13 Epic Sights to See Near Grindstone Creek Casino

Grindstone Creek Casino Logo Over A Biking Trail On Right And A Taproom On Left

Grindstone Creek Casino is a tiny casino in Hayward, Wisconsin. Given its small size, it’s just one of 14 hot attractions in town—another dozen of which you will find in the sections below. So, if you’re planning on spending time at Grindstone Creek but you’re looking for more, today’s post covers a lot.

Let’s go over 13 more attractions near Grindstone Creek Casino so you too can have one epic outing in one of Wisconsin’s small, yet vibrant areas. The place is full of fun things to do, starting with a popular trail and ending with another local casino.

1 – American Birkebeiner Trail

The American Birkebeiner Trail gives you over 50 miles of recreational activities regardless of the season. Activities here include hiking, biking, skiing, and even a snowshoe trail that will give you a scenic tour of two Wisconsin towns.

Reviews on TripAdvisor agree they keep the trails well-maintained throughout the calendar year. Many cross-country skiers have especially raved about the American Birkebeiner Trail. So, if you’re into winter-related activities, it’s definitely a great place to check out.

2 – Out of the Woods Winery

Since Grindstone Creek Casino is small in stature, chances are you won’t find much local fare at the venue. Not to worry, though, as Out of the Woods Winery has you covered.

Out of the Woods Winery specializes as a winery and bar. Besides the wine tastings, you can stay awhile once you’ve settled on one of their many local flavors.

They specialize in vineyard to bar-top apple cider, mead, and wine, so you’re getting more selection here than your average winery.

Better yet, locals rave about their small bites selection. You won’t be able to get enough of their famous flatbread pizzas, pretzels, meat, cheese plates, and ice cream for dessert.

Come on out for lunch and be sure to discover your next favorite cocktail at Out of the Woods Winery. And as you have probably just discovered, it’s so much more than just your average winery.

3 – Wilderness Walk

This is a fun avenue if you’re in Hayward with the family. So, if you played for an hour at Grindstone Creek Casino, head over to Wilderness Walk and get a kick out of what your kids will experience here.

They can see all kinds of animals. And they can even feed the goats, camels, baby deer, rabbits, and baby skunks. Wilderness Walk also doubles as a petting zoo, giving you and your kids an even greater interactive experience.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have also seen more than a fair number of friendly birds walking around the area. There is a lot to love here at Wilderness Walk, and what you see in today’s small description is nothing more than a few examples.

4 – Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

This unique attraction was one of a few recipients of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Traveler’s Choice Awards. And it’s a perfect venture if you’re into freshwater fishing.

What makes the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame so unique?

If you’ve been to different Hall of Fames across America, you probably appreciated unique architecture. But they were just previews of the half-block long and five-story-high fiberglass muskie that they made this Hall of Fame out of.

Fresh Water Fishing Hall Of Fame

Odds are, you won’t miss it when you’re out on the road. How many fiberglass muskies let visitors inside them? Cool, right?

Even if you’re not into the sport of freshwater fishing, you need to visit the Fresh Water Hall of Fame just to experience the unique architecture.

5 – Hayward Lakes Visitors and Convention Bureau

You’ll find a lot of information on attractions near Grindstone Creek Casino and the Hayward region in today’s post. But if you’re looking for information that goes beyond the scope of today’s post, the Hayward Lakes Visitors and Convention Bureau is where it’s happening.

Here, you’ll discover information that includes maps, brochures, coupons, and more. Plus, if you’re looking for more information on what you see covered in today’s post, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about these locations and they will be willing to help you make the most of your vacation in the area.

6 – Northwoods Humane Society Thrift Shop

Do you have a passion for helping animals?

Come on into this outstanding thrift shop, which serves as the largest source of income for the area’s animal shelter. This volunteer-run shop could serve in a few ways as the area’s gift shop, too.

So, commemorate your stay in the area by shopping here at the Northwoods Humane Society Thrift Shop. Most of their employees comprise of volunteers putting out excellent displays of holiday and seasonal items. You’ll even find kitchen goods, books, Humane Society logo items, and so much more.

7 – Spider Lake Ranch

Be sure to make reservations if you’re planning on coming to Spider Lake Ranch. But with that being said, you can make a winning bet that it’s in high demand.

So, what does this gem in the Northwoods offer? Well… How does horse riding sound?

