10 Hot Spots Near Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Some of the Historic Sites in Natchez Mississippi

Magnolia Bluffs Casino is a smaller casino in Natchez, Mississippi, but it’s just one of many hot spots in the region. Today’s post will touch on more of those hotspots in the following sections, and you’re getting a bit of everything in the sections below.

Whether you’re interested in historical buildings, outdoor and recreational opportunities, or architecture, you’ve got plenty of remarkable options surrounding the casino.

So, if you’re in the area for an extended stay, today’s list will help maximize your time in Natchez—especially if you’re looking for a diverse array of things to do when you’re not frequenting the casino floor.

Are you ready to discover all of what the area surrounding Magnolia Bluffs has to offer? Keep reading.

1 – Longwood

Longwood comprises the first stop on our tour of hot spots near Magnolia Bluffs Casino. This 2020 recipient of the Travelers Choice Award saw its construction begin in 1860 and to this day, it has attracted architectural buffs from all across America.

What makes Longwood so interesting? It stands as the largest octagonal house in America. And believe it or not, this mansion, a relic from the Civil War Era, remains unfinished. Basically, the war began, construction stopped, and once the war ended they never bothered to complete it.

But hey, it still looks pretty cool on the inside, even if you will find no real furnishings.

Interested in taking a look? Head over to 140 Lower Woodville Road in Natchez and check it out. And if you win enough money at Magnolia Bluffs, maybe you can purchase the mansion and finish it after over 160 years of dormancy.

2 – Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall is another place to visit if you love old homes. Back when Frederick Stanton built the home in 1858, he purchased it to stand on land that encompassed an entire block’s worth of Natchez, which at the time cost about $1,550.

Staton hall in Mississippi

Before they furnished the place, it cost about $83,000 in 1858 dollars alone, so you can only imagine how much you’d need to fork out in 2021 dollars.

Anyway, as noted, if you love old homes of architecture, then you won’t get enough of Stanton Hall. It comprises 2.5-inches of mahogany doors, French chandeliers, and Italian statuary. Basically, when you take top-end global decor and put it all in one spot, odds are, it’s in Stanton Hall.

Want to see the place for yourself? Head over to 401 High Street in Natchez and you’ll find it.

3 – St. Mary Basilica

St. Mary Basilica is yet another fine place that you will find pleasing to the eyes. So, if you’d like to continue the architecture tour when you’re not gambling for real money at Magnolia Bluffs Casino, head over to this popular chapel.

They call it an “architectural masterpiece among churches in the South,” and for good reason. Like the other two locations on the list, they started construction on this magnificent structure in the 19th century, 1842 to be exact.

Like many historical churches, you don’t need to identify as a Christian or a Catholic to come inside. They welcome everyone from all walks of life to come in and immerse themselves in the splendid architectural beauty that St. Mary has become.

Plus, you’ll find many historical homes surrounding the church that can trace their roots to the antebellum period. Check it out at 105 Union Street in Natchez.

4 – Rosalie Mansion

Oh, you’re in for a real treat when you visit Rosalie Mansion. Since Americans have traveled far and wide since the nation’s birth in 1776, the Daughters of the American Revolution have gone with it. And this home, situated at the Corner of Canal and Orleans Street, serves as its outlet.

You won’t spend as much time here. But again, if you love architecture, it’s yet another good location to visit during your tour around Natchez.

Rosalie Mansion in Mississippi

But they have a lot of history on the inside here, too, including cloth and porcelain toys that children owned during the 18th and 19th centuries.

So, come on in, meet a tour guide who can probably trace their roots to the Colonial Era of America, embark on a tour, and gain a solid crash course in history and architecture.

5 – Natchez Visitor Center

If you don’t find anything interesting on today’s list, at least check out the Natchez Visitor Center. Find it at 640 South Canal Street in Natchez, and check out their brochures and informational outlets on several area attractions. Some of which we mention in today’s post.

If you’re visiting the Rosalie Mansion, perhaps you can make the Natchez Visitor Center your next stop, given its proximity to the place.

