10 Question Gambling Quiz – Only Winners Can Ace This Quiz

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You can find plenty of quizzes online about anything that you can imagine. And most of them are fairly easy. But if you use quizzes with the right mindset you can learn a great deal about the subject each quiz covers.

I’ve put together the most challenging quiz about gambling that I could come up with. This isn’t meant to embarrass you about your lack of knowledge. It’s designed to help you learn how to become a better gambler.

After you take this quiz you’re going to know more about how to win when you gamble for real money.

Gambling Questions

This section includes the 10 gambling questions. Don’t skip ahead to the answer section until you answer all 10 questions. Then see if your gambling knowledge is as good as consistent winners.

  1. What casino game has the lowest edge?
  2. What casino game has the highest edge?
  3. Do online bonuses help you win?
  4. What’s the difference between online gambling and mobile gambling?
  5. What’s the best wager available in most casinos?
  6. Does bankroll management help you win?
  7. How do sportsbooks make money?
  8. Are there any downsides to rewards programs?
  9. What is pari-mutuel gambling?
  10. Is blackjack or poker better for advantage gamblers?

The Answers

Here are the answers to the 10 gambling questions. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct, because almost nobody can ace this quiz. Learn from the questions that you get incorrect and your casino gambling results are bound to improve.

  1. What casino game has the lowest edge? – This question is challenging because it depends on a few things. Blackjack games with great rules when you use good strategy are the lowest house edge in some casinos. Certain video poker games with the right pay tables and strategy are the lowest in other casinos. If you’re a good poker player, the poker tables have the lowest edge in the casinos that offer poker. If you answered this question with any of these answers, and you know why the answer is correct, you can claim a correct answer for this question.
  2. What casino game has the highest edge? – The game with the worst casino edge is keno, but most casinos don’t offer it anymore. In most casinos some of the slot machines have the worst casino edge. But you usually don’t know exactly what the edge is for each slot machine. The edge on some of the inside wagers at the craps table are over 10%, and the tie wager at the baccarat table is also over 10%. All of these are terrible casino wagers. So if you answered any of these bets or games you can claim a correct answer.
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  4. Do online bonuses help you win? – This is kind of a trick question because in most cases online casino bonuses don’t help you win. But the truth is that every once in a while you can find an online bonus that helps you win. I’ll explain both sides of online bonuses. Bonuses have play through requirements. This means that you have to play a certain amount of wagers before the bonus is cleared. Most of the time the requirements are so high that you lose the entire bonus and most or all of your deposit before you meet the requirements. However, sometimes you can find a bonus that doesn’t have an outrageous wager amount to clear that you can use when you play a game with a low casino edge. Games like blackjack and some video poker games are the most common to look for. These bonuses are rare, but you need to look for them because they can help you make a small profit in the right situation.
  5. What’s the difference between online gambling and mobile gambling? – The obvious difference between online and mobile gambling is that you do one thing online and the other on a phone or tablet type device. But the truth is that the two things are basically the same. Many online casinos can be played on a phone or tablet. And some mobile casinos can be played on a computer. Most mobile casinos are designed as apps to be played on mobile devices, but you can get a special program that lets you use many phone apps on your computer. As far as the game play, it’s the same whether you play on a computer or on a mobile device.
  6. What’s the best wager available in most casinos? – One of the best bets available in casinos is the odds wager on the craps table. The odds wager is the only wager in the casino that doesn’t have a casino edge. This means that in the long run you’re going to break even on your odds wagers. So why doesn’t everyone just make the odds wager? The first thing is that most gamblers don’t even know this wager option exists. And the second reason is that you aren’t allowed to make a odds wager until after you place a come out roll wager. The come out roll wager has a casino edge, so the casino has an edge overall even when you can place an odds wager. If you’re a craps player, you should always use the odds wager after placing a wager on the come out roll.

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  7. Does bankroll management help you win?Casino bankroll management doesn’t help you win. However, bankroll management is important. If you don’t use good bankroll management you run out of money before you want to stop gambling. And if you run out of money and find a good betting opportunity, you won’t be able to take advantage of the good opportunity. You should use a bankroll for all of your gambling activities, and you should be using your bankroll to help you decide the best bet size to make. You can also use a bankroll to track how well you’re doing when you gamble.
  8. How do sportsbooks make money? – Many gamblers think that how sportsbooks make money is by gamblers losing their wagers. This is somewhat true, but it’s not from the money from the main wager that they make money. The profits come from the vig charged on losing wagers. When you lose a sportsbook wager you lose the amount you risked, including the vig. The vig is the extra $10 when you risk $110 on a bet that only pays back $100.
  9. Are there any downsides to rewards programs? – Many casinos offer a rewards program for gamblers. These programs are called many different names, and what you earn is usually called casino comps. The main way these programs work is they track how much you gamble and give you back a small percentage of the total amount you risk based on the game you play. For the most part rewards programs are great for gamblers. You get back some of what you lose, though this is usually in the form of services or products instead of cash. But there’s at least one possible drawback to rewards programs. Rewards programs usually have levels or tiers, and some gamblers gamble more than they originally planned just so they can reach the next tier or rewards level. This is never a good idea, because you almost always lose more than you gain at the next tier or level.

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  10. What is pari-mutuel gambling? – Pari-mutuel gambling is most often used I the horse racing industry. The only reason you need to know about how it works is if you’re betting on horse races. But if you do bet on the horses, you need to understand how pari-mutuel pools work. All of the wagers placed on a horse race are placed in a pool. The horse track takes a percentage of the total pool to keep as profit. The amount the track keeps varies, but is usually between 15 and 20%. The remaining money is paid out to winning gamblers. All of the odds for the race are based on the amount of money wagered on each possible outcome. This means that the favorite in a race has nothing to do with how likely they are to win, but on how much the betting public thinks they’re likely to win.
  11. Is blackjack or poker better for advantage gamblers? – Blackjack is easier to learn than poker if you want to play at a winning level. But poker is better in at least one way. Casinos throw advantage gamblers out and don’t bother winning poker players. This means the answer depends on if you’re looking for the safest or easiest way to be an advantage gambler.


How many questions did you get right? If you got 10 out of 10 you need to stop reading articles online and start making money gambling. But don’t worry if you didn’t get all 10 questions correct.

Use the answers from the questions you missed to become a better gambler. Winning gamblers have learned how to use their knowledge to find ways to beat the casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks.

Knowledge is profitable for gamblers, and now you know more than you did when you started this quiz. Take things to the next level by using what you learned to make more money.