Spider Lake Ranch Scenic View

But worry not, as they have fully trained riding instructors right at the location. So, you can follow their lead while you learn how to ride, especially if it’s your first time.

Yep, chances are you’ll get quite a thrill here at Spider Lake Ranch, and unlike the ones you’ll uncover at Grindstone Creek Casino. So, if you’re in to learn a new skill or are just craving a new thrill, head over to Spider Lake Ranch during your trip to the region.

8 – Park Theater

Need entertainment for the evening? Given Grindstone Creek Casino’s smaller size, you can make a safe bet that you’ll need to explore Hayward to find adequate entertainment. And Park Theater is one of those places where you will find it.

And this theater is practically a central hub for entertainment in the Hayward, Wisconsin area.

From live music to stage productions, and even art galleries, you may make a few trips to Park Theater when it’s all said and done.

And if you can’t be in the venue for the evening, they also have a stellar meet and greet plus access to other shows and events online. For a small fee, you can get instant access. How cool is that?

9 – Tremblay’s Sweet Shop

We all crave sweets every now and again, right?

And nothing satisfies those cravings better than what you can buy locally. Yep, Tremblay’s Sweet Shop features more than its fair share of homegrown items, including chocolate and vanilla fudge, chocolate balls, milk and dark chocolate filled with caramel and peanut butter, and so much more.

Sounds like one epic time, right? It’s not quite Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but a good consolation.

10 – Runamuk Rides

If you’re looking to tour the Wisconsin Northwoods scenery in winter, Runamuk Rides is the place to be. If you’re an avid snowmobiler and would love a guided tour of the Northwoods, head over to Runamuk Rides and create the memory of a lifetime deep in the Wisconsin wilderness.

They offer both one and two-person snowmobile rentals and a variety of durations that will fit your needs. Oh, and if you’re here in the spring and summer, they also have ATV rentals, fishing boats, and so much more.

Snowmobile Rider At Runamuk Rides

Along with 2.5 million acres of forest and direct trail lines, what’s there not to love about Runamuk Rides?

If you want a unique experience of the Northwoods, come on over and rent out a snowmobile in winter or an ATV in the summer to kick off an unforgettable journey.

11 – Jet Set Flyboarding

We talked about a land-based journey in the above section. But if a thrill-seeking adventure on the water is something you’re craving, head over to Jet Set Flyboarding. This locally-owned extreme water sports rental company thrives to make your experience enjoyable and to the highest standard.

While you’ll find a cool experience in the Northwoods on an ATV or a snowmobile, supplement it with an even greater thrill-seeking journey in Northern Wisconsin’s waterways. To fly, you will need to strap on a helmet and life jacket. But other than that, you’re ready to go.

12 – Lumberjack Village Mini Golf

Yet another fine place to bring the family. Lumberjack Village Mini Golf is a great place to fix a golf craving in a family-friendly atmosphere. With reasonable prices and a well-maintained course, get a thrill from their mini water hazards, colorful balls, and challenging holes.

It’s also a no-frills course bearing minimal “mini-golf attractions,” making it even suitable for young kids whose frustrations may go through the roof. Or it could be great for older kids with an overly competitive spirit.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out that ice cream shop across the street.

13 – Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge, and Convention Center

If you’re looking for more casino gaming, dining, and even entertainment options, head across town to Sevenwinds. They feature 35,000 square feet of gaming space, along with the area’s hottest table and poker games.

Also, you’ll find three dynamic dining options, plenty of entertainment, and even a trade show or two at the convention center. So, head on over if you’re looking for even more ways to win and have fun doing what you love. Spend time on the casino floor and try your hand in an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere.


Given the small size of Grindstone Creek Casino, you won’t spend too much time there. But given the vibrant community that is Hayward, Wisconsin, a trip to Grindstone Creek is the beginning of a phenomenal adventure to a phenomenal area.

Plus, Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge, and Convention Center is rocking and rolling with a larger gaming floor, entertainment options, and so much more.

But be sure to peek at a few attractions on today’s list that look good to you, compose your own list, and explore one of Northern Wisconsin’s finest towns. Chances are, you and your entire family will have a blast.

Have you been to Grindstone Creek Casino? If so, did you visit any of the attractions listed in today’s post? Tell us your stories in the comments. We are looking forward to reading about your experience.