11 Crazy Bars in Las Vegas

Mermaid, Atomic, Gold Spike, Griffin
Las Vegas isn’t the place to go to drown your sorrows over a frosty brew while whiney country songs play in the background. It’s a high-energy atmosphere that features some of the world’s most-extravagant bars.

Las Vegas watering holes are in an arms race to see who can impress alcoholics the most. Everything from mermaids to fire is in play as Sin City bars try luring stumbling tourists into their doors.

If you want a show and unforgettable atmosphere along with your $12 beer, then you should check out any of the unforgettable and crazy Vegas bars covered below.

1 – Mermaid Lounge

The Mermaid Lounge is located inside the Silverton Casino, which is three miles away from the bustling Strip. You’ll find that it’s definitely worth making the trip to this low-key casino just for the Mermaid Lounge alone.

Mermaid Bar

This bar boasts a giant aquarium that holds 117,000 gallons of water and 4,000 tropical fish. Highlights of the aquarium include many exotic fish, a jellyfish habitat, and women dressed in mermaid costumes swimming around the tanks.

If you really dig the mermaid aspect, then you can order a few brews and watch these ladies perform dancing routines at specific times.

2 – Chandelier Bar

Many bars around the world shoot for the elegant theme. But the Chandelier Bar takes this mission to another level with its three-story crystal chandelier.

Chandelier Bar

Featuring 2 million crystal beads, this house-sized chandelier is worth seeing even if you don’t drink. You can find it and the Chandelier Bar inside of The Cosmopolitan.

This opulent establishment features three floors — each with its own vibe and set of bartenders. If you’re not sure where to begin, then the 24/7 ground-floor bar is a good place to start your night.

3 – Atomic Liquors

Unlike many Vegas drinking establishments, which change names and ownership every three months, Atomic Liquors has a rich history. It’s one of Vegas’ oldest bars and once served as a spot where people could watch nuclear weapons testing.

Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors is found on Freemont Street amidst a bevy of other entertainment options (e.g. ziplining, live music). It boasts a classic neon sign, outdoor seating area, and plenty of charm inside.

4 – Double Down Saloon

This wouldn’t be a crazy bars list without discussing a place that serves “ass juice.” As you can tell from this single drink alone, Double Down Saloon isn’t catering to the James Bond wannabes.

Double Down Las Vegas

It’s a 24-hour punk bar that lets anybody in and offers live music day and night. You’d better hold your liquor here too, because you’ll be forced to clean up your own vomit if you can’t.

Regarding the ass juice, it’s actually a fruity drink that’s served in a toilet-bowl-shaped shot glass. Double Down Saloon offers plenty of other interesting drinks as well.

5 – Gold Spike

If you feel like doing more than just standing around with a beer in your hand, then Gold Spike is a nice spot to go.

Gold Spike

This downtown bar features a number of oversized games, including a giant chessboard and beer pong table. You can also enjoy normal-sized versions of cornhole, shuffleboard, and skee-ball.

The fun doesn’t stop here. Gold Spike also includes “The Backyard,” which boasts DJs, small concerts, and disco nights.

6 – Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit has a mild atmosphere compared to many other Vegas bars. But this establishment still stands out thanks to its beer and cocktail selection.

Velveteen Rabbit

First off, you can choose from 12 specialty beers that rotate quite frequently. You’ll also be able to pick from a large selection of cocktails via a seasonal menu.

Velveteen Rabbit’s indoor area offers posh lounge furniture indoors. It also has an outdoor patio that’s perfect for drinking Vegas summer nights away.

7 – The Griffin

Contrasting the Velveteen Rabbit, the Griffin is all about atmosphere. It features a dark setting, two circular fireplaces, and a stone bar.

The Griffin

This medieval-feeling place is probably where Game of Thrones characters would drink if they were real and could visit Las Vegas.

Even if you’re an ardent clubber, you might begin your night at the Griffin. Or, you can also unwind here after an action-packed night.

8 – Golden Tiki

Located in Chinatown near the Strip, the Golden Tiki brings a touch of the islands to the desert. It’s decorated with pieces of thatched roofs, idols, and plenty of colorful lanterns.

Golden Tiki

The Golden Tiki is a nice spot if you’re feeling energetic, but not so much so that you want to hit the dance floor. It’s also a good place to visit if you want to bask among the locals.

Assuming you’re downtown, rather than by the Strip, then Frankie’s Tiki Room is a similar bar worth visiting. Owned by the same outfit that runs Double Down Saloon, Frankie’s mimics the rougher side of island culture.

9 – Skyfall Lounge

The Vegas drinking scene draws the most attention from its vibrant nightclubs and themed bars. Skyfall Lounge, on the other hand, is a departure from all of this.

Skyfall Lounge

Perched far above Sin City in the Delano, this bar offers an air of sophistication with its low music and plentiful lounge furniture.

You can look out over the Strip with your martini and feel like you own the city — even if you’re secretly dreading covering your bar tab at the end of the night.

10 – Fireside Lounge

Housed inside the Peppermill Restaurant, the Fireside Lounge feels like it was made for the Blue Man Group with its UV lighting and odd décor.

Fireside Lounge

You’re practically treated to a Vegas show as you sit amid fire pits and a rush of neon. You can also look forward to some really interesting drinks, including the 64-ounce “Scorpion.”

11 – The 107 Sky Lounge

The 107 Sky Lounge competes with the Skyfall Lounge for best views of the city. Actually, there is no competition as this bar wins hands down.

107 Lounge

Its name comes from that fact it’s located 107 stories into the Vegas skyline at the top of The Stratosphere. If you’re not happy with this view of the Vegas Strip, then there’s no pleasing you.


If you’re going to drink in Las Vegas, then you might as well do it in style. Any of the 11 bars covered above are great places to enjoy new experiences and, of course, catch a buzz.

You can base your choices on your personality type or simply what you’re in the mood for in the moment.

Assuming you want to feel like a sophisticated Vegas visitor, then the 107 Sky Lounge, Chandelier Bar, and Skyfall Lounge are all great stops. The 107 Sky Lounge and Skyfall gain extra points for their incredible views.

Assuming you want a spectacle to look at while drinking, the Mermaid Lounge and Fireside Lounge offer plenty of intriguing scenery.

Double Down Saloon and Gold Spike are great for when you’re in an active mood. The former is a crazy punk bar, while the latter offers lots of games to enjoy.

The Velveteen Rabbit and Griffin are nice choices for when you just want to kick back without dealing with loud music and shot girls coming by every two minutes.

Of course, Vegas boasts a wealth of other drinking venues besides the ones covered here. That said, you can stumble through the town and develop some of your own favorites along the way.