11 Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk in the Casino

Drinks at Casino Tables

Alcoholic drinks are one of the most common comps in casinos. They’re given to gamblers who play everything from blackjack to slot machines.

If you’re like most gamblers, you will appreciate free drinks in casinos. You’ll especially like them when considering that alcoholic beverages can cost $10 or more in casinos.

The more drinks you take, though, the more chances that you’ll get highly buzzed or even drunk. Once you enter this state, you’re more likely to make bad decisions and lose more money.

With that said, you want to keep your head clear in the casino. The following tips will help you stay relatively sober.

1 – Alternate With Some Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Most gamblers act like they don’t have any other options when the cocktail waitress comes around. They simply keep ordering alcoholic drinks again and again.

A better idea, though, is to alternate alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. This practice ensures that you don’t just down beers and/or cocktails left and right.

Furthermore, it spaces out how often you have alcohol. The non-alcoholic drinks, whether it’s juice or simply water, provide something to sip on while you’re playing.

2 – Have Water During and After Drinking Sessions

Continuing off the first tip, water is excellent to have in between drinks. Research shows that water helps improve alcohol absorption.

It also flushes out your system while you’re drinking. You’ll need to visit the bathroom more often and, thus, get rid of some of the alcohol.

Of course, you might not want to waste your free drinks on glasses of water. In this case, you should be sure to visit the drinking fountain after every bathroom trip.

3 – Take a Break From the Casino Games and Eat

A common myth about drinking is that food soaks up all of the alcohol. Therefore, some people think that they’ll avoid getting drunk so long as they eat a big meal beforehand.

The reality is that food alone doesn’t give you the greenlight to drink heavily. It does, however, put something in your stomach and slows alcohol absorption.

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You’ll especially do well when eating healthy before and during a drinking/gambling session. The during part gives you a break from gambling and drinking, thus helping you sober up.

4 – Don’t Gamble With Drunks

The company you keep plays a big role in how much you’ll drink in the casino. Assuming you’re gambling with a group of drunks, then you’ll find it extremely difficult to stay levelheaded.

You may already be tempted to accept drink after drink from the cocktail waitress. You’ll have virtually no resistance when all of your friends are doing the same.

Nothing is wrong with drinking alcohol as a gambler. You don’t, however, want to be with the group that gets extremely drunk and loud.

Ideally, you’ll have a set of friends that’s good at drinking in moderation. This peer group will, in turn, help keep you from getting drunk during gambling sessions.

5 – Don’t Rely on Myths (e.g. Yeast, Coffee)

Some drinking tips don’t amount to anything more than old wives’ tales. Nevertheless, these myths keep popping up again and again.

One of the most famous drinking myths is that you can counteract the effects of alcohol with coffee. Supposedly, you can sip coffee during or after drinking to keep yourself sober.

While coffee keeps you alert, it does nothing to break down alcohol. Additionally, you could still feel alert and be quite drunk at the same time.

Another myth is that yeast will prevent you from getting drunk. Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch has promoted this misbelief by stating that you should have a spoonful of yeast for every drink.

The reality, though, is that yeast won’t prevent you from getting drunk either. At best, it has a minimal effect when you’re consuming small amounts of alcohol.

6 – Know Your Tolerance Level

Your alcohol tolerance plays a large role in your decisions during a gambling session. Assuming you have a high tolerance level, you’ll be able to drink more and still make solid decisions.

If you don’t drink much, though, your tolerance isn’t going to be very high. You might begin playing poorly after just a few drinks in this case.

That said, you should go light on the alcohol if you don’t consume it very often. It’s better to be safe than sorry when drinking in the casino.

Provided you’re an experienced drinker, you’ll likely be able to handle more alcohol. Even in this case, though, you don’t want to catch a major buzz and risk losing more money.

7 – Stick to One Drink Per Hour

If you have no idea how much alcohol your body can handle, then you should stick to only having one beer or cocktail per hour.

Everybody is affected differently by alcohol based on their weight, what they’re drinking, and tolerance. Generally speaking, though, one drink an hour will keep you relatively sober.

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Of course, casinos like to serve you more often than this. They know that they’ll have a better chance of taking your money when you are more inebriated.

As mentioned in the first step, though, you can alternate between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. You’ll have an easier time sticking to one drink per hour when alternating.

8 – Have Drinks With Lower Alcohol Content

The specific drinks you have will affect how quickly it takes you to get drunk. Therefore, you can choose beverages with lower alcohol content.

If you drink beer, for example, you could have Blue Moon LightSky (4.0% alcohol). Assuming you like cocktails, you might sip on a Banana Cream Pie (13.0% alcohol).

9 – Set a Time Limit on How Long You’ll Be on the Gaming Floor

You may lose track of time when drinking, playing casino games, and having fun. This lost sense of time can keep you gambling for hours and losing more money.

With that said, you should set a time limit for how long you’ll play casino games. You might, for example, set a cutoff point of four hours.

Of course, it’s not easy to stick to such time limits. Casinos are notorious for not providing clocks on the gaming floor.

An easy way to overcome this drawback, though, is by setting an alarm on your phone. If you start gambling at 5pm, for instance, you can set an alarm for 9pm.

These alarms don’t necessarily force you to stop gambling. However, they will snap you back into reality and hopefully convince you to end a session on time.

10 – Play Casino Table Games

Penny slot machines seem like harmless casino games. They call on you to wager between $0.50 and $3 per spin, which is relatively cheap in the gaming world.

However, slots also have the quickest play rate in the casino. You might spin the reels up to 500 times an hour or more.

Furthermore, slot machines see you play in isolation. If you’re drinking while isolated, you might continue downing drinks until you’re drunk.

With that said, you might consider sticking with live dealer table games. Baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and other table games feature a slower play rate.

These games require a larger minimum bet than video poker and slot machines. However, the bigger minimum wagers are counteracted by the slow gameplay.

Person With Mixed Drink on a Casino Table

Additionally, you won’t be playing in isolation. You’ll have other people around, which may convince you not to get completely drunk—especially if your friends aren’t heavy drinkers either.

11 – Set a Strict Limit on How Much Cash You Bring to the Floor

If all else fails, you can limit how much money you bring to the gaming floor. Also, you can leave your credit cards in the hotel room.

You might decide to only bring $200 into the casino. Once this $200 runs out, you can either wait around for your friends to finish playing or go back to the hotel room.

Of course, limiting how much you bring to the gaming floor doesn’t guarantee that you won’t seek more money. It does, however, create an inconvenience.

You may ultimately decide against getting your credit cards in the room and coming back to the casino ATM. Furthermore, you won’t be tempted to keep drinking and gambling.

In Summary

The casino provides lots of temptation to drink while you’re playing. You can certainly partake in some free alcoholic beverages if you’re a drinker.

On the other hand, you don’t want to drink so much that it affects your judgment. You’ll start making poor decisions and losing more money as a result.

The 11 tips presented here can help you consume less alcohol in gambling establishments. You’ll be able to play better when you have a relatively clear mind.