3 Easy Casino Bet Combinations Every Gambler Needs to Know About

Three Casino Games With Casino Bets Written in Front

Most casino gamblers make a single bet when they play. But when you stick with a single bet, you miss some interesting bet combinations.

The three-bet combinations listed in this post are important to know about. One of them is important because you need to use it, and another bet combination is important to know about because it’s so bad that you need to avoid it.

The third bet combination you’re going to learn about is a fun combination, but it’s not going to change your results in the long run. But you still might want to give it a try.

1 – Don’t Pass and Full Odds in Craps

The best bet combination in the casino is one that most gamblers don’t even now exist. The best bet combination is found at the craps table.

Every craps series of rolls starts with a special bet called a come-out roll. Most craps players bet on the pass line. I don’t really understand why, but many craps players never bet on don’t pass, even though don’t pass offers better odds.

When you make a come-out roll wager, and a point is set, there’s a hidden bet available called the odds. You have to make a come-out roll wager before you can place the odds bet. But when you make a come-out roll wager, and a point is set, you should always make the odds bet.

The thing that makes the odds wager special is that it has no house edge. What this means is that over time you’re going to break even on all of your odds wagers. And this is better than any other bet available in the casino.

When you make a don’t pass bet, you’re making the bet with the lowest house edge at the craps table. And when you make the odds bet after a point is set, you’re putting more money in play with no house edge.

When you combine these two bets, you’re effectively lowering your overall risk and the house edge. Casinos let players make odds bets that are 10 times or more higher than their original bet. So the best bet combination is to bet the table minimum on don’t pass, and then make the table maximum bet on the odds after a point is set.

You’re still going to lose a small amount of money over time using this bet combination, but you’re going to lose less money on average than making any other bets at the craps table. And the truth is that you’re going to lose less money using this bet combination than you’re going to lose doing just about anything else in the casino.

Craps Dice on a Casino Table

The biggest problem I have with playing craps is that I find it boring. I do throw the dice when it’s my turn, but I don’t really enjoy it. And I don’t especially enjoy all of the loud people who tend to play at the craps table. So when I play craps, I usually play online. I always use the bet combination you just learned about, but I don’t have to throw the dice or spend time around other people.

But many people love the atmosphere at a live craps table, and if you’re one of these people, you’re going to have a good time using this bet combination. Just be prepared to have a few players frown your way when you’re betting on don’t pass.

2 – Name That Game and Any Side Bet

Many casino games offer side bets that you can combine with the regular bet or bets for the game. Some casino players enjoy making side bets, but you have to make the base game bet before you can make a side bet.

The problem is that side bets are available for a particular reason, and the reason isn’t anything good for you. Casinos provide games that give them an edge. The edge is how the casino makes money.

But casinos aren’t satisfied with the money they make on the regular bets. So the casinos started coming up with ways to make more money from each game.

Casinos started developing side bets that helped them make more money. In fact, just about every side bet in a casino makes more money for the casino as a percentage than the base game bets. In other words, if the house edge for the base game is 1%, the edge on the side bet is usually at least 2%.

Many side bets are clearly listed as side bets, but some are hidden.

For example, when you play blackjack, insurance is just a side bet that makes the casino more money. So insurance looks like a regular part of the blackjack game, but it’s a side bet on whether the dealer has a card worth 10 points in the hole or not.

The reason you need to know about side bet combinations is so you know how bad these bets are. You should never make a side bet in the casino because your odds of winning are better when you just make the base game bet.

3 – Black and Even Roulette

You don’t really need to know about this casino bet combination, but it’s a fun way to change things up when you’re gambling. Unlike the craps combination you learned about in the first section, it doesn’t improve your chance of winning. And unlike the side bet combinations you learned about in the second section, it doesn’t hurt your chances of winning.

I don’t know about you, but I get bored when I gamble. I’m always looking for something that changes the norm, but I don’t want to hurt my chances to win while I change things up.

Closeup of a Roulette Wheel

I don’t play a lot of roulette, but I do play a few spins from time to time when I get bored. And when I do play roulette, I use bet combinations most of the time. Here’s a simple bet combination I use to add some fun and excitement to the casino.

I find a roulette table that doesn’t have the double zero space. The double zero space hurts your chances to win, so it’s best to play on a table with only 37 spaces. You can see why the extra space hurts your chances to win by looking at a couple of simple numbers.

If you bet on black and there are 37 spaces, you win 18 out of 37 spins. But if the table has 38 spaces, you only win 18 out of 38 spins. It might not seem like a big difference to go from 37 to 38 but think of it this way. Would you rather win an extra time or lose an extra time?

If you’re betting $20 on each spin, there’s no reason to give the casino an extra $20 every 38 spins. And over several playing sessions, the extra $20 per 38 spins can add up to a lot of money.

The way I use this bet combination is simple. I make the table minimum bet on black and on the even numbers. So if the table minimum is $10, I bet a total of $20.

When the ball lands on a red number that’s odd, I lose both bets. When the ball lands on a black number that’s odd, I break even. But when the ball lands on a black number that’s even, I double my money.

The roulette table has 10 spaces that are even and black. So on 10 out of every 37 spins, I double my money.

This bet combination doesn’t change how much I win or lose in the long run. But it changes things up when I use it.

And if I really want to change things up, I double my bet after I hit one of the 10 spaces where I lose both bets. So if I hit a red odd number, I bet $20 on black and even on the next spin.

In Conclusion

You need to know about the best craps bet combination because it gives you the best chance to win. But the reason why you need to know about the bet combinations involving side wagers is because those bets are designed to make you lose more money.

Smart gamblers learn as much about the games and bets as possible. Winning gamblers understand that the more they know, the better their chance of winning. In other words, gambling knowledge is power.

The final bet combination listed in this post is mostly for fun, but it’s good to try when you need a break from your regular gambling activities. But it’s not going to change your results from losing to winning suddenly.