10 Reasons You’ll Never Get Away with Cheating

Man Holding Cards With an Ace in his Sleeve

The casinos have a nearly insurmountable advantage when it comes to casino games. Regardless of how perfectly the average gambler plays the game, they will lose in the end.

However, there are a couple of key ways to flip the roles on the casino and walk away with a guaranteed profit. The more common approach is to engage advantage techniques like card counting or hole carding to get the better of the casino.

Advantage gambling is a proven technique that will give you a long-term edge without getting yourself into too much hot water.

Then there’s the more nefarious route taken by some casino guests, cheating. Cheaters are the bane of casinos, and they take extraordinary measures to combat the crooks.

You can try to beat the casino illegally all you want, but you’re going to be caught. Here are 10 reasons you’ll never get away with cheating.

1 – The Greed will End Your Run

Regardless of how good a cheat is at evading detection and pulling money from the casino’s pockets, they suffer from a fatal flaw. That flaw is greed.

Greed will bring you down eventually. Many casino cheats would walk away scot-free with a decent little nest egg if they would merely quit while they’re ahead.

Let’s face it if you’re cheating in the casino, you’ve got some legitimate issues as it involves greed. That greed will lead you to lose it all when you’re busted.

When you believe you have an easy mark, you’ll never be able to fight the urge to take them for all you can. You haven’t been spotted yet, so what’s the likelihood that you’ll be apprehended on your next visit?

The arrogance and greed come from these “one more time” trips that lead to the downfall of many casino cheats. Give the casino enough opportunities to bust you in the act, and they’ll be more than happy to oblige.

2 – The Numbers will Tell the Story

Despite the vast security measures put in place by the casinos, sometimes the crook’s activities will go unnoticed initially. When the casino sees that they’ve been beaten on a game, it could be a pure mathematical abnormality.

After all, the casinos are kind of forced into letting some players win. Otherwise, nobody would play the games at all, and casinos would sit empty.

So, losing a little money may be rare, but it certainly isn’t out of the question.

However, when a casino continues being beat on a specific game, they will launch a much deeper investigation. You can rest assured that when the casino starts tracking down a suspected cheater, they aren’t far from pinning you down.

3 – The Casino Closely Monitors the Action

The casino’s floor personnel is constantly watching the games closely. The pit bosses, floor supervisors, and dealers are all on the prowl for any strange behavior.

Because casinos cheats know the stakes are high, they are clever at disguising their motives. That may make it challenging for the floor staff to uncover a fraud in the short term.

Casino Baccarat Table, cards facing up and poker chips on table

Yet, as a cheat continues to milk a casino for all the money they can, the frontline of defense is likely to take notice. From that point, it’s only a matter of time before the casino calls your number.

The casino personnel on the floor will also be an excellent defense in spotting blatant cheating that is rarer but not uncommon.

4 – The Entire Staff Is Trained to Spot Cheaters

Casinos train everyone in the casino to spot suspicious activity. Cheaters indeed have their guard up around the dealers and pit bosses but may have a moment of weakness as a cocktail waitress or slot attendant happens by.

It’s often these momentary lapses that will get a casino cheat busted. There are dozens or hundreds of casino employees milling about the casino floor at any given time, some of them in plain clothes like the rest of us.

When you consider the tremendous advantage the casino has based on sheer number, it’s clear to see why you’ll never get away with cheating.

5 – The Safety in Numbers will Bring You Down

They say there’s safety in numbers; in many cases, that’s true. Yet, when it comes to cheating the casinos, the pack mentality could be your downfall.

That’s because a more appropriate cliche comes into play, “no honor among thieves.”

Working in a team has several advantages when cheating a casino. You can merge your bankrolls and make larger bets resulting in more significant scores.

You’ll also be able to put a fresh face in front of the casino to further delay them catching on to your criminal enterprise.

