3 Insider Casino Secrets to Get Better Odds

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Have you been feeling like there are a few secrets that some casino gamblers know that you don’t? If you’ve been feeling this way, the odds are that you’re right. But I’m getting ready to share three insider secrets that are going to help you gamble in casinos with the best possible odds.

The first thing you need to learn is how to define casino odds. The good news is that there’s a simple way to look at odds that you can quickly use every time you compare casino bets and games.

After you learn how to define casino odds, you’re going to learn the three important secrets you need to know so you can always get the best odds in the casino.

Defining Casino Odds

The first thing you need to understand is what casino odds are and how to use them. Casino odds can be confusing, but it’s simple when you learn how to look at them a particular way.

When I teach people about casino odds, I teach the house edge method. Most odds are displayed as a number out of another number. For example, the odds of getting black when you play roulette are 18 out of 38. You can also display these same odds as a percentage. The odds of getting black are 47.37%.

While odds displayed this way can be useful, what do they mean in terms of your chance to win when you’re gambling?

The reason why I use the house edge is that it uses odds to show a way to compare different wagers and casino games and can be used to help you see how much money you can expect to lose.

For example, if you’re considering two different casino games and one game has a house edge of 5%, and the other game has a house edge of 3%, you can see that the game with a 3% house edge is better.

You also know that if you bet $1,000 on a game that has a house edge of 5%, you can expect to lose $50. And if you bet $1,000 on a game with a 3% house edge, you can expect to lose $30.

When you know the house edge of a game, you can multiply the house edge times the amount you bet to predict the amount you’re going to lose.

Using the house edge combines all of the different ways to use odds into a simple number that’s useful in every situation. Once you understand how the house edge works, you can quickly compare games and bets and always make the bet that offers the best odds.

Now you’re ready to learn the three important insider secrets to get better odds in the casino.

1 – Blackjack Returns

If you want to gamble with the best odds in the casino, you only have three choices. I prefer narrowing down my choices because I don’t have to waste time studying too many options. Instead, I want to quickly identify the best odds and spend my time learning how to play the games to guarantee that I always get the best odds.

The truth is that the best odds in the casino are found at blackjack tables and on video poker machines. You might notice that this post has three secrets, and I just listed two games. The third section has a secret wager that actually has better odds than video poker or blackjack, but there’s a big catch with this bet.

While blackjack games can offer the best odds in the casino, the casinos don’t want you gambling with good odds. Instead, the casinos prefer you make bets with poor odds, so they make more money. So the casinos don’t make it easy to figure out which blackjack games have the best odds.

Players Around a Blackjack Table

The number one thing you have to watch for when looking for a blackjack game with good odds is a game that pays 3 to 2 for a blackjack. Of course, all of the other rules influence the house edge, but you’re not going to find any blackjack game that pays 6 to 5 that has better odds than a game that pays 3 to 2. In fact, you can completely ignore any game that pays worse than 3 to 2.

When looking at blackjack games that pay 3 to 2, the house edge can range from 1.5% to around .3%. And the way you play your hands also influences the house edge. So to get a blackjack house edge of .5% or lower, you have to find the perfect set of rules and play your hands perfectly.

Even in a game with perfect rules, the house edge can be 1% or higher if you don’t play your hands perfectly. The solution for this problem is to study blackjack strategy, so you know how to play each hand perfectly.

2 – Video Poker Returns

The house edge on video poker games can vary from over 5% to under .3%. If you run some quick numbers, you can see that this is a huge range. For example, if you can play with a house edge of .3%, you’re playing as close to break-even as you can in a casino.

Here’s what you have to know to take advantage of the best video poker odds. First, you need to study Deuces Wild video poker, Pick ’em Poker video poker, and Jacks or Better video poker. Study these games until you know exactly which pay tables you need to find to get the best odds and how to play each hand the correct way to get the lowest house edge.

Casinos know how the odds and house edge works on video poker machines, and they don’t always offer the machines with the best odds. In other words, you might not be able to find the right machines in every casino. But you can’t afford to ever play video poker on the wrong machine because the odds are too bad.

I recommend learning how to find the best blackjack and video poker games and learning how to play blackjack and video poker the right way, so you have a better chance to find the best odds every time you gamble in a casino.

3 – Betting the Maximum Odds

The bet in most casinos that offers the best odds is called an odds wager at the craps table. The house edge for the odds bet is 0%. A 0% house edge means that for every $1,000 you bet, you get back $1,000.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a bad deal. The odds bet is the only bet that returns the same amount of money you bet in the casino.

A good thing about the odds bet is that you can bet 10 to 100 times the amount of the bets you have to make before placing an odds wager. The catch is that you have to bet on pass or don’t pass before the casino lets you bet on the odds. And the pass and don’t pass wagers have a house edge. The house edge is still fairly low, at less than 1.5%, but you’re still going to gamble against a house edge.

Online Casino Craps Game

However, when you look at your odds, if you bet $10 on pass or don’t pass with a small house edge, and then bet $100 to $1,000 on a bet with no house edge, the amount you expect to lose is a small percentage of the total amount of money you risk.

Your expected loss on a bet of $10 followed by an odds bet of $1,000 is under .15, or 15 cents. Of course, you’re still expected to lose a small amount, but if you bet $1,010 on blackjack or video poker with a house edge of .5%, your expected loss is $5.05.

You have to use a big bankroll to make maximum odds wagers, and sometimes you’re going to lose. But in the long run, you’re breaking even when you bet on the odds at the craps game.

Our Final Thoughts

Casinos want you to play games and make bets where the odds favor the casino. And in most cases, no matter what you bet on, the casino has the odds in their favor.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to make bets with bad odds. On the contrary, the bets listed in this post give you the best odds in the casino. You’re still fighting a losing battle, but you have the best chance to win when you make bets with the best odds.

Certain blackjack and video poker games provide the second-best odds in the casino, as long as you use the proper strategies when you play. But the odds bet option at the craps table offers the best odds.