10 US Casinos You Should Avoid

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The options are nearly limitless when in search of finding the perfect destination for your next casino getaway. Most of you will confine your search to casinoa in the United States, and you’ll still have a vast selection of casinos to choose from when planning.

That’s fantastic news for avid and recreational gamblers alike. You’ve got a range of casinos that will fit every budget and personality.

Unfortunately, there are enough choices to muddy the waters. You may think all of the casinos are the same; a lot of gamblers will classify all casinos in a region as being roughly the same property.

However, that’s pretty far from the case. To determine the best values, you need to look at how the casinos treat their loyal customers, the amenities provided, and the games.

I’ve taken care of some of the work for you and compiled a list of 10 US casinos you should avoid. Skip these properties, and you’ll hopefully have a fantastic trip.

1 – Ramada Hotel and Casino – Reno, NV

This is in no way an indictment on Reno. The “Biggest Little City in the World” has struggled of late to maintain its market share in the gambling sector with the proliferation of native casinos in nearby California.

However, the Ramada seems to be universally despised by nearly anyone with the spare time to write a review. Yelp has the fledgling casino somewhere between one and two stars, which is terrible.

For reference, I once read a review on a bar in San Antonio where the stabbing victim gave the establishment two stars.

The dilapidated property seems to attract an undesirable element. You’ll also be underwhelmed by the selection of games and the house’s favorable rules.

By all means, make a trip to Reno, merely avoid the Ramada for the best experience.

2 – Circus Circus – Las Vegas, NV

Circus Circus is a budget-priced hotel casino on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. As you’ll see, not all that glitters is gold. Sure, Circus Circus is a budget-friendly resort with rooms under $40 per night during the week. That’s a tremendous draw for casino gamblers looking to save a few bucks for the slot machines.

However, the casino is regularly put on trial by savvy gamblers who find little to no value in the games. Gambling often breaks down to the entertainment you receive for the money you lose.

Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas at Night

When all you do is lose money at a fast clip without getting much in return, you’re not in the right casino. Circus Circus seems to irk players with their poor table rules and the overabundance of non-gambling guests.

It’s up to you to decide, but plenty of excellent choices are only a few miles south. And that why Circus Circus is the worst casino in Las Vegas.

3 – Tropicana Resort Casino – Atlantic City, NJ

According to many online travel sites, the Tropicana lacks in many areas. The casino resort sits prominently on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk yet ultimately fails to impress.

The most extensive section of complaints around the casino itself is the terrible drink service. The minimums to order drinks seems to be well above average, and the delivery times are lagging.

That may not be an issue for those of you that keep the booze to a minimum. Still, the subsequent major complaint affects everyone.

The Tropicana is billed as one of the premier gambling destinations in Atlantic City. Yet, review after review sites the horrible sanitary conditions.

Many alienated guests have claimed that the cleanliness of the hotel is abysmal, with bed bugs abounding and dirty bedding littering the halls daily.

When you book a stay at a premier destination, you deserve a premier experience. Tropicana does not deliver that.

4 – Treasure Island – Las Vegas, NV

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino is another classic Las Vegas casino that can’t seem to get any love. Many of the most damning reviews seem to center around cleanliness and a lingering stench.

While there’s no excuse for having bugs crawling all over your room, a certain stench of lingering cigarette smoke is understandable.

Outside the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas

However, there are plenty of Vegas resorts where the rooms look and smell fresh, and the casino floor meets the same criteria. You don’t want to taint your Las Vegas vacation merely to save a few bucks on your room.

I suggest finding a casino that puts an emphasis on cleanliness. You may not think the room is too vital for a casino getaway.

Yet, you’ll need a place to call home base and sleep for the night. Don’t waste your money on a lackluster casino experience.

5 – Harrah’s Cherokee Casino – Cherokee, NC

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in North Carolina has a captive audience. The native gaming establishment seems to receive high marks in areas like cleanliness and customer service but lacks elsewhere.

