10 Simple Ways to Win More Money at Poker

3 Poker Cards and Poker Chips
Nothing beats the thrill of victory in the game of poker. The sheer joy from pushing in a big stack of chips, knowing that you have the best hand, and seeing the look of defeat on your opponents is indescribable. For some, the feeling produces a high that rivals any drug.

And there’s nothing better than getting to cash in all those chips, knowing you won with all your hard work and skill. The problem is that while you’re going to feel the thrill of winning a hand or two at least a few times, the feeling of cashing out is rather more elusive.

Most of the players in poker aren’t going to cash out, but you don’t have to be one of those players. If you’re in the game of poker to win, here are ten simple ways to win more money at poker. These tips help ensure that you earn more money than you’ve lost at the end of the night.

Play More Often

If you want to make money playing poker, you’re going to have to play more poker. Seems obvious, right? Unfortunately, Hollywood has conditioned us to believe that making money in poker comes down to that one big game and that one big payoff. This is an exaggeration and these scenarios tend to be a little unrealistic.

In the real world, making money at poker boils down to playing the game you love and playing it more often.

Why does this work? By playing more poker, you’re tilting the odds in your favor.

You increase the chances of losing money (we address that below), but if you play more, you also increase the chance you’re going to cash out and start hitting your revenue goals.

Don’t Ignore Online Poker

Online poker can do a lot for your game. So much, in fact, that the next two tips will focus solely on how to use online poker to make more money. And yes, you can play poker using real money. With that being said, our first piece of advice is, if you want to make money playing poker, play online poker.

Games are always available.

Online poker sites also allow you to meet players with diverse backgrounds, playing styles, and experience.

Online Poker Screenshot

You should come away from a few online sessions of poker a far better player because you’ve been exposed to more scenarios and seen how to handle them.

Finally, playing online poker is going to expose you to more inexperienced players. As cold as it sounds, finding a less skilled player who makes basic mistakes is a great way you for to earn more money playing the game.

Get Your Online Degree in Analytics

Beyond just the sheer volume of players you can meet, online poker is great for collecting data. Do you know how often you check/raise the flop? Fold on the river? If you do, good for you. If not, your online poker houses of choice do. They are constantly collecting data about how you play. This is not to invade your privacy, but for auditing and fraud prevention.

In turn, this data is made available to you so you can find your tendencies, see how you play, and use that data to improve your play.

There is a lot you can do with this data, but one of the first things to do is check your tendencies and note them.

While your online opponents may not have enough data to spot your tendencies, live players will. You need to know whether you play poker a certain way so you can either play up to it or use it to bluff.

Play With Smaller Buy-Ins

Yes, you read that right. You’ll want to play with smaller buy-ins to win more money at poker. At first, this advice may feel counterintuitive. This is because a smaller buy-in usually means a smaller total pot, which means less money.

At some level this is fair, but again, we’re not going to gamble on you making more money via one huge pot. We’re going to play a numbers game.

A smaller buy-in means it’ll take less money for you to start playing. Although spending less money up front means it’ll take fewer winnings to start making a profit, smaller buy-ins also mean you would be losing less money.

Play Poker With Antes

A lot of games, especially tournament games, will charge a small ante.  While it stings to toss some fraction of a big blind into the pot even before you’re dealt a card, it can bring in more money because the pots are always going to be larger.

Without an ante, the pot starts at zero. In some poker games, only players with hands good enough to compete end up tossing in chips. With an ante, everyone at the table has to pay just to play. At a large enough table, there could be a full blind or more in the pot before the cards are dealt, which gives you a better chance of making money.

Treat Your Chips Like They’re Real Money

This tip might as easily have been labeled “play smart.” Part of making money in poker means not losing money while playing poker. One of the best ways to do that is to think of those chips are real dollars because at the end of the day, they are.

If you think of your stack as real money, you are a lot less likely to take a foolish risk, ride a poor hand, or do something else you wouldn’t do with your real money. We’re not advising that you play tight or never take risks, but remember the idea is that you want to make money. And to do that, you’re going to have to keep the money you win.

Change How and When You Raise

Dan Marinescu Going All in at Poker

If you want to make more money, evaluate when you raise and don’t be afraid to do it more often. Raising more often will increase the size of pots, which will help you make money. It can all be part of an effective bluffing strategy, and generally, it will help you show a smart level of aggression.

Find the Right Opposition

This can be difficult to execute consistently online because your opposition will frequently change. But in real life, certain poker rooms and gatherings will have reputations for having more or fewer sharks, pros, and hustlers. Try to find casual rooms when you want to make money, as they will attract a less difficult crowd. Yes, this isn’t very nice, but the goal is to make money as it is in all types of casino games.

Network in Person

No poker pro goes it alone. The best in the world are constantly learning from each other, talking about their game and relying on friends to get better. You should do the same.

While you don’t want to play there often, find where the pros and the sharks play, test your game against them, and ask for their advice.

They will see areas for improvement in your game that you otherwise wouldn’t have known, and you can always contact them after a game or tournament to gain their perspective.

Network Online

For online games of poker, it’s a lot harder to make lasting friendships with an avatar on the screen. Plus, you’re not nearly as likely to run into the same people online as you are in person. However, you should keep a list of the best and worst players you meet online along with their tendencies.

This can be as simple as a notebook by your computer where you right down a screen name and a few quick notes about their tendencies. That way, when you meet them again, you will have an advantage over them, and you can take their money accordingly.


Making money in poker requires a good offensive and defensive strategy. On the offensive side, you want to get out there and make the numbers work to your advantage by playing more games of poker. More games means more chance of making money.

However, it’s not enough to just play more games of poker. Making more money with poker also means doing things to increase your profit (through lower entry games) and playing smart when you get to the table. Look for ante games, don’t take huge risks, and start networking with other players so that you always continue to get better. We hope you enjoyed this list of ten ways to win more money at poker!