12 Fine Landing Spots Near the Seven Clans Casinos

Seven Clans Casinos Logo and Attractions

The Seven Clans Casinos comprise three smaller casinos in the Red Lake, Thief River Falls, and Warroad locations of Northern Minnesota. And while you’ll find all three casinos in the same viewing area, they all have a few unique attractions surrounding them.

Today’s post looks at 12 attractions, with four surrounding the Red Lake area, another four near Thief River Falls, and the final four close to Warroad. But since these casinos are near one another, all 12 of these locations are within proximity of all three casinos.

Some are closer to one than others. With that said, you can realistically visit each location plus the casinos.

So, if you’re taking a tour to explore the three Seven Clans Casinos in the area, look at today’s list and discover a few more landing spots beyond the gaming outlets.

Let’s see what the Northern Minnesota gambling area offers.

Widman’s Candy Shop

You’ll find Widman’s Candy Shop about a half-hour west of the Red Lake area in Grand Forks, North Dakota. While you may think it’s a bit of a haul from the small town of Red Lake, it’s one of the most popular destinations on today’s list.

Featuring an outstanding selection of candy, this is the prime place to satisfy a sweet tooth if it’s affecting you. Plus, if you’re just into the Northern Minnesota scenery, it’s more than worth the trip 30 miles west to indulge in original candy from a well-sought location.

Memorial Park

Since you’re already in the Grand Forks, North Dakota, area, you might as well check out one of their most well-known parks. They constructed the memorial Park to remember the Red River Flood of 1997. The flood affected Grand Forks, Fargo, Moorhead, Minnesota, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Memorial Park Minnesota

Built next to Red River itself, these are the same grounds that flooded back in 1997. But today, the ground is now above water and it’s the perfect place to run, walk, bike, and even hike.

So, if you’re already exploring the Grand Forks area after some serious casino gaming at the Seven Clans Casinos, this is the ultimate place to stop, immerse yourself in the North Dakota scenery, and calm your mind. Or you can get a cardio workout if you’re here in the spring or summer.

Grand Forks County Historical Society Myra Museum

If you’re into history and if you’re looking to tour Grand Forks, North Dakota, then be sure to put the Grand Forks County Historical Society Myra Museum high onto your list.

Visitors have raved about this location’s aesthetics during the holiday season. If you’re brave enough to venture into the cold climate of North Dakota during that time, head over for an epic display featuring memorabilia from your favorite classic Christmas movies. (You know, like the Grinch and the leg lamp. You get the gist of it.)

Oh, and there are also times the place has a few free outdoor concerts going on. So, you have a lot to love here when you venture out into the museum even if local history itself doesn’t pique your interest.

Voyageur’s Tubing and Camping

Alright, so if you’re looking to remain strictly local and aren’t willing to venture out of state during your time off from Seven Clans Casino Red Lake, Voyageur’s Tubing and Camping provides an epic alternative.

Voyageur’s Tubing and Camping

Best yet, they invite guests of all ages for this epic tube ride on the Red Lake River. It’s also a fine place to catch the beautiful, Northern Minnesota scenery. Now, be sure to carve out some time in your day, as you’re looking at a 1.5 to 3-hour tube ride through the area.

It’s also a fine place to camp. So, if you’d rather sleep in the wild and wonderful lands of Minnesota under the north stars, be sure to book a campsite and have at it.

Old Mill State Park

You’ll find Old Mill State Park about 25 miles from the Thief River Falls location. It’s a fantastic place for a hike and it features many unique landscapes and trail difficulties. So, if you’re a novice hiker, you have a few fantastic options here.

Old Mill State Park

Apart from their various hiking trails, they also have an outstanding RV Park. The one complaint is that they turn off the water after Labor Day, which some in the area find to be too early.

Boardwalk Bar and Grill

Since the Seven Clans Casinos are smaller, you won’t find as many dining options.

But that just gives you a little more incentive to explore the area. Reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about the lunches at the Boardwalk Bar and Grill. And they feature everything from salads and even quesadillas.