For starters, you’re not going to be in the area for any purposes besides gambling. So, that vastly handicaps Harrah’s Cherokee.

Picking casino destinations near other attractions add a massive value to your trip. Although, North Carolina has some genuinely remarkable outdoor recreation to enjoy.

The colossal complaint I hear revolves around the slot machine payback. Players claim the games combine a low return to the player with high volatility.

That makes it tough to win while quickly draining your bankroll. There are definitely worse casinos than Harrah’s Cherokee, but if you happen to be in the area, save your bankroll for better payouts.

6 – Stratosphere Hotel Casino – Las Vegas, NV

The Strat has been given a unique opportunity to jump out to Las Vegas visitors as a premier destination. By my estimation, it has failed conclusively.

Stratosphere Las Vegas Casino LogoYou’ll find a wealth of online reviews that point to the severe need for an overhaul in the management and cleanliness of the hotel and casino.

It’s one thing for a budget hotel to offer $30 rooms and not give you the same experience as a premier resort charging premier prices. It’s another to receive a budget price product with a premier price tag.

That’s precisely what you’ll get at the Strat. It’s like ordering the fillet from a fine dining restaurant and getting a slice of fried bologna.

You’ve got a ton of options in Las Vegas; skip The Strat.

7 – MGM Grand Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

The MGM Grand is an iconic Las Vegas casino. You’ll actually be hard-pressed to find any problems with the resort regarding hospitality or cleanliness.

However, when you’re in one of the most fantastic gambling hubs on the planet, you need to hold things to a higher standard.

Instead of trying to fight your way through the crowded and outdated casino, try your hand at one of the freshest spots in Las Vegas. The Cromwell offers a new look at boutique gaming with an incredible experience and incredible rules on table games.

If unique venues like Circus Circus don’t deserve your love, neither does a casino with little to offer aside from generic gaming.

8 – Borgata Hotel Casino – Atlantic City, NJ

The Borgata Hotel Casino makes the list for all of the same reasons that MGM lands here for Las Vegas. The Borgata offers little intangible goods for the amount of bling it provides.

If you’ve been to any of the top Atlantic City casinos, you’ll be familiar with the vibe of the Borgata. It’s uninspired, and I want more than that in any vacation destination.

Borgata Atlantic City During the Day

Yes, you’ve got a range of activities outside the casino to occupy your time and impress. Yet aren’t the exorbitant resort fees supposed to keep you engaged during your downtime?

You’ll find better values in the area, and I suggest you take advantage of them.

9 – Foxwoods Resort Casino – Ledyard, CT

If formerly holding the title of the largest casino in the world is enough to earn your business, then Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is your spot.

It’s like traveling to see the world’s fourth-largest ball of twine if said ball of yarn was designed to siphon your money. Not my ideal vacation scenario.

Foxwoods is another overcrowded casino with its best days behind it. Look for other casinos in the region that lure customers in with better rules on games and higher loyalty rewards.

10 – Tropicana Casino – Las Vegas, NV

If the Tropicana Atlantic city fails to impress, it’s not much of a surprise that the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas remains lackluster.

The most numerous complaint at this Tropicana seems to revolve around poor service. That’s not shocking as customer service is a value that’s instilled from the top and trickles down.

Tropicana Las Vegas

When you have an organization that places emphasis on profit over people, believe me, they’ll let you know where their priority lies.

The combined stink from decades of smoke working its way into the fiber of the building and stale alcohol that’s been spilled and left to air dry is nothing short of offensive.

Again, you’re in Las Vegas; make a better choice. I assure you there are plenty of budget casinos that offer a stellar product.

Our Final Thoughts on These Casinos to Avoid

You deserve the best when you place your money in a casino’s hands. That means top-notch customer service in a fun and welcoming environment.

Don’t settle for what you deem “good enough” when looking at prices online. You can have a lot for a little if you shop around. You just won’t find it at these 10 U.S. casinos you should avoid.