing roulette, you are absolutely a spectator. You put down your bets, and sure, technically they will call you a player, but in reality, all you’re doing is watching. It’s very similar to horse racing in that respect.

One of the reasons horse racing can be so much fun is that you have no say at all on the outcome. You watch, you make your bets, and then the suspense builds and builds over the course of the race.

The same thing happens with roulette. When you’re “playing” roulette, you’ll find that the action of the ball racing around and around the wheel—without anyone at the table having any ability to influence what that ball does—makes for a great deal of suspense.

You’ll find the same line of reasoning at work with sports betting. The difference of course is that, with horse racing and sports betting, you’re just never going to really know the odds. There are essentially infinite factors at play—the weather, the wind, the players, the horses, how rested they are, and on and on.

There is still parity in sports. Anyone can go nuts and break out for an incredible win that no one saw coming. With roulette, it’s pure chance. You make your bets and see what happens, and that makes for some serious suspense—and serious fun!