15 Items You Should Pack for Your Next Casino Vacation

Travel Pack on Right People at a Craps Table on Left

Taking a casino trip for one night or an entire week can be an exciting experience. You’ll get to see new places and make memories with friends and family.

In order to make the most of your vacation, it’s vital that you go prepared. At times, we become so consumed with the idea of getting away for a few days that we miss the little things.

This might equate to nothing more than a minor inconvenience if you’re lucky but could pose some real problems for you. Let’s look at 15 items you should pack for your next casino vacation.

Check all of these boxes before you leave the house, and you’ll be free to enjoy the games and entertainment without worrying about the worst case.

1 – Proper Identification

When you travel to the casino, one of the most essential items is your driver’s license or passport. If you’re flying to the destination, you’re not going to get through security without one.

So, you’ll probably have it for the casino, but you don’t want to start your trip off by missing your flight.

Even if you are traveling to the casino by car, you’ll likely need to show your ID at some point.

2 – Bring Cash

Cash is king in the casino, and you’re going to want to have plenty on hand. In addition to the cash for the games, you’ll want extra cash for tipping in the casino and any incidentals while you’re out exploring.

If you wait to take cash out at the casino, you’re going to be subjected to insane ATM fees that can quickly add up. Not to mention that your bank will have a daily ATM withdrawal limit that may be much lower than you require.

Carry the cash on your person, and you shouldn’t have any issues. It’s unlikely anyone is going to think you’re up to nefarious deeds carrying cash to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Charging Cables for Your Phone, Smartwatch, Laptop, and Camera

You’re not going to spend a lot of time in your room. That means you’ll spend much of your day out exploring and having a blast.

So, you’ll want to make sure and pack chargers for your smartphone, watch, tablet, laptop, camera, and any other electronic devices that require a battery charge.

Phone Connected to Portable Charger, Yellow Lightning Bolt

There’s nothing worse than being in a new city and the stress of a cell phone at 12%. Plus, you may not want to rely on someone else to commemorate an experience through photos.

If my spouse forgets to charge their smartphone, I give her mine. She knows that I only use the camera on my phone when I’m heading to a hardware store or an auto repair shop.

Comfortable Footwear (Flip-Flops Don’t Count)

Whether you believe it or not, you’re going to be on your feet a lot. Even if you never plan to leave the casino property, you’ll be walking from one end of the massive property to the other.

Ideally, you’ll be out exploring as much as possible. Regardless, you’ll wish you had comfortable footwear.

No, your flip-flops don’t constitute proper footwear. Most casinos aren’t going to let you play “barefoot” anyway. Just check our blog about how to dress in a casino for other good ideas on this subject.

So, pack a good pair of shoes that won’t kill your feet or give you blisters from walking around all day.

Hand Sanitizer

Humans are nothing short of disgusting. We are walking germ pits, and in today’s climate, you can’t be too careful.

Pack a small bottle of capable hand sanitizer and keep it on your person at all times. Anytime you inadvertently come into contact with a potential hazard, lather up, and eradicate the germs.

I’m pretty far from being classified as a germaphobe, but we touch our faces a lot. It doesn’t take much to suddenly have an illness that could ruin your entire vacation.

Even a stomach bug is magnified to a severe illness when you’re far from home.


Packing sunglasses may not seem like a big deal. However, when you’re out and about, you’ll definitely wish you had something to shade the sun.

You could always grab a pair when you get to your destination but be prepared to pay the resort premium on the new shades. Sunglasses don’t take up much space, and you can wear them as you travel, so there’s no reason not to come prepared.

Whether or not you wear them in the poker room is up to you. Just know that it’ll put a target on your head for many players.

Bring a Spare Bag for Goodies

If you plan to do any premium shopping while you’re on vacation, it’s a great idea to bring an extra bag along for the ride.

Years ago, I took my first trip to the resorts in Macau and loaded up on souvenirs for myself and my family. What I did not do was plan ahead.

Suitcase Full of Hundred Dollar Bills With a Craps Table Background

Hours before my flight, I rushed to a shopping district to buy a suitcase to bring all of my goodies home. Thankfully, I had an interpreter who could negotiate a fair price on a bag that has lasted me over a decade.

Besides, you never know when you’ll hit a lucky jackpot and come home with a suitcase full of cash. Although, I suggest taking most of the payment via check.

At Least One Set of Fancy Clothes

There will be occasions when there’s a premium placed on looking your best in the casino. You may have every intention of playing it low-key and never having a fancy night out.

However, the casino may lay exclusive tickets at your feet or offer you dinner reservations at the hottest casino restaurant in town. You shouldn’t miss out on the experience because you packed like you were going to the beach.

Toss in a cocktail dress or a suit and dine in style while you’re on your casino vacation.


Personally, I’ve never experienced the pain of a sunburn. But I know I’m in the vast minority. Many of you will face a much more difficult task when it comes to dealing with the sun.

Sunscreen is an absolute must for hitting the Las Vegas Strip if you’re heading to Las Vegas. It’s sunny there for over 300 days a year, and you’ve got to protect your skin!


Well, if you’re going to pack the sunscreen, you might as well bring your swimsuit. The casino resorts will offer you a luxurious pool experience in almost any scenario.

You should take full advantage of the amenity and use the pool time to relax and unwind before a long gambling session or unwind after a long day.

A Light Jacket or Hoodie

You may be headed to a warmer climate for your casino trip and not anticipate the need for a jacket or hoodie. However, casinos pump in cool air by the ton to keep guests cool and comfortable.

Casino Gamblers at a Roulette Table With Slot Machines Behind Them

This blast of cool will feel amazing when you walk in from the steamy streets. But it can become chilly when you’ve been at the tables for a while without much activity.

Pack something to keep you warm while you’re in the midst of a long gaming session.

An Extra Pillow

My spouse seems to live by some unwritten code that you can never have enough pillows. I am more of a minimalist, preferring only one good pillow.

The keyword here is good. I’ve woken up more than once with a terrible crick in my neck sleeping on poor-quality hotel pillows.

Make room to carry an extra pillow or two, and you’ll sleep much better. Do not forget to bring your pillows home with you at the end of your stay.

I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in pillows thanks to my utter absentmindedness.

Small First Aid Kit

Having a small first aid kit handy can benefit you wherever you happen to be or what you’re doing. Having Band-Aids, ointment, burn cream, pain reliever, and bandages will be valuable if the worst should happen.

Likely, you’ll never need the kit, but it can save you a ton of time in case of a headache or small cut. You can pick up an adequate kit on the internet for under $30, but you can also build one yourself with supplies from home.

It’s also a great idea to put any prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs in the kit.

Strategy Charts

If you’re going to be playing blackjack or baccarat, you need to be using the basic strategy for the game you’re playing.

Print off the strategy cards at home and take them with you to the casino. You’ll be using them at the casino, so pack extras in case you lose or damage one.

Your Phone

Mobile GamingIt may appear to be a brilliant idea to cut the cord and get off the grid for a few days. However, if an emergency comes up back home, you’ll want to know about it as soon as possible.

Take your cell phone on vacation. You can leave it in the room if you like, but it’s always nice to have your camera on you to keep those memories alive.


Make sure you cover the 15 items you should pack for your next casino trip. The fine line between a disaster and not having a problem often comes down to preparedness.

Pack the essentials; you’ll waste precious time trying to track them down once you’re at your destination.