10 Healthy Ways to See More Poker Hands and Start Winning More

Excited Man Holding a Poker Hand with a Pile of Chips in Front of Him

Most amateur poker players are told that they should play less hands. That’s good advice for these players.

Most recreational poler players play way too many hands. That causes them to lose money much faster than they should.

However, some players need to see more hands. For advantage poker players, hands equal money.

Since they already hold an edge at the tables, more hands mean larger profits. If you are consistently winning in the poker room, this is for you.

These 10 healthy ways to see more poker hands will take your poker profits to new heights.

1 – Set the Mood

Distractions are one of the biggest obstacles facing poker players. In the casino poker rooms, there are hundreds of possible distractions at any given time.

Unfortunately, online poker players actually face more distractions. Whether playing online or live cash games, distractions need to be diminished.

Since many players prefer to listen to music while playing, I’ll start there. Your music could become more of a hindrance if not prepared.

I regularly see players fumbling around on their music player while in a hand. I’m confident the same goes for online players.

Make a playlist before your session to curb the need to flip through the online catalog. Having a dedicated playlist will cut down on distractions.

The playlist can also help keep you in a specific state of mind throughout your session. Set the mood and you’ll start seeing more poker hands.

2 – Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

Poker players tend to run in circles. That’s to say we have friends that share our affinity for the tables.

I know several pros that will make challenges to keep themselves motivated. By challenges, I mean prop bets.

One way to motivate yourself to press harder than you ever have is making these prop bets with friends. Putting your money where your mouth is can be an excellent motivator.

Men Playing Home Poker Game

Try setting a number that’s above your average but within reach. Then see which of your buddies will take the action.

Not only will this motivate you to see more hands but can add to your profits in the process. Betting for pride or bragging rights can be fun. It’s important that you stake this with cash to provide the right motivation.

3 – Step Away for a Few Days

Taking care of yourself is important, and an important part of that is taking days off. Consider your career for a moment. If you don’t have regular days off, it becomes a challenge to focus on simple tasks.

That’s why most people hit the ground running after a short vacation. Giving yourself time away to recharge is important.

Yet, many poker players grind away night after night without getting a rest. Poker doesn’t have to be that hard.

I’m certain you don’t want to miss out on any potential winnings. But keeping fresh will lead to more wins in the long run.

You can even pick nights when the poker rooms are slow. That way you won’t miss out on as many opportunities.

After you get in the habit of taking days off, you’ll see that you’re naturally logging more hands. Then you’re certain to see better returns.

You might start enjoying yourself more as a byproduct.

4 – Don’t Get Overstimulated

A lot of gamblers use caffeine to stay sharp at the tables. Yet, caffeine has a ton of negative side effects when used in excess.

Energy drinks and coffee are the primary offenders. I once drank a large energy drink before a speaking engagement I had.

I was operating on little sleep and wasn’t accustomed to the energy drinks. Let’s say, it wasn’t the best lecture I’ve ever given.

Barista Pouring Creamer Into A Cup Of Coffee

I was all over the place. I was jittery, anxious, and talking a mile a minute.

That’s what occurs when people use caffeine and become overstimulated. A similar thing happened to me years later from drinking too much coffee.

I’ve since cut back on heavily caffeinated drinks. It will behoove many of you to do the same.

Caffeine will negatively impact your focus when taken to extremes. So, I suggest slowing down and trying a healthier alternative.

5 – You Are What You Eat

You shouldn’t expect to be at your peak when you eat nothing but junk food. Food that’s high in fat and sugar will promote a sluggish response.

Fresh fruits and fish will give you a natural boost in energy. They also increase your ability to focus.

Poker players aren’t known for their healthy lifestyles. Many deprive their bodies to get more time on the tables.

Still, the time spent needs to be quality time. Anyone who values their bankroll needs to value their body.

When your brain and body work together, it’s a recipe for success at the poker table.

6 – Learn to Play More Tables

One of the remarkable tactics used by online poker players is known as multi-tabling. This strategy is straightforward, players log in and play two or more tables.

Players assume this will have a positive impact because they pay more attention to hands. Unfortunately, this approach only works when gamblers are already making a profit.

If a losing poker player begins playing 2-3 times more hands, they begin losing money 2-3 times faster.

Yet, winning players can use multiple tables to enhance their profits.

Tablet playing online poker

It’s important that you take these steps gradually. For example, you shouldn’t begin playing two tables until you’re consistently winning on one. The same is true for going from two tables to three, and so on.

The formula is simple, play more tables, see more hands, win more money.

7 – Leave Your Smartphone Alone

Earlier I spoke about the problems caused by distractions at the poker table. The single biggest distraction on the planet is smartphones.

I see players on their smartphones constantly, and oftentimes it costs them money.

I understand how challenging it is to break away from our mobile devices. There are days when I’m forced to leave my iPhone in another room while working on a project.

A 10-second break to stretch my legs turns into 30-minutes of checking the weather or news. Your smartphone isn’t doing you any favors in the poker room.

My advice is to set your phone somewhere out of sight and out of mind. When you’re playing online, there’s rarely a good reason to have your cell phone right in front of you.

Leave it in the kitchen, you can check it when you get up for a bottle of water.

If you’re serious about seeing more hands, leave your smartphone alone. Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Snap Chat, and Tik Tok aren’t going anywhere.

8 – Become Goal Oriented

You’ll have a hard time playing more hands without setting a realistic number as a goal. Let’s assume you’re playing 400 hands per session.

A healthy goal could be to see that number climb to 500 within the month. Setting short-term goals is an excellent way to see measured progress in the near future.

But you need to set long-term goals that align with the short-term. So, you could have an eventual goal of 1,000 hands per session.

Poker Room at Derby Lane

Maybe this is broken down to 5,000 hands per week. If your anything like me, that would be a problem. I’d play 500 hands Monday thru Thursday and cram 4,500 into Friday, but that’s another topic.

However, you decide to set your goals, it’s paramount that you continue working to meet them. You’ll have setbacks, that’s part of growth.

9 – Take a Break

The action at the poker tables can be addictive. Players often struggle to get away from the tables.

Yet, taking breaks is critical to your success. Breaks allow players to remain sharp.

It’s common for players to lose focus over the course of a session. The longer the time between breaks, the more that focus will diminish.

A good practice is to take a 20-minute break every hour. If that’s too long for you, cut down the time to one that suits you.

Going below 10 minutes won’t be as productive as you need. So, try to extend the breaks to a healthy level.

This break is an excellent opportunity to check missed notifications on your smartphone.

10 – Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is a vital part of life; I mean that literally. Without sleep, our bodies will begin to shut down.

So, how can you expect to perform your best without the proper amount of sleep?

At 40 years old, I decided to start a family. I’m now the proud father of a toddler who isn’t concerned with whether mommy and daddy are getting enough sleep.

Man Laying on Bed Unable to Sleep

There are weeks when it’s a struggle to focus on the most elementary tasks. I’m a little better at managing sleep deprivation than my wife, but it can drain me.

I’m forced to wholly cut gambling out of the schedule when I don’t get proper sleep. It’s helped me and it will help you.

In Summary

If you want to become a better poker player, seeing more hands can help with that. These 10 healthy ways to see more poker hands are great for players ready to take the next step.

Remember, this will only benefit winning players. Losing players that play more hands will lose more money.