3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Blackjack Results

Many gamblers enjoy playing blackjack, or 21, as it’s known to some people. You try to get the highest total you can without you or the dealer going over 21. But many gamblers don’t have any idea how to play the best way, so they end up losing more than they need to every time they play.

Here’s a list of three steps you can make that are easy to implement and will start helping your results right away. The first two are steps that every single blackjack player in the world should take. The third one almost guarantees a profit, but it’s not for everyone.

1 – The Only Strategy Is Basic Strategy

I frequently hear blackjack players giving other players advice on how to play their hands and whether or not they should take insurance. Sometimes, the dealer even shares his or her advice on how to play. Once in a while, the advice is good, but most of the time, the advice is to be taken with a grain of salt.


Sometimes, I see blackjack players play a hand one way, and later play the same hand a different way. I also see players take insurance then decline it for other rounds. If you don’t know why playing the same hand different ways is wrong, I’m going to share with you something that’s very important.

Every hand and situation at the blackjack table has a single best way to play. The right play is always the same, so there’s never a good reason to change. This is based on advanced mathematical and computer simulations that consider every possible outcome for each hand, combined with the dealer up card. The results from this analysis are a set of plays that are the best in every situation.

This blackjack strategy is usually called “basic strategy.” And if you’re not using it now, you need to start immediately and use it for every blackjack hand you play for the rest of your life.

Blackjack has a lower house edge than most casino games, and it’s easy to learn how to play. Many people learn to play blackjack from family and friends as they’re growing up.

Here’s a link to some basic blackjack strategies you can use every time you play online or print out to use when you play in a land-based casino.

Blackjack strategy charts are easy to use, and it’s not against the rules to use them in most casinos. When you receive your two starting cards, look for them on the chart. Then, find the dealer’s up card and figure out the best play where the two lines cross. Remember, this is the best play every time.

The other part of basic blackjack strategy you need to follow is to never take insurance. It doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you or what cards you have, it’s always a bad bet to take insurance. Even though some dealers and casinos and players call insurance even money, there’s nothing about the insurance bet that’s even money.

2 – Table Rules Are Important

Now that you understand why using basic blackjack strategy is so important and have a chart to use, you’re well ahead of most blackjack players. When you use the proper blackjack strategy, it keeps the house edge as low as possible in any blackjack game you play. But there’s something else you can do to improve your blackjack results, and that’s find games with good rules.

You won’t find a standard set of blackjack rules, because one doesn’t exist. Some casinos have a standard blackjack game, but different games use a different combination of rules. I’m going to cover the main rules in this section and show you which ones are good for you and which ones aren’t.

Look for blackjack games that have as many good rules as possible and your results will start improving because the house edge is going to be lower.

The number of decks the casino uses changes the house edge. The basic rule is, the lower the number of decks being used, the better for you. A single deck blackjack game is slightly better than a double deck game, which is slightly better than four deck shoes, etc. This isn’t the most important blackjack rule, but if all of the other rules are the same, play in the game with the least number of decks.

A natural blackjack pays 3:2 at most blackjack tables, but more casinos are offering tables that only pay 6:5. The house edge goes up so much on the 6:5 tables that you should never play on a table that doesn’t offer 3:2 pay outs. This is one rule you should never break.

When to Surrender in Blackjack

Blackjack Surrender is only available on certain tables, but it’s a good rule if it’s available. The rule allows you to surrender your hand and receive half your original wager back.

Some tables allow players to double down after splitting pairs, and this is a good rule for you. It’s quite valuable to be able to double down on each hand created when you split aces, so keep an eye out for tables that allow this.

Blackjack tables either have the dealer stand or hit on a soft 17. The best option for you is where the dealer stands on a soft 17, but this isn’t as important as several of the other rules.

You want to play on tables that allow you to split pairs as many times as possible. When you split a pair and receive another pair on one of the hands you split, it’s best if you can split again, and not all tables allow this.

Another rule to look for is being allowed to double down on any two cards. It’s even better if you can double down at any time on any number of cards, but this is a rare rule. The most important totals to be allowed to double down on are 11, 10, and nine.

3 – Be the Dealer

While this isn’t something you can find much information about, one of the best ways to make money from blackjack is to offer the game instead of playing the game. This comes with a big warning; in many areas, it may be illegal to offer casino games without a license.

It’s technically illegal to run private poker games in many areas, but most law enforcement agencies ignore home poker games as long as no one is getting cheated. But casino games, like blackjack, put you in more danger of being arrested. If you want to start your own blackjack game, seek legal advice and do everything you can to protect yourself.

Blackjack is designed so the house wins most of the time. A few players have learned how to count cards and beat the house, but the vast majority of players lose more than they win. If blackjack games weren’t profitable overall, the casinos would quit offering them.

This means that the way to make the most money with blackjack is being the house. You’re going to need a large bankroll to fund your game, but as long as you have enough to survive the ups and downs and can avoid being cheated, there are few better ways to generate profit.

You also need a table, preferably covered in felt, several decks of playing cards, and a shoe to deal the cards from and a shuffling machine are also helpful. You need to replace worn decks of cards frequently, and higher quality cards last longer, but cards are an ongoing expense.

Smart blackjack players can use worn playing cards to get an edge, so don’t try to use cards too long before you replace them. You also need to watch for players trying to mark cards. The final thing you need to do to get prepared is learn how to deal correctly. If you don’t deal correctly, you can flash the value of cards to players, which can also eliminate your edge.

Once you have everything in place, all you have to do is find players. Be careful when trying to find players, because large amounts of cash often attract thieves and other dishonest people.


Print out the strategies I linked to in this article and start using it every time you play blackjack. This is the only way to keep the house edge as low as possible, which gives you a better chance to win. The next step is to find blackjack tables with the best rules. When you combine tables with good rules and always use the best strategy, your results are going to improve immediately.