The 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo is Almost Here!

2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo Logo and an Outside View of the Rio Casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a huge number of different fashion events. Some might even tell you that it’s the fashion capital of the United States. Later this month, the 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo is taking place. Today, we’re going to take a look at what this popular expo has to offer.

The LVSWE is one of the most popular fashion expos in Sin City. It draws a huge number of attendees every year. Here’s what visitors can expect this year.

Las Vegas’ History of Fashion Events

Las Vegas remains the most popular tourist destination in the United States. More than 40 million people visit this city every single year. As you’d probably expect, Las Vegas has grown to become a fashion hub, with many different shows taking place throughout the year.

One of the first major fashion venues to open in this city is the Fashion Show Mall. This venue opened in 1981, anchored by top brands including Diamond’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. This mall immediately began putting on fashion shows on a retractable runway in the center atrium.

The LV Fashion Show Mall is still extremely popular today. It’s one of the most common spots for major brands to reveal their new products.

Las Vegas International Fashion Week is another great time to check out the latest clothing reveals. This takes place in August every year and allows all of the world’s most diverse brands to showcase their collections. More than 200 delegates and 50 exhibitors attend each year.

For the past six years, Las Vegas has also been host to the Southwestern Women’s Expo. This event has grown more popular with each passing year thanks to its wide range of different shopping, entertainment, and fashion events. The 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo is just around the corner. Here’s what attendees can expect this year.

What’s Coming to the 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo?

Many believe the LVSWE is the best all-around expo for fashion fans in Las Vegas. Unlike many events that only feature runway shows, this expo offers attendees a huge range of different activities to take part in. Visitors here can shop, meet celebrities, win prizes, sample products, and more.

In case you’re unaware, this expo takes place on October 26th and 27th. It’s being hosted inside the Rio Hotel & Casino, located not far from the Las Vegas Strip. More than 60,000 square feet is being used for this expo, offering a massive, fun space for those involved.

2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo Promotional Image and Details of Event

Many world-class fashion brands will be showcasing their products at the 2019 LVSWE. All attendees also have the opportunity to sell their products, as well. Some of the different exhibit categories you can expect here are fashion, skincare, fitness, and career advancement.

There are also several fashion runway shows taking place at the expo this year. It’s still unknown exactly which brands will be featuring their products during these shows. We’ll get a better idea over the next few weeks.

The 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo is just around the corner. If you love fashion, this is one of the best events in Las Vegas to attend.

Upcoming Fashion Shows to Attend in Las Vegas

The LVSWE isn’t the only major fashion show taking place in Las Vegas. As we’ve already mentioned, there are a huge number of major events taking place over the next several months. One that many are looking forward to is the MAGIC event, taking place in February of 2020. It’s described as a fashion marketplace, featuring shows on the latest apparel, footwear, and accessories.

UBM Fashion puts on this event every single year. Attendees are able to check out all of the different showcases on display. This event takes place inside the world-famous Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort. It’s actually bigger in scale than the 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo and features top fashion brands from around the world.

Not everyone can attend one of the major fashion events taking place in Las Vegas. Fortunately, the aforementioned Las Vegas Fashion Mall puts on shows every single weekend of the year. From Friday to Sunday, there are runway shows taking place every hour from noon to 6 pm.

On October 27th, the LV Fashion Mall is putting on its popular Fashion & Tailgate show. This will begin at 1 pm and includes live sporting events, food, drinks, and runway shows. All of the money earned from the event goes to charity.

If you’re in Las Vegas on October 26th, make sure to check out the 2019 Las Vegas Southwestern Women’s Expo. You’ll quickly realize why this is one of the most popular fashion events happening in Las Vegas every year.

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