Besides the brochures and information packets, reviewers on TripAdvisor have also pointed out the sensational panoramic of the area that the location offers, along with friendly service from the staff. One also said something about purchasing carriage ride tickets there, so that may be worth checking out.

6 – Melrose

Head over to the Natchez Historical Park and you will run right into Melrose. They continue to keep the grounds and the surrounding gardens well-maintained in this historic location. You’ll also find stables, a playhouse, and more, along with a few knowledgeable park employees willing to answer your questions.

You’ll also find a QR Code to scan at each building located on the site, which will then give you some informative facts regarding the location.

Melrose at Natchez Historical Park

When the pandemic hit, they closed the house itself, however, they left the grounds open in which many reviewers stated they never lost sleep over, considering the impeccable scenery surrounding the place.

Are you interested in this historic property? Find it in Natchez National Historic Park.

7 – Bluff Park

We talked about architecture and history so far, but we haven’t gotten into the region’s nature scene. Bluff Park changes that. They have a paved trail flanked with flowers, iron gates, and bushes in which you can gaze across the Mississippi River and well into the horizons.

Bluff Park is close to many attractions in the area, and it’s about 40 yards away from Magnolia Bluffs Casino. If you’re looking for something close to the gaming venue, Bluff Park is the ideal location in the area.

It’s also near Bridge of the Sighs and the William Johnson House, among other area attractions. Oh, and it’s also the perfect place in the area to gaze into the sunset.

However, reviewers will tell you to be patient, as just when you think you’ve seen something picturesque, you’re in for quite a pleasant surprise.

8 – Historic Natchez Cemetery

Historic Natchez Cemetery is one of two cemetery-based attractions in the area, with the Natchez National Cemetery also lurking nearby. But regardless of whether you visit this hotspot or Natchez National (most reviewers on TripAdvisor visited both), you’re in for a few chilling historical tales.

Best yet, it’s one of few cemeteries out there that offers tour guides, although if you wish, you can opt for the self-guided tour.

Sign at  Historic Natchez Cemetery

If you ventured to Choctaw Hall or the St. Mary Basilica, then swing on over to the cemetery if you’re looking for a few interesting stories of those who now rest at the location.

9 – Choctaw Hall

Head over to 310 N Wall Street and you’ll stumble upon yet another fine piece of architecture in the area. Choctaw Hall also serves as a bed and breakfast, so if you’re looking for a place to stay around Magnolia Bluffs Casino, consider setting up base camp here.

But, if you already booked rooms for the night elsewhere, it’s still worth checking out since they offer tours throughout the day. The guides will give you an overview not only of the hall, but also of the town of Natchez, its people, and even stories of their own family history.

Obviously, the guides have had family in the area for generations, and it’s always a blast to hear their local tales.

So, head inside and stay the night. Or embark on a guided or self-guided tour in yet another architectural delight in Natchez.

10 – William Johnson House

You’ll find the William Johnson House at 210 State Street, and it’s yet another fantastic hotspot to visit if you’re looking for something within walking distance from Magnolia Bluffs Casino.

Here, you’ll discover the story of William Johnson, whose significance continues to ring through to this day. William Johnson was a free man of color who started his own business in the area as a barber, and he expanded it into such an enterprise. Eventually, he retired as a wealthy businessman.

His story provides hope to everyone looking to make it big. So, if you’re looking for an inspiring true story to close out your time in the area, check out the William Johnson House. You’ll find it nestled in the Natchez National Historic Park.

Explore the Attractions Near Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Magnolia Bluffs Casino is one of many solid attractions in the Natchez area. Open up the Notes app on your phone or if you’re old school, grab a pen and paper, and jot down a few of these hotspots hotspots when you’re planning your casino trip.

Then, when you need a break from the casino floor, go out and explore.

Have you visited Natchez? Did you spend any time at Magnolia Bluffs Casino or any of the aforementioned attractions? Let us know and share your experiences with us!