3 NFL Related Avenues to Bet on Before the Start of the Season

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In the NFL, there’s no real offseason and these days you can find exciting ways to wager your money before the official start of the season. While there aren’t any games, there are several avenues you can wager to add interest to what most view as a waiting game until NFL training camp begins in July.

Entirely different reality. There are 3 avenues and several streets within those avenues you can walk when looking for fun ways to wager prior to training camp in July.

Now, these betting areas take as much research if not a little more than what you’ll see when betting on the NFL preseason, regular season, or postseason. And they’re areas where you’ll want to ease yourself into before jumping in.

This article outlines 3 NFL-related avenues that you can have some gambling fun with until teams slap the pads on in July.

1- Player Productivity

This one’s a challenge but if you’re up for it, try your hand. What you’re betting on is in the name of this avenue: Player productivity.

How do you think certain players will perform?

Let’s use Tom Brady as an example.

Suppose bookmakers set Tom Brady’s passing touchdowns at 25. Do you think he’ll throw more or less?

Another bet might see oddsmakers stating Derrick Henry will win the rushing title for a second straight season and give him decent odds, like 6 to 1. Or, they’ll set his total rushing yards average at 1,200 yards. Will Henry rush for more or less?

NFL Cardinals Player Between a Play

Want more fun?

Suppose they state Henry will score 12 rushing touchdowns.

Again, more or less?

And that’s basically what the wager looks like for player productivity. If you’re good at predicting stats, this is a good route to go.

But, there’s a ton of homework that goes into this avenue and it’s something covered more in-depth in a later article.

Variables like which defenses will Tom Brady face? How do their pass rushers and defensive backfields fare against passers like Brady who throw the ball 30 to 40 times a game? How strong is Brady’s offense?

You get the gist.

2- Super Bowl Odds

This one is the most straightforward. All 32 teams have different odds to reach the Super Bowl. Often, the worst team from the previous season has the worst odds, often somewhere between 100 and 200 to 1.

This means if you bet $100 on a team with 200 to 1 odds, you can win $20,000. And you’ll probably have made the gutsiest bet in sports history.

Here, you can place bets on a few teams, with higher bets going to the teams with greater odds to win the Super Bowl. For example, say you allot yourself $200 for Super Bowl odds, take between 4 and 5 teams you know well.

I’ll go over a little strategy with this one since this betting avenue is straightforward.

The 1st team might have just 7 to 1 odds, so perhaps bet $100 here. If that team wins, you’ll win $700 in profits. Not a bad payout.

Now, the 2nd team you like might be one with 12 to 1 odds. As you can see, they should be variable, and 12 to 1 still possess good odds. You wager $65 on this team. So, if they win the big game, it’ll bring you in $780.

The 3rd team is a little further down the list. We’ll say Team 3 has 35 to 1 odds. You bet $25 here, which will bring you in $875 if they win. Note that with substantially bleaker odds to win, it will increase your chance at bringing in a larger profit with a smaller wager.

But that’s the name of the game. The worse a team’s odds, the less likely they’re to win. However, some teams with such odds will win.

Anyway, let’s get to the 4th team. You have some fun and place a $10 wager on the team with 150 to 1 odds, meaning you’ll win $1,500 if they win the Super Bowl.

This is just 1 of a few strategies. You can bet the $200 in increments of $50 on teams with high odds.

For example, BetOnline has the following 4 teams with the best odds to win Super Bowl LV:

  • Kansas City: 4 to 1
  • Baltimore: 13 to 2
  • San Francisco 7 to 1
  • New Orleans 7 to 1

So, if you bet $50 on the 4 highest teams and one won the Super Bowl, you would profit:

  • Kansas City: $200. Minus 150 for the other 3 bets, so a profit of $50.
  • Baltimore: $325. Minus 150 for the other 3 bets and you profit $175.
  • San Francisco and New Orleans. $350. Minus 150 for the others and you profit $200.

Again, the worse a team’s odds, the higher the payout. It goes back to that eggs in 1 basket analogy. You can front load the bets by wagering money on teams with higher odds. But if you win, the payout is smaller.

Wager across several teams and you increase your chances of winning more money.

Only downside here is that 1 of the 32 teams will win. This won’t make you a ton of money unless you like to take risks and bet $1,000 on the lowest-ranked team and they somehow win the Super Bowl, but it is a popular avenue for NFL bettors.

3- Win Totals

Another popular avenue. Like Super Bowl odds, the game is simple. Teams have a set win total and you bet whether a team will win more or fewer games for the upcoming year.

Like player productivity, this one takes a lot of research. Know a team’s overall strength of schedule, the strength of divisional opponents, and the division outside and inside the conference a team is playing.

You also need to account for roster and coaching stability, among other factors. This isn’t an avenue where you want to bet on your favorite team or your favorite team’s rivals since it’s easy to overrate your favorites and underrate their rival.

Instead, focus on the conference your favorite team isn’t playing in. Research a few teams, only 5 maximum, and have at it.

Dallas Cowboys Player Celebrating

These win total odds often change as the season draws nearer and if you bet just prior to the regular season, play close attention to what happens to your targeted teams in the preseason.

An injury to a player on your team or a division rival will fluctuate these numbers. Before the season kicks off, they will differ from they were in the preseason, so again, watch your step here.

Fully research your targeted teams and leave as little as you can to chance. The best time to bet on win totals is after the draft when teams have made most of their offseason moves.

The closer you get to the regular season, the more accurate the odds will be for win totals because of potential injury or even an unexpected blockbuster trade. They happen. Tampa could move from 9 to 10 wins if a star player on a division rival goes down.

You can never fully predict this, but you can conduct enough research to increase your odds to win.


All 3 of these avenues will hold you over until the preseason begins and better yet, they require research and time if you wish to maximize your odds of winning bets in this avenue.

You can choose all 3, or you can become the master 1 avenue like the Super Bowl, for example.

While betting in all 3 directions may increase your chance at winning something, it’s also less likely you’ll have the time to dedicate as much research since you have 3 other avenues to worry about.

If you choose 1, you can dedicate more research but if you miss on the 1 topic, it’s likely you haven’t conducted enough research to bet on other avenues.

Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.