10 Tricks for the Cheapest Hotel Rooms on Your Gambling Vacation

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Making the most of your casino gambling vacation will often come down to the money left in your account once all the travel expenses are covered. Saving a dollar anywhere you can means more cash you can put towards your gambling bankroll.

So, why not start with the most substantial cost for many casino guests, the accommodations. How you decide to book and when you book your stay are both influential factors in what you’ll pay.

The commercials on TV don’t lie when they paint a picture of two people paying significantly different amounts for their rooms. You should constantly strive to find the best deal available.

Casinos are confident that any breaks they give on a room will be offset by the losses you’ll incur gambling. That will make them flexible when it comes to how much they’ll want upfront.

Utilize these 10 tricks for the cheapest hotel rooms on your gambling vacation and keep more money in your gambling bankroll. And remember, this is just one aspect of things to consider before booking a casino trip.

1 – Book Your Stay as Part of a Vacation Package

Many savvy travelers choose to save money on their hotel stay in the casino by packaging the accommodations into a more extensive vacation package.

You can find considerable discounts by booking your room, airfare, and rental car through the same source. Different avenues are available for this type of package, but online travel sites are the most popular.

By buying a package from the casino, you’re also going to have a chance to score some excellent extracurricular bonuses. Adding a spa package or meal plan to your casino stay may not directly save you money on the room, but it can cut down on your total bill.

Since you’ll be using these services anyway, it makes sense to prepay for the features if it saves a few bucks.

2 – Plan Your Trip During the Week

Look wherever you’d like for the price of hotel rooms, and you’ll see a dramatic difference in the price of a room Friday through Sunday compared to the early part of the week.

That’s because most casino gamblers work jobs Monday through Friday, which only leaves them the weekend to hit the casinos. Accordingly, demand is much higher during those times.

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However, burn up a few personal days and make the trip on a Monday or Tuesday, and it may cut the cost of your room by half.

Depending on the season and what events are happening, the room may be up to 70% cheaper while most people are stuck at work.

3 – Compare the Best Travel Booking Websites

Luckily, most of you are likely already familiar with the massive discounts offered by online travel sites. These sites provide significantly reduced travel costs to fill hotels and flights anywhere in the world.

The casinos wouldn’t pass up a good thing and regularly partner with sites to offer the lowest rates available. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hung up the phone in frustration with a major casino, logged onto the web, and found a rate that was 30% below what the casino itself wanted to charge.

It’s vital that you don’t marry yourself to one site just because it had the cheapest rate on your last vacation. Competition is fierce among the travel sites, and the one that wants your business will make it clear in the price.

Shop around before you book a trip. Even if you’re only saving $5 per night, that’s one more spin of the reels or roll of the dice you’ll get to enjoy.

4 – Contact Your Casino Host

If you’re blessed enough to spend enough time in casinos, you may have a personal casino host. These hosts can act as your own concierge, so I suggest you utilize them.

You’ll be able to get some serious money knocked off your hotel room up to and including getting a room comp. That’s if you’ve been a solid guest that the casino considers a high-value client.

Even if the host doesn’t comp your entire stay, they will unquestionably add something of value to your trip.

Casino Host With a Player's Club Desk and Casino Background

Casino hosts are also instrumental in guaranteeing that the room you want is available when you arrive and will add the personal touches that make you appreciate the VIP level of service.

If you don’t have a personal casino host but are a member of the casino’s rewards club, give them a ring and see if you have any rewards that may be applied to your upcoming stay.

5 – Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel

You can’t have caviar on a hot dog budget. Sometimes you’ll have to scrape the barrel and take what you can get.

When I was younger, I’d skimp on accommodations as much as possible when I traveled. That standard took me to some seedy places, and I’ve had more than one sleepless night.

Yet, I survived it all and saved a truckload of money in the process. Besides, I wasn’t spending more than 6 hours a day in the room, so it never bothered me much.

Things have changed quite a bit. I’ve gotten a little older and have a family now, which means I need to consider the comfort of others.

If you are merely looking for a place to lay your head, might I suggest you look for the cheapest room available in the area you’re going to be gambling?

6 – Earn Comps for a Complimentary Stay

I briefly touched on this subject above when talking about the casino hosts. If you’re a regular of a particular casino and have played using the player’s card, check your casino comps.

Casinos will regularly bump you up to a free stay for a night if it means you’ll be in the casino gambling the rest of the time. Players that are shy of the free room should consider calling the casino and pleading their case.

Hotel Room at Beach View Hotel

Leveraging what another casino is offering will often get the casino to fold if you’re a proven gambler.

7 – Coupons Aren’t Totally Obsolete

I considered this one long and hard. For me, coupons seem like a thing of the past, relics forgotten by a world where instant discounts abound.

Then it struck me that I use coupons all the time. I have a few retailers that I frequent online that send email coupons added directly to my account.

I’ll also enter my email before making purchases to get my 10% off or free shipping. By the way, in the age of Amazon, all shipping should be free.

Look for coupons online and utilize them to save money on your hotel room. If you happen to be traveling with friends, check Groupon for any available deals. Savvy gamblers will use coupons to help save money while gambling.

8 – Try the $20 Trick

So, this may not help you find the cheapest hotel room on your next gambling vacation. Still, the $20 trick can take your room experience from blah to blissful.

Upon check-in, slide a $20 or $50 bill between your credit card and ID. Ask the desk clerk if there are any available upgrades, and they’ll know what you mean.

Hand Removing a 20 Dollar Bill From a Wallet With a Casino Background

It’s crucial that you ask if there’s a possible upgrade when doing this. Otherwise, they may merely assume it’s a tip and send you on your way.

Unfortunately, this trick won’t always work out for you, and you’ll merely get the room you booked. In those instances, you’ll almost certainly get your cash handed back.

9 – Use the Hotels Loyalty Program

Many of the large casino resorts work in concert with the hotel operations onsite. It can provide tremendous value to bypass any casino comps and utilize your hotel rewards in these instances.

If you travel extensively for work, these perks pile up pretty quickly. So, you should be able to get your room at a greatly reduced rate when you book.

Sometimes you’ll still find a better discount through third-party vendors, so don’t forget to shop around for the best deal you can get. Consider joining a rewards program, like the M life rewards program, so you can start earning offers from the casinos.

10 – Stay Off-Site

Depending on where your gambling adventure takes you, staying at an off-site property could save you a ton of cash.

If you don’t mind hoofing it to the casino, or you’ll have a car, there’s sure to be cheaper hotel rooms outside the casino. However, you’ll need to pay attention to what the commute will be before you book.

Uber and Lyft Sign at Aria Las Vegas

Many guests will plan on using a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber, but the cost of these can quickly offset any money saved on a room.

Then, there’s the total experience you’ll have as a guest staying on the property instead of elsewhere. You aren’t going to get the immersive casino experience unless you’re sleeping in the casino.

Having your belongings and a bed only an elevator ride away can do wonders for your psyche. You’ll pay for that privilege, so you must decide individually what’s more important.

In Summary

Make the most of your upcoming casino vacation by seeking out the best deals on your hotel room. Casino gambling is all about the value you’re getting for your money, and having extra cash in the gambling bankroll is an excellent way to have more fun in the casino.

Use these 10 tricks for the cheapest hotel rooms on your gambling vacation and be the hero that saves the whole clan some serious coin.