4 Online Casino Jackpots You Should Avoid – Or At Least Question

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Progressive jackpots are one of the most-exciting parts of online gaming. Certain prizes can offer life-changing money in the form of six- or seven-figure payouts.

That said, you may feel like chasing some of the biggest jackpots available. However, not all of these prizes are what they appear to be on the surface.

Some progressive games give you little chance of winning big due to incredibly long odds. Others are surrounded by murky circumstances, because they’ve yet to pay out in their histories.

I’m going to discuss four popular progressive jackpot games that fall into these categories. You should consider avoiding the following games, or at least question playing them.

1 – Aztec’s Millions Slot

Aztec’s Millions currently offers the largest online progressive jackpot available to US players. It features a top payout worth $3.76 million at the time of this writing.

Developed by Realtime Gaming (RTG), the Aztec’s Millions jackpot is initially seeded at $1 million. It continues growing until somebody is able to line up five Aztec Millions logos in a payline.

This game is unique in that it fixes both the paylines and coin size. Every bet you make uses 25 lines and a $0.20 coin on each line.

Therefore, you must risk $5 on every spin. This is a hefty amount even when considering the type of payout that you can win.

Of course, a big bet size isn’t an immediate red flag. However, you might give some pause to playing this game when considering that the jackpot has never been won.

Screenshot of Aztec's Millions Online Slot

Maybe the lack of a single winner wouldn’t be such a big deal if this game came out a few years ago. However, Aztec’s Millions is well over a decade old.

Some gamblers allege that this game isn’t programmed to offer the jackpot at all. I don’t personally think that RTG is shady enough to do something like this.

After all, they’ve been in business for 23 years without any company-ending scandals. But they may have programmed Aztec’s Millions with extremely long jackpot odds.

In this case, there’s no telling when the top prize will hit. It could be another decade or two before somebody is finally able to corral the multimillion-dollar payout.

2 – Roulette Royale

Most big online jackpots revolve around slots. Roulette Royale, on the other hand, is an exception to the norm.

Developed by Microgaming, it looks like a simple European roulette game on the surface. It offers a wheel with 37 numbers and all of the common roulette wagers.

This game differs from other European variations, though, by offering four different jackpots, including a large progressive payout. You can see all of these prizes below:

  • 15x your stake (e.g. $1 bet can win $15).
  • 200x your stake (e.g. $1 bet can win $200)
  • 3,000x your stake (e.g. $1 bet can win $3,000).
  • Progressive jackpot (seeded at $60,000).

You must place a dollar side wager to qualify for these prizes. The progressive jackpot is definitely the true prize when considering that it can grow quite large.

This jackpot has paid out once it its history, delivering over $440,000. It’s currently worth more than $374,000.

You need the ball to land on the same number for at least two consecutive spins to hit any of the jackpots. Here are the stipulations behind each side payout:

  • 15x = Same number on 2 straight spins
  • 200x = Same number on 3 straight spins
  • 3,000x = Same number on 4 straight spins
  • Progressive jackpot = Same number on 5 straight spins

Roulette Royale seems fair enough by featuring clear rules on the payouts. However, the odds are what are really worrisome.

You stand just 1 in 1,874,161 odds of landing the ball in the same pocket five consecutive times. Even with the three fixed payouts involved, you’re looking at just 63% RTP when the jackpot is first seeded at $60,000.

Of course, you could wait until the break-even point to get better value from your wagers. However, the break-even point is a lofty $760,501.

Roulette Royale has only paid out once at $440,353. Even at this size, you won’t be getting great value from side bets.

3 – Aladdin’s Lamp €5

Aladdin‘s Lamp falls into the crowded genre of online slots based on Ancient Arabia. However, it differs from the pack by offering a massive progressive jackpot.

This slot looks quite basic in nature with its three reels and three paylines. You need to land three Aladdin symbols on one of the lines to win the jackpot.

Speaking of which, the Aladdin’s Lamp jackpot is currently worth €3,780,673 ($4,309,645). This GTECH-designed game is quite popular when considering the type of money that it offers.

However, Aladdin’s Lamp also requires the biggest investment out of any real money online slots. You must wager €5 on all three lines—€15 total—to qualify for the top prize.

You may already question playing this game when considering the huge bet size. You’ll also be turned off by the fact that, like with Aztec’s Millions, the Aladdin’s Lamp jackpot has never been won.

Screenshot of Aladdin's Lamp Online Slot

Yet one more problem to consider with this game is its bland gameplay. Outside of a wild symbol, it doesn’t offer any extras that spice up the action.

You can’t even look forward to free spins when playing this slot. Instead, you’re simply spinning three reels and hoping to be the first to hit the jackpot someday.

4 – Any Jackpot Offered by Betsoft

Betsoft has a history of questionable incidents. Perhaps the most-disturbing story about this developer involves the time that they tried to avoid paying out a jackpot worth 1 million credits (i.e. 500 Bitcoins, or $383,000 at the time).

In 2016, a gambler went public about being ripped off by Betsoft. They were playing on at a Bitcoin online casino when they won a massive payout on The Glam Life slot.

After failing to receive their jackpot, the player complained to the online casino. The casino explained that it was Betsoft’s duty to pay the prize.

The developer didn’t answer any of the gambler’s emails until the story appeared on a forum. At this point, Betsoft convinced the winner to settle on a lower payout.

Maybe this software provider has cleaned up its act since the 2016 incident. Then again, though, this story only happened five years ago.

You have to question any developer that refuses to pay a legitimately won jackpot. That said, I advise you to be careful when playing Betsoft slots.

Should You Steer Completely Clear of These Jackpots?

If you play at online casinos long enough, you’re bound to come across one or more of the games and jackpots discussed above. You may even be tempted to chase these massive prizes.

I won’t fault you for playing any of these games. Instead, I merely want you to be aware of the concerns and, in some cases, outright warning flags.

A slot that hasn’t paid out its jackpot doesn’t necessarily indicate foul play. However, you should question the matter when the said slot also requires a $5 minimum bet or more.

Such wagers can quickly drain your bankroll. Assuming the jackpot odds are long enough, you’ll be risking all of this money in a futile attempt at riches.

In the case of Betsoft, you have to worry about the game provider itself. After all, this game provider doesn’t exactly have the industry’s most pristine reputation.

Only you can decide whether it’s worth playing a high-risk game that may not pay out the jackpot in the foreseeable future. If you have better options, though, you might consider playing other casino games with large jackpots.


The online gaming world is filled with many large prizes. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to play for any of the questionable jackpots covered before.

Instead, you can opt for a game that has paid out before and isn’t surrounded by strange circumstances. Many six-figure and seven-figure prizes meet this criteria.

But you may find yourself still wanting to play Aztec’s Millions, for example. This slot does, after all, offer the largest jackpot available to American online gamblers.

If you do make decisions like this, though, then you should be wary of risking too much money on such games. These jackpots might ultimately be legit, but you don’t want to gamble away too much just in case there’s something amiss.