They offer a casual atmosphere. So, dress in your most comfortable clothes, head on over to the Boardwalk Bar and Grill for lunch, and kick off the afternoon before you try to hit a jackpot later in the day.

Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery

A trip to the Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery requires you to go out of your way, being about 45 minutes from the Thief River Falls location.

However, they are well-known for their farm to fresh wine, family-friendly atmosphere, and music from a slew of local musicians. They also give you the option if you’d rather taste test their finest wine from the inside or outside.

Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery

If you’re looking for what some reviewers call the “best kept secret in the Grand Cities,” you will find it at Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery. If you’re a wine enthusiast, driving a little ways out of the area is a must to experience all this fantastic gem offers.

Grand Forks Town Square

Grand Forks Town Square is yet another fantastic option in the area. Plus, it’s near enough to all three casino locations that you can enjoy the town square whether you’re at Red Lake, Thief River Falls, or Warroad.

The square boasts several cool attractions within an attraction. And best yet, it’s not a place that’s going to draw an insane number of crowds. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have noted that these days, about one out of every five booths are open at any given time.

It has drawn a few negative reviews. But if you’re looking for more space and fewer crowds, it’s more than worth a trip to catch some arts fairs, farmers markets, and any entertainment activity they have going on in the square.

William S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center

This is a great place if you’re looking to catch up on some local history. It tells the story of the Marvin family and the City of Warroad as a whole. But they gear most of the story to the popular Marvin Windows Company.

William S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center

Best yet, if you’re just looking to take an hour off from the adrenaline-pumping casino games at Seven Clans Casino Warroad, a trip to the William S. Marvin Training Center is a fantastic go-to. And if you haven’t read it on today’s post, chances are, someone in the area will mention it to you.

It remains one of the prized possessions in Warroad.

Zippel Bay State Park

If you’re looking for the best beach in probably the entire state, it’s at Zippel Bay State Park. And once you gaze into the calm, blue waters of Zippel Bay, you’ll see why you’re in for a relaxing experience.

Zippel Bay State Park is an even greater site to see in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is rising or settling into the waters. To add to the bay’s fantastical scenery, you’ll find several rocks rising from the surface of the waters, plus kayakers paddling toward the horizon.

You’ll also find many recreational activities to take part in too, including hiking, biking, birdwatching, picnicking, canoeing, kayaking, and so much more. It’s the optimal place to immerse yourself in nature.

And the atmosphere is so calming that if you lost during your time at the casino, chances are you’ll forget about those losses fast.

Roseau County Historical Society and Museum

A specialty museum you will find about 20 minutes away from Seven Clans Casino Warroad, the Roseau County Historical Society and Museum will show you just how proud the people are of their city.

Roseau County Historical Society and Museum

They boast an outstanding collection of historical, cultural, geological, and even technological items from the Roseau area that have turned it into what it is today. A well-maintained museum featuring a variety of exhibits, this is a must-see if you’re into local history and culture.

Lakes of Sandhills Golf Course

You’ll find this final attraction not in Minnesota, but in Manitoba. Yes, you’ll cross into the Canadien border for this one. But given Seven Clans Casino Warroad’s proximity to the border, it’s only a few miles outside of town.

You’ll find the golf course over at Buffalo Point Resort. And it features 18 holes of golf immersed in the breathtaking beauty of Southern Canada. They boast a well-maintained course that remains in pristine condition throughout the season.

So, if you’re craving a game of golf as opposed to another round at the tables, head across the border and into the Lakes of Sandhills Golf Course for an amazing game of golf.

Enjoy the Attractions Near the Seven Clans Casinos

The Seven Clans Casinos are smaller, so they make for a better part of an overall vacation setting. But you’ll find a lot of fine landing spots within a 40-mile radius in the four cardinal directions.

While Northern Minnesota appears to be remote, a small drive from these three casinos and the areas in which they’re located provide a lot to love about the Northern United States.

Have you been to the Seven Clans Casinos? If so, tell us which one was your favorite and if you visited any of the above locations. We’re excited to read your stories.