3 Easy Ways to Be a Better Sports Gambler

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You can find many different ways to improve your sports gambling results. Some of these ways require a great deal of work and time. But others aren’t as hard.

I made a list of all of the easy ways I know of to become a better sports gambler, but it turned out to be longer than I thought it would. So instead of writing about everything on the list, I concentrated on a few areas that can have the biggest impact on your results.

Here are three easy ways to become a better sports gambler. Once you master these three areas you can keep learning and working to improve more.

1 – Combine Statistics and Your Eyes

Sports gambling is much like every other type of gambling. Most sports gamblers lose more than they win, and the house is profitable in the long run.

This is important because it tells you that if you do the same things that most gamblers do, you’re going to lose. So the first secret to being a winning sports gambler is to do things in a different way than the majority of gamblers who bet on sporting events.

Normal sports gamblers do one of two things. One group watches games and makes bets based on what they see in the games they watch. The other group relies on statistics to make betting decisions and don’t watch as many games, or use what they see in the games that they do watch to make betting decisions.

If you want to be a better sports gambler you need to use both statistics and what you see when you watch games.

A good sports betting statistical model is valuable, and it can help you find profitable betting opportunities. But there are some things that a statistical model simply can’t tell you. Some things can only be learned by watching and evaluating games.

If you currently make betting decisions based only on watching games or only on statistics, you need to stop making real money wagers immediately. Instead, start watching more games and start building a statistical sports betting model.

When you watch games, watch them as a handicapper. Look for information with your eyes that can help you find value in upcoming games and make better wagering decisions. Look for players on hot or cold streaks and players that might be battling a minor injury that is hurting their performance.

When you build a statistical model, you need to test as many variables as you can. Start with popular statistics and keep testing new statistics one at a time. You can’t test more than one new statistic with your model at a time because if your results change you don’t know which variable caused the change.

If you want to test two or more new statistics with your model, run a new model using each of the new statistics. You can also use some back testing methods to help you find statistics that might help you and eliminate ones that aren’t going to help.

Start combining statistics and your eyes to improve your sports gambling results today.

2 – Find Value Where Others Don’t

Sports gamblers who make profits in the long run are the ones that learn how to find value. They identify games that offer value and bet on them, while ignoring all other games.

One thing that some sports gamblers seem to struggle with is understanding that value is tied to the lines that you can bet on. A game in itself never offers value.

A game might not offer any value at a line of +7 or -7, but the same game might offer value at +5 or -5. And while it’s rare, there are times when you might be able to bet at the 7 or the 5 at different sportsbooks.

In fact, some gamblers exploit line variance to make profits on the value between two lines at different sportsbooks. This is a dangerous game, but it is possible to profit from lines.

The reason why all of this is important is because you have to understand that value is the only thing that matters. If you want to be a better sports gambler, you have to focus 100% on finding value.

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Most sports gamblers think the only way to find value is by handicapping and evaluating games. Actually, let me back up and say that most sports gamblers don’t even think in terms of value. They simply guess or make wagers based on their gut feeling and hope to get lucky.

The main way to find value is in evaluating and handicapping games and comparing your results to the lines offered. But it’s not the only way to find value. And if you want to make long term profits as a sports gambler, you have to find value in every way possible.

The best ways to start finding value are included in the previous section and the next section. Start with these strategies, and then look for other ways to identify value.

One of the best things about betting on sports is there isn’t a step-by-step blueprint to profits. This is also one of the worst things about betting on sports.

Every profitable sports gambler has to develop his, or her, own system for finding and taking advantage of value. This isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the long run because you don’t have to rely on others to make money from sports betting. You only have to rely on your brain and your systems.

3 – Bet on Fewer Games

Have you ever heard the saying about quality over quantity? In sports gambling this is just as true as in any other area.

In the last section you learned how important finding value is to your long term profitability betting on sports. One of the best ways to find value is to invest more time in fewer games. The more time you can invest, the easier it is to find value.

Consider some numbers comparing betting on 10 games and three games. If you invest 20 hours in evaluating and handicapping and bet on 10 games, you spend roughly two hours handicapping each game.

On the other hand, what if you spent two hours eliminating games that don’t offer value, or don’t offer much value, and then spent six hours each on the three games that show the best profit potential?

I realize that this is somewhat simplified, but it doesn’t change the fact that the more time you can spend on a game the better chance you have of making a profitable bet.

One of the best ways to find value while betting on fewer games is to specialize. Become an expert in a specialized sports area instead of trying to know some about a wide range of leagues and teams.

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The more you specialize, the easier it is to find value. Learn everything you can about all of the teams in one division or league, follow all of the writers for these teams, and outwork the sportsbooks in your specialized area.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to become a better sports gambler. Instead of trying to guess about value on every game on the schedule, focus all of your time and energy on a small piece of the schedule and you can see which games might offer value and which ones you can ignore.

Find one game on the schedule every day that looks like it has value and do a deep dive into the evaluation. As soon as you see it doesn’t offer value, move to the next game that looks like it has value.

If the game does offer true value, make a wager after doing a complete evaluation and then look for the next game with value.

You only need to bet on a few games every day or week to make a profit, as long as you do a good job evaluating the games you do bet on.


If you want to be a winning sports gambler you can’t afford to be one dimensional. Learn how to use both your eyes and statistics to evaluate game. This is the best way to learn how to find value.

When you focus on value instead of everything else you have the best chance to find it. Remember that value is the only thing that matters in sports gambling.

Finally, focus on quality over quantity when you gamble on sports. This lets you maximize your value while spending your time on the most important areas.