10 Reasons You Should Start Gambling at Native American Casinos

Comanche Nation Casino on Left with a Picture of a Native American on Right

Native American casinos have exploded in popularity and numbers. There are currently tribal casinos in over 30 states across the United States.

Not only does that give casino gamblers a much larger variety of available casinos, but it puts gaming directly in their backyard. That’s fabulous for gamblers, as it makes casino gambling more accessible to the masses.

It has also been an excellent arrangement for the tribal casinos. They’ve basically been given a license to print money, and the money rolls in by the busload.

Before you book your next trip to Sin City, consider these 10 reasons you need to be gambling at Native American casinos.

1 – You Can Enjoy the Culture

One of the significant aspects of casino gambling is exposure to different cultures. Wherever your travel takes you, it’s likely that you’ll encounter people from vastly different backgrounds.

Travel to Macau, and the cultural differences will slap you in the face. You’ll be completely immersed in a new culture with a challenging language and unique perspective.

Even in Las Vegas, where there’s a rich history, you’ll be seated with players from around the world. This variety gives you opportunities to learn about your fellow gamblers and simultaneously broaden your scope of the world.

Native American casinos are typically wrapped in the heritage of the tribe. That means the cultural art and history of the tribe will be on full display.

Take advantage of these unique and beautiful areas.

2 – A True Focus on Gaming

Las Vegas is phenomenal; let’s get that out of the way. However, Sin City has made a shift in the way it does business.

For years, the focus in Vegas was on gaming with the peripherals in place to merely add to the entertainment of it all. Gambling continues to drive a ton of traffic to Las Vegas. Still, the scene has become an all-encompassing entertainment destination.

Overhead View Of The Bellagio Casino In Las Vegas

The mega-resorts are forced to draw in families rather than merely gamblers. There’s a degree of this to be found at the Native American casinos, but the primary focus remains on gambling.

So, for the ultimate in gaming and better rules than you’ll get in Vegas, head to the nearest Native American casino. You’ll still be able to find some of the most entertaining acts on the planet, but you’ll be able to play 3:2 blackjack after the show.

3 – You’ll Have Chance to See New Places

Many of the Native American casinos are located in absolutely gorgeous parts of the country. That may not mean a ton to you if the casino is 30 minutes from your front door.

However, for those of you that prefer travel and seek adventure, this is fantastic news. You’ll be able to make a sweet road trip out of the casino visit.

Pay attention to the route you’ll take and set aside time to appreciate the sights along the way. You can take the trip to another level by incorporating your other passions along the way.

Hiking, golf, mountain biking, fishing, antiquing, photography, and art appreciation can all be enjoyed along the way.

4 – Blackjack Tournaments Give You a Better Shot

Playing in blackjack tournaments is a beautiful way to stretch your bankroll and get an enormous entertainment benefit. In blackjack tournaments, you’re competing against the dealer to win hands but also against other players to win the most.

The element of competing with others adds a new aspect of strategy. Since many blackjack players already love blackjack for the strategy, it adds a substantial amount of thrill.

2 Games of Blackjack

In the native casinos, you’ll usually find smaller crowds than in the major Vegas casinos. That gives you a better shot at winning or at least placing in the cash.

Check out the blackjack tournaments to see if there’s an opportunity to walk out of the casino with some extra cash.

5 – There’s More Diversity Among Casinos

Look, Las Vegas is incredible, and you need several days to truly experience the entertainment capital of the world. You could spend a week in Vegas and not even come close to seeing everything you should enjoy.

Still, you’d begin growing weary of the overall Vegas vibe long before the seventh day. Once you’re in Vegas, there’s a pretty constant feeling that you’ll have during the trip.

Tribal casinos provide a unique vibe between casinos. That can be attributed to the vast regional differences and the individual cultures of the tribes.

You could spend years venturing across the US visiting all of the Native American casinos. You’d have a fresh experience on each trip, and the memories along the way would likely outshine the gambling.

6 – You May Not Need to Travel

As rewarding as traveling and seeing new places, sometimes you just don’t have the energy or the bankroll to fly to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for the weekend.

Traveling is a beating regardless of your schedule, so skipping the airports and casino shuttles is always welcome in my book. Because the tribal casinos are spread across the country, there’s almost certainly a casino within driving distance.

Over 30 states have at least one Native American casino. That should allow you to leave on a Friday afternoon and be home in plenty of time for work on Monday.

Outside the Spokane Tribe Casino, Two People Walking Into Casino, RTP 92%

Then there’s the cost of travel. Airfare has been pretty cheap for the last 24 months, but you’ve also got to account for a rental car and hotel rooms.

These three can pile up quickly and put a severe dent in your gambling bankroll. Enjoying the casinos right in your own backyard can save you a significant chunk of cash. Just look at our breakdown of the real cost of a Las Vegas casino trip!

7 – Make a Difference on an Individual Level

I consider this to be a gray area. It has never and will likely never influence my gaming habits in one way or another. Yet, many people choose to look at where the money is going when you gamble at a casino.

The substantial casino resorts of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and many other areas are owned and operated by gigantic corporations. The money goes directly to the executives and the shareholders; I see no harm in that. It’s called commerce.

Tribal casinos keep the money within the tribe, enriching the lives of the tribe members and promoting economic growth in the community. I obviously take no exception to this, as it does change people’s lives for the better.

I merely look at it as six of one and half a dozen of the other. Still, I know it plays a deciding factor for many of you.

8 – Skilled Players Own the Poker Room

We all know that in order to win at poker, you merely need to be better than your opponent. So, the best way to maximize your poker winnings is to find games with players weaker than you.

This task can prove challenging when you’re navigating the poker rooms in Las Vegas. The best players in the world call the Vegas casinos home, and they make a living by preying on the overconfident tourists.

Overhead of a Home Poker Game

However, the Native American casinos are far less likely to be swimming with sharks on your average night. That allows skilled players to find tables where they have a prominent edge and go to town.

9 – Slot Machine Games are Different

One of the first things slot enthusiasts will notice when arriving at a Native American casino is the slight differences in games. Sure, you’ll be able to play your favorite real money slot machine, but you’re likely to come across some new games as well.

Many of the games you may see will have interesting side games attached to them. These games can be challenging to follow, but they offer an incredible pop of excitement if you win.

I feel like keeping things fresh is vital for casino gamblers. When we become complacent, the results commonly are less than we’d hope for at the onset.

If you’re a veteran slot machine aficionado, mixing things up in a tribal casino could be a refreshing change for your gambling habits.

10 – The Players Club Gives Huge Rewards

I watch a majority of gamblers in Native American casinos stroll straight past the player’s club kiosk and begin playing games. Unfortunately, they’re selling themselves short.

Players Club Sign at Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

The casinos want to give you freebies for gambling in their casino. Why not take advantage?

The rate at which you’ll earn comps is typically higher in tribal casinos than you’d get on the Las Vegas Strip. That’s because these casinos value your business enough to pump up the rewards.

Join the rewards program before making a single wager and present the card to the dealer at every game you play. Earning free gifts from the casino can help your money go further in the casino.

Our Conclusions About Gambling at Tribal Casinos

Don’t get so tied up in the gambling aspect of Native American casinos that you miss the bigger picture. These fabulous gambling properties spread around the country have much more than the games of chance to keep you entertained.

The 10 reasons you need to be gambling at Native American casinos isn’t an argument to never gamble elsewhere. You should be opening your horizons to new gambling venues, which will ultimately make you a better gambler.