One of the most profitable forms of cheating in the casino is dealer collusion. When a casino dealer decides to break bad, the casino stands to lose a lot of money.

Dealers have the ability to tip players off to their hole card, add chips to winning bets, and misplay hands to intentionally lose. Working with a dealer makes it much easier to cheat the casino.

Collusion also makes it much easier to be caught. The dealer may be one of the first places the casino security looks when sniffing out a ring of cheaters.

When law enforcement gets involved, all bets are off. They’ll start offering deals, and the first one to talk could end up walking away relatively unscathed.

Meanwhile, everyone else is going to catch the full brunt of the casino’s swing. When one person talks, your entire structure comes down on you.

6 – The Eye In the Sky Captures Everything

Casinos are well known for their extraordinary surveillance measures. The security team in any casino, big or small likely has eyes and ears on nearly every inch of the casino property.

That makes one more hurdle for cheats to overcome to get away with their criminal ploy. While the staff on the floor may only be suspicious of your intentions, the HD cameras will tell the whole story.

The ability to slow play down to a frame-by-frame basis and zoom in close enough to read a casino chip will make it hard to claim your innocence in court.

Casino Security Surveillance Room

What you may not realize is how sophisticated the casino’s surveillance systems are. Many properties operate enhanced facial recognition software to alert security to your presence as soon as you set foot on the property.

You’ll never be able to beat the house when it comes to cheating. Much like the games themselves, the casino always holds the edge.

7 – The Intimidation Factor

If you’re suspected of cheating, the casino might give you several opportunities to take the easy road. One of the most forgiving ways a casino will deal with a suspected cheat is by giving them the chance to walk out the front door and never return. Just look at these people who have been banned from Las Vegas Casino Resorts!

Should you get such a luxury, you should take their offer. Should you return, or should your actions be particularly egregious, you may find yourself in the underbelly of the casino.

Yes, this is a clear intimidation technique, and yes, it’s highly effective at getting their point across. The casino staff will not employ the mobster tactics of old-school Las Vegas, but you’ll wish you were anywhere else on the planet.

8 – Once You’re in the System, It’s Game Over

The casinos have a well-documented and meticulously kept database of all known and suspected cheaters. Once you’re in the system, it will be much tougher to cheat the casino out of any money.

This database is shared with other casinos in the area and all sister properties. So, when you’re busted, that may be all she wrote.

The database is also tied to the facial recognition software used by security. Unless you’re a big fan of changing your identity, you’ll get busted time and again.

When you’ve been discovered as a cheat, it’ll be much easier for the casino to make sure you’re one and done.

9 – Casinos Use Technology to Thwart Your Cheating Ways

Casino chips are a genius way for casinos to cut the emotional attachment you have to your money. However, that’s not the only reason casinos prefer to use their own currency.

Aria and Bellagio Poker Chips

By putting their own money into play, they can essentially control the flow of the chips between casinos. It also makes chips more difficult to counterfeit.

What you could be surprised to learn is that casinos put RFID chips in many of their chips. This allows casinos to follow money around and flag specific batches in the event of a robbery or casino scammer taking off with what’s rightfully the casinos.

10 – Cheaters Never Win

Didn’t your parents teach you any better than to try and cheat?

I’ll never forget the saying “cheaters never win, and winners never cheat” from my childhood. Doesn’t sound like something my dad would say, so I must’ve heard it on an episode of G.I. Joe.

Still, there’s plenty of truth in that. Cheat the casino, and eventually, you’ll be caught. Learn to beat the casino, and you’ll never have to cheat.

In Summary

I can promise you that whatever you get out of cheating, the casino will come back tenfold on you at some point in the future. I’ve given you 10 reasons you’ll never get away with cheating, but there are hundreds of legitimate variables working against you.

I haven’t even mentioned the concerning fact that in most instances, you can be charged with a felony. So, if you enjoy having all of the same freedoms as the rest of us, I suggest you think twice before trying to scam